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Making cookies and dancing badly to cheer you up

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Video Transcription

okay welcome back to my youtube channelokay so today I’m gonna be making sotoday I’m gonna be making cookiesprobably or something else if I find itbut cookies are pretty easy and I wantcookies I don’t get how people look goodin the Sun cuz like I can’t even keep myeyes open[Music]so I decided I’m gonna make chocolatechip oatmeal cookiesand if you think that’s gross I’m I’msorry I’m sorry for your loss I guessfor step 1 I have to cream together astick of butter and sugars why don’t youstop doing thumbs up so your differencebetween brown sugar and light brownsugar also I have to measure out 3/4 buthalf so that’d be like six six eightthree 3/8 of a cup stop doing thumbs upI don’t even have an eighth cup how theheck do I measure that one of theingredients is an egg and I don’t knowhow to do half an egg I’m just gonna addpurple in hey shoes yeah and chips andsoda ballad chips the only salt I couldfind was like so weird so I’ve neverseen beforeconsult Xfire how am I supposed to usethis Oh what’s going up I just put a lotof salt in can you smell the cinnamondoesn’t that smell good I know right I’mliterally so lonely what the heck okayso I finished the dry ingredients herethey are and I’m about to pour them inso I’ll show you when I pour them in I’msurprised I haven’t messed up anythingso far because usually I dohere are my babies they look deliciousI forgot that one oven is smaller thanthe other so the one I’m use was toosmall to put the cookies in why I gotthem in and now I just gotta wait forlike[Music]jinan sweating I look rough I know butthe cookies are done now so I’m gonna gocheck on them I’m gonna taste test themdo a little thing and then yeah I guessI’ll be the end of the video and then Iliterally didn’t film anything like Ialready ate the cookies I mean theytasted good so success I guess also thisis the outro because I’m I’m okay bye

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