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yeah we’re going to go feed and I’mgonna show you guys our feeder routineokay so my sister Wang got all the kidsand we’re going to go get the feed intothe buckets okay so she went to go gether fees so I got my feed which I feedthe dogs and then my brother here herinses out all the pins like cleans themand he waters the dogs so I feed thedogs he waters the dogs and rinse outthe pens and jelly which is my sisterthat you just saw she feeds the gatesand Jase also wondered why do you wantto go to those Jackson’s and our littlebrother Jackson a water students andthen I don’t know who feeds arrived itsomebody feeds it and jelly also feeds achicken and the pigsI mean Pig and chickens so the dogs arebarking a lot because they see the foodcoming so I just got their feed bucketthe guts feed bucket and I’m going to gofill it up so yeah I got their feed sonow we’re gonna go feed them so our newschicks they are under their momma buthere’s our older chicks so I just spreadout there the chick feed for the babychicks so now I’m gonna fill up the gutbuckets now I’ve got a big scoop up shecan feed poor chick feed for our biggerchicks and I’m gonna go ahead and feedthem okay so we decided scare so she wasgetting their feet around because I needmore feed and then one of the chicksjumped out like let me show y’all so sheopened this and then it jumped out andlike so stand up stood on this I need tofix our sticksand like it’s scared ice like shescreamed so loud it’s okay let’s see ifit does it you’re like oh my gosh was itokay so like I said yesterday I didn’tshow you all um one of our dogs oh thisis pretty good laughing don’t an hourbut I can really sleep um but like Isaid I Jani yesterday one of our dogsbecause her panel isn’t very clean butit’s clean today because you know theyclean it cuz you got to feed so I didn’ttell y’all what I was what like I didn’treally tell what I do to feed so what Idid is I take this bucket it’s empty nowbecause I already fed him and they’reall shut upset that whine because she likes thebarco huh but she got paid huhbut um I feed I’m like uh I have a scoopand I feed it like I sign them them alla certain amount like they all get equalhim out uh uh feet so here’s Jamie ohshe she’s one of our plot dog she’s aplotter and she’s our hog hunt dog she’sreally goodand if y’all wondering why Tripoli’slike this cuz a storm came by blew mytrampoline into the woods so yeah andthere’s miss bark allots I show y’allher yesterday and she was barking wholetime so yeah sojaylee just feed it faded is that evenmore she just fed on the chicks andwatered them and we had to train withthe rabbit cuz I forgot all about it yesyou betchaokay let’s go hey guys throughout itthere’s the baby chicks where’s ourrabbit hey girlieshe’s eating so you can’t really see herthat good they’re so cuteso now we’re gonna go check on the cowsso j-just let’s go feed the dogs in thegarage so yeah so what we do is we getoff the flares and we’re at around andcheck on the cows see if there’s anybabiesso this is cent so when I’m just feedinghim a little treat he really likes me alotsay hi guysyouso all the calves are doing good sothat’s good so now we’re faced withwater the plants so she just feels upthe watering can with water in us andshe just walks up while she waters himokay so here’s the one that I wasshowing y’all I mean that I was talkingabout yesterday that I was dying somaybe we couldn’t make it come back tolife and we planted some sunflowers wellI don’t like my mom and jelly did andhere’s one of them there used to be alot in there but sometimes eating themum so yeah so we have another one righthere my mom loves plants that’s why it’slike a lot of work we have some up hereone right here and like those threeright there and then we have it does notwant it oh oh I need to fix this work ohwe have this one right here isn’thibiscus and it’s got believed but theseare my friends is that we planted andthey’re starting to come out andhonestly I don’t even know what that isoh and then we have another one righthere do we have some more moisturisesactually good and here’s another one ofthe version it’s kind of dyinghere’s another for flower I think sumseaten at that but here’s one growingright here pretty dang good and then wehave these and these are really prettywhat are these bad and here’s some moresunflowers growing I think something’seating at all of them and these aredying what the heck oh well at least wemight have one so yeah and she justtakes his water and water really goodI’m gonna try to get the boys to comevlog maybe a little but they’re beinglittle brats right now because they playthey’re playing on the Xbox and craplike thatthat’s not good for the body you know soI’m gonna try to get him out here andmaybe walk a little it’s like reallypretty out here and like it feels greatlike this Suns like going down you knowhey y’all I’m Shana I’m the mom of thesecrazy five children I’m not really surehow I hold it all down but I tried toalong with all the animals and theircrazy friends too sometimes it’s astruggle some days especially with thishomeschooling situation going on andthey’re daddy’s working in Alaska butyou know we got this so we just do itday by day one day at a time one step ata time[Music]youokay so here’s all the ingredients ohwait the spoons not part of theingredients but here’s the ingredientsand we’re gonna go ahead and mix it onthe ball like follow the instructionsand then we’ll get back to y’alland don’t worry all we wash your handsso what we’re doing right now is we’reputting the butter which is two cupswhich is a lot but I guess that’s whatyou have to do to make sure cookies I’mnot really much of a baker but don’ttouch it oh wait you guys so what wehave to cook that in the microwave for45 seconds and then put the sugar inokay so he cooked it for 25 seconds or945 and now we’re gonna add the sugarwhen it’s to mine so yeah that’s goodokay so now we’re gonna whip it up withour so here is the butter and sugarmixture all Witt whisked up and wechange the water to creamer like it wassupposed to be milk and then we changeit to water and then we remember that wehave creamer you say that’s like closurenope then water so let’s go do thatsorry we’re gonna add the creamer in thevanilla into this mixture so now I’mgonna add the dry ingredients into thisbowl such as the flour Thank You powderand salt so let’s go ahead and do thatokay so she’s uh that was more than apinch it’s gonna be extra salty butshe’s doing the she just spilt it wellshe’s mixing the dry grains together andI preheat the oven to 350 and we’ll wideenough for pre heat like we’re gonna seewhat the next step is and then we’llshow you okay so now it says took a bunthe wet and dry ingredients with aspatula time one I use yesterday butdon’t worry to watch um so we’re gonnacombine them together and we’re gonnatry to vlog this apart and we’re tidyingup right now well she is so yeahokay so she has a driver rancher here onthe wet ingredients and she was gonnalike put some in here I’m gonna let mixanything you could just definitely okayKiko mmmOh Jamie don’t make a mess in it I’mtrying to move us cuz we don’t reallywant to pull your promise should havehad a bigger bowl probably oh wow sothis is the part where to put should bemaking your home really sticky then whyis your so much butter it’s like areally buttery cookie all the buttersyou got Mel or it’s morning you go hurry[Music]okay we’ll get back with y’all wore thembecause we don’t want this part to betoo long because it’s everyone okay sonow we’ve moved it bushes I said you canmix a little spatula or your hands intolike the spatula what’s it doing thatgood of a job so she’s doing their handsI’m fixin try by earlier the blog I waswatching some of it and she feelingupside down cuz so just don’t mind thatpart even though you’ve already watchedit like a cop man to go around butplease hurry okay so here’s your mix init oh the counters very messywell okay get it off your fingers quitmashing and don’t worry she wash yourhands guys so get it off your fingersand then wash your hands and then we’llgo ahead and ball up and put it on ourpanalways this too I’m gonna go look at therecipe see there’s anything miss is shejust shot it across the room okay so Ijust read the recipe and it says addmore flowers needed so we’re gonna dothat right nowsorry I’m not just gonna work we’veadded a lot of flour and it’s not evenworkingadd some more we’re just gonna keepadding volatile works we don’t care howthis tastesflower but it’s probably not gonna belike really plain and no sugar and we’reout of sugar so well let y’all know whathappens okay I think it’s workingoh yeah just act like you don’t see thatokay okay okay so we I don’t want flourand it’s working so um we’re doing theball the dough and like balls you knowand it’s supposed to make 12 but so farwe have a we have nine and we haven’teven use half the batch so and thenwe’re just doing the four crisscross Idon’t know if that’s what we’re supposedto do but we’re doing it and these arewhite you close togetherit’s to show y’all but oh well I thinkthey’re actually gonna work but I don’tknow how good they’re gonna taste we’resupposed to put more sugar but we don’thave any um oh well did you just tasteit and it didn’t say to braid the panwith anything but I did anyways cuz Idon’t want it to be pink but it’s madeout of butterI bought a butter yeah oh whoa well lety’all know how it’s doing the ovens areto pee in it it’s been preheated for awhile now um those are huge oh well wejust got the cakes out of the oven andnow I let them cool see you guys andthey’re coldokay so I’m not gonna take the cookiebecause I’m not really feeling thecookieyou bombs right now I don’t really wantto taste one so she’s gonna taste itthree to do one taste take a bigger biteyou barely Donnie got like the birthresponse thank you is it badit’s what oh I want to try one actuallyif you know that smells like it’s allright straight toastactually I think I got too much don’t dothat girl I’m notokay let’s try this so now we’ve got thebig giant when they had a Birnbaum Idon’t know oh well we also made thisgiant one with like a bunch of dead solet’s taste it burn thanks for watchingtoday’s video hope you guys had a greatday and

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