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In this video, you’ll see a step by step process of how to make Chocolate Chip Cookies with NO OVEN!

The processes are very basic and easy to do, plus you can do this in the comforts of your own home.

I hope you enjoy watching! God bless.

P.S. Thank you to my ever supportive mommy for being my videographer!

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Video Transcription

chocolatey and soft chocolate chipcookies with no oven only ordinaryfrying pan[Music]hello mama monkeys have my puppieswelcome back to the new peacock showbefore anything else don’t forget toLike share and subscribe to this channeland click the notifications on order foryou not to mess up any new uploadedvideo so for today’s menu are going tomake chocolate chip cookies so wethought this chocolate chip cookies onlyfor to shout people gasp an onion ofoven but you got it all wrong because wecan make a cookie even with just anordinary frying pan so if you want toknow how to make this chocolate chipcookie please stick and tell me and sofirst we’re going to need melted butterbrown and white sugar we also need 1 eggwe also need flour so we need allpurpose flour nut butter soft I thinkI’m gonna go on a chocolate chip cookiewe also need baking powder so here I usePhilomath most common baking powder is aphillipians we also need baking sodalast but not least we’re going to usevanilla extra for the dry ingredientswe’re gonna need to shift the 1 cupall-purpose flour[Music]then mix it with a 1/4 teaspoon bakingpowder and 1/4 teaspoon of baking sodathen set them aside as for the wetingredients were gonna need 1/4 cup ofmelted butter add 1/3 cup of brown sugaras well as 1/3 cup of white sugar crackopen one egg then mix them with a 1/2teaspoon of vanilla extract mix themwell using a spoon[Music][Music]cream and cream and cream and cream andeye cream frosting yeah[Music]yes you everthey’re mixing you can now add the wetingredients to the dry ingredients againmix them well with a spatula to themuntil you get this consistency now addchocolate chunks to the cookie dough andif you don’t have any chocolate chunksyou can use any chocolate that you haveat home and just slice or crush theminto pieces here we have Goya and flattops now I just slice them like this[Music]as for the measurements of thechocolates it really just depends on youhow many chocolates you want to add toyour cookie dough[Music]and have me ready for you but then afterZach you can now add the chocolates tocookie dough and mix them together[Music]you can catch me out of here which Iwrite though these cookies are good nowaiting is ready you can now scoop thecookie dough using one tablespoon smallthe cookie dough like this and placethem on a greased frying pan[Music][Music]mind and have me ready for youI don’t needonce done you can now turn on the stoveon low heat and for 8 to 10 minutes turnoff your stove after 8-10 minutes toavoid burning the bottom part of yourcookie just leave your cookies foranother 10 minutes and don’t take thecover off the frying pan and just letthe remaining heat to cook the upperpart of your cookie because unlike anoven it will cook the bottom and upperpart together at the same time but we’reonly using frying pan to cook thechocolate-chip cookies after about 10minutes you can now get the cover of thefrying pan use the to speed test todetermine if the cookies are alreadycooked now once done you can now get thecookies off the frying pan and put themin a plate now it would look like thischocolatey and soft cookies[Music][Music][Music]please try this recipe so thank you somuch for watching my mom cheese and ourpuppies but before we have this cookingsession we’d like to share a bit ofencouragement for you guys our Bibleverse for today is some chapter 37 verse32 4 it says here trust in the Lordinstead behind and good to others thenyou will live safely here in the landand prosper sleeping in safety bedelighted with the Lord then he willgive you all your heart’s desires amenso again thank you so much for watchingmy monkeys and mop-up cheese so if youlike what you see please don’t forget tolike share and subscribe to this channeland click the notification bell in orderfor you not to miss out and you uploadedvideos so thank you so much and Godbless[Music][Music]if you ain’t got the time I’ll fightthough you can catch me out of here whatyou’re right though these cookies allgood no lactose down with my girlslittle bow when we out in the stump onlycapture more pieces they say it’s astyle oneand half me ready for youI don’t need- laughing through desire me everyseason lift up the spatula and keep[Music]cream and cream in agreement and creamfrosting yeahPlaneta so soon as the sweetest elitistthe sweetest the sweetest you everyou desire me every season lead up thespatula and keep[Music][Music][Music]


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