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Part 2: Cooking with core vocabulary-Making banana cookies

This is part two of a two video cooking activity that shows how to model and encourage use of a basic core vocabulary communication board. This second video, shows how to make simple no bake banana cookies together.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I ain’t let’s get ready to make thosebanana cookies I have all my ingredientsI hope you have your ingredients too butif you don’t you can just watch okayokay so the first thing we need to do iswe need to get so I’m gonna get my baghere is my dog here’s my bag and youmight need to open that back it might besealed so you have to pull it open andif you need help to open the bagyou might have to ask for help so asksomeone for help if you can’t do that sothe bag is open and now I’m gonna getthe cookies do you have an idea what I’mgonna do with thatthose cookies have an idea I am going toput those cookies are gonna go in theback go so I’ve got two I think I thinkI put two cookies in if you have justone that’s okay one or two is good sothe cookies are now in the bag and nowthis is really important you need toclose the bag and that’s reallyimportant to do otherwise we’re gonnahave lots of that always happeningoh man so if you need help closing thebag then remember to ask so I’m gonnaclose my bag really tight so my bag issealed the cookies can’t come out sothey’re not cookies are not gonna comeout and now comes the fun partthe bag is closedand what we need to do is we need tocrush the cookies and there’s two waysyou can crush the cookies you couldpound them with your hand or you couldget the rolling pin and you can rollthem so I’m gonna start by just poundingthem with my hand might be a little bitnoisy so everybody get ready you canjoin me if you have your cookies we’rejust gonna pound them oh no we stillneed to do more this is getting hard Imight need help I think I might need touse the rolling pin to help so I’m goingto put the rolling pin is going to go onthe bag I think we’re good now I havecookie crumbs so now we have cookiecrumbs in the bagI thought the crumbs are in the back andwe’re gonna put those cookie crumbs onit just over it wow you can see them Iput the right there I’m gonna get rid ofthe rolling pin because we don’t needthat right now so we’re the rolling pinwe’re finished with the rolling pin andwe’re also finished with the poundingfor now we’re gonna do we’re gonna dosomething different all right so thenext thing we need to do is we need toget the plate banana and the nice hey soI’m gonna look for those okay I’ve gotmy banana my plate and my knife alrightfirstsorry she just told me that we each butI’m going to put them on but now on theplate for a minute and then I’m going topeel the banana now that’s another thingyou might need help with peeling thebanana and you could maybe start it witha knife except oh that knife is reallynot very sharp so Oh Oh like I’m havingsome uh-oh time with this banana ah yeahthere we go so I am peeling the bananathere we go the banana is peeled and I’mgoing to put it on the plate so thebanana is gonna go on the platelooks pretty good okay let me know whenyou’re readyoh wait a minute because some of youstill might be peeling that banana ifyou’ve had a tough banana like mealright so the next thing while you’refeeling I’m you’re just gonna get myselfready that’s on the plate we’re gonnaget the knife and we need to cut thebanana with the knife and if you needhelpremember you can ask someone for help tohelp cut the banana so here we go rightone two three four five six seven eightnine oh nine pieces so no banana piecesthey look like that now you might beusing different fruit remember we talkedabout maybe you wouldn’t have a bananaor maybe you do not like bananas so ifyou have a different fruit you can cutup your fruit at what dependsfruits so if you have an apple you couldslice the Apple or if you have a pearsame thing you can slice itmaybe oranges sections of you orange butwhat whatever way you can cut up yourfruit make sure you connect your fruitnow I’m doing the bananas all right so Igot two bananas on the plate okay now doyou remember we had crumbs in the baghe’s got bag of crumbs I made bananapieces so we’ve got banana pieces wehave banana pieces and crumbs there’sthe banana and there’s the crumbs gotthe bag we’re almost ready to make ourcookies so we’re gonna open the bag ofcrowns here we go bag is open don’tforget to ask for help if you need itnow I have those banana pieces do youthink I’m gonna put them in the back oron the back they put them on the bag Idon’t think that works very well I thinkoh oh that’s not really good putting iton I think we should be putting thosebanana pieces yeah they should go inthat up so here we goputting them in I might just put in Idon’t think I’m gonna put all thosepieces in I think I’m going to put inthree pieces but you can put in more sothe banana pieces are in there in thebag oh I should have brought a papertowel with meokay so now the bananas in there in thebag we’re almost ready we’re gonna closethe bag there we golosing the bagand some more fun stuff you get to takethat back make sure it’s closed thoughbecause if it’s not closed you’ll havesome auto moments and you’ll have crumbseverywhere so make sure you close thebag I think I am ready to look in my bagwon’t we do thatwe can leave what the piece is somethinghe’s super Anna look I made bananacookie you and I’m not gonna try the nowI’m gonna try to master me after I startthe tape so I’m not eating well I’mtrying to talk so they look pretty goodto me yours might look again they mightlook a little different because you usedifferent fruit are these differentcookies but hopefully they will stilltaste good so you can have your bananacookies we are finished making ourrecipe I hope you liked it and you cantry this recipe again you can try itwith all kind of different fruit andhave lots of fun staying in bye bye

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