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How to make Anzac Cookies

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to sticky starttoday I’m gonna be making n-type cookieswith my nose so the first thing we needis one cup of rolled oatsso do thatoh yeah I should do it ahead of allthat’s probably why I do those for bothbut it spilled in trips just doing itanyways okay okay that’s it and thenplop okay a next ingredient is 3/4 a cupof desiccated coconut for thisokay that’s a one cup one quotayeah she put me with the spoonyeshaand this is 3/4 cup ok next we need 1cup of plain flour so flour ends to[Music]it’s only one cup I think okay so thatone cup okay okay one little bit more nojust happy it’s got a recheck all overthe car that’s be carefully including ohthat was like a standoh yeah I should take my scrunchie okaynext we need one cup of white sugarwe’re gonna use brown sugar Ohokay oh hey okay next step we have toadd 150 grams of the bottle this is somuch stuffthis is 181 suppress talked about todaythat’s 67 okaythat’s 123 once you we new we need 150okay so we added that to one tablespoonof golden syrup now what you have to domelt it slow okay okay melt thisokay so the butter is melted and we’regonna add one and a half tablespoons ofbicarb soda I’m smart okay okay so nowwe’re going to add it to the butterwhich we just took offokay I’m gonna mix it with the windspoonit’s very frothy butter that’s chipfrothy okay drop okay so I just mix thedry ingredients through and then we pullthis into it smells like Anzac cookiesoh it does smell like answer I just mixthem all three and now I’m going to makethem into little bowls and squash themdown to make the cookie shape I thinkthat’s too much and then you put themdown and I’ll squash them at the end soanother one and I think I’m mytime-lapsed isn’t itdickless they take a little whileyouso we’ve just rolled half of them andI’m gonna put them[Music]and we said timeout for 15 minutesand we wait these just came out of theoven I’m so excited to eat them andthat’s all for this video so I hope youguys enjoyed it give it a big thumbs upand a comment see you guys next time bye

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