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Corona Virus Cookies. How To Make Domed Cookies

This video is viral. Yea, I know bad joke but I really can’t wait to get back to working again.
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Video Transcription

hi everybody Wendy from cinnamon sweetshop as you can tell just by the titleof this video I just have way too muchtime on my hand and I got to get back towork soon just the fact that I’m makingthese type of cookies now if youfollowed me for a while several yearsago actually was a way before I had myyoutube channel but I still had my blogI did when there was an Ebola outbreak Ialso made a bowl of cookies just tolighten up the mood hopefully somedaysooner rather than later when all ofthis is open over a rather and we don’thave to social distance and we’reallowed that parties again you can kindof make these cookies as a welcome backto life party welcome back to the way itwas party and you’ll get a lot of laughsout of them just remember let this videogo viral get it yeah I know not reallyfunny I’ll stick to my training job atthe gym but to make these cookies andthis this video by the way doubles as ahow-to video to me don’t shaped cookiesand I did that using this Wilton panjust basic cookie dough I just happen touse a sugar cookie you can usegingerbread as well and this cookie panit is the will it’s actually a ballshaped pan so you can make two cakeslike this put it together and you have aball like a baseball sign I’ve rolledout the dough to 1/8 inch thick and Iplaced it on the underside of the panand then baked it for the time that therecipe calls for let it cool completelyand then I removed it from the pan sonext I made the royal icing you knowI’ve seen pictures of this virus andI’ve seen the base color in variousdifferent shades one picture I saw itwas a greyish color another it was ayellowish another was kind of an ivorycolor so I went with the ivory color andI meet my royal icing nice and thinbecause this is what we’re going to usethe flood not so thin where it’s clearlooking sometimes if you thin it toomuch it’s going to make your cookie lookalmost transparent I mix this Icalled this and I let it sit for alittle bit to get some of those airbubbles out I still have a few but notterrible so to get the air bubbles outafter mixing I just pounded it a littlebit on the count there are little airbubbles rise pop them and then I let itsit as well so just going to take thisand dip it in give it all cult coveredit’s easier doing it this way thenflooding it with the pastry bag it’llcome out even and it’s a lot quicker andbecause it’s nice and thin the excesswill just drip off it should be evenlycovered I do want this to come downaround the sides and cover that as muchas possible and just once this excessdrips off I am putting it on top this isa cooling rack on top of a tray so anyexcess will just drip down and it’llbecome even so I’m going to do that withthis one and then take another one nowyou’re gonna have to let this dry for awhile I’m going to say six to eighthours so this is not something thatyou’ll finish real quicklyonce this is nice and dryI took some nice and stick red icing andyou want to have this stiff enough sothat when you type a line straight up itstays there it won’t flop over frombeing too thick so you see how thatstaying straight up it’s not even movingthat’s how you want to make your yourlines because in the pictures all of thered it’s kind of lifted off of theactual virus so I’m just going to startin the middle and as I squeezed out Ijust lift straight up and I noticed thateach cluster was in a triangular shapeso I’m just gonna do the clusters of theright have it like that I don’t find thepoint but if you don’t want that pointedyou could just take your hand yourfinger tip it in some cornstarch or evena little bit of warm water and just likePat it down as I said I don’t mind itand just go around the cookie and spaceit out no particular orderbe sure to check out my website cinnamonsweet shop comm and subscribe to thisYouTube channel for much more videoscoming up see you all next time

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