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Make cookies with me!! | Kaedyn j

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel[Music]today we’re gonna be making cool game wehave our recipe from RS apiece those arewhat they’re gonna look like it looksreally goodI’m excited those are our ingredientsand then the directions first step isright there so yeah that’s the keystarter you’re supposed to preheat theoven at 350 which already good and it’salready fitted so we’re just gonna startright nowso first so it says cream together thebutter white sugar and brown sugar untilsmoothso that’s what we’re going to do[Music]so here’s the butter and added like halfin half so it’s like half butter 1/2coconut oil because we usually do bothit’s said to do it soften your eyes Idon’t get stop eventually[Music][Applause][Music]so I put both of my sugars with mybutter dirty so now you’re just going tomake[Music]okay let’s see the next direction[Music]okay beaten eggs one at a time then stirin the vanilla[Music]so the eggs are like immediate now soleft on when I was at my[Music]so it said to do two teaspoons ofvanilla but I did more like a 1/4because it all not anymoreit’ll be fine so next it says dissolvedbaking soda in a hot water add to batteralong with salts[Music]next step is to stir in flour andchocolate chips and that’s the lastthing and then we just put it on the pan[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]the cookie dough so far it said two cupsof chocolate chips you only had enoughfor one cup so we’re just gonna have todo now is just gonna place it on a pond[Music]No pretty good we still have like a lotof battery so I’m just gonna put thesein and then just keep like re doing it[Music]these are so goodthey’re like wispy but then it’s likeit’s a crotchet wisp you interceptcrispy on any move I had into it’s likehe’s just like mountainy mouth even alittle bit hard it’s so good you have totry it this is the end of our video besure to give it a victim’s up subscribeon all my social medias that are in thedescription the link to the recipe willbe also in the description

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