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Jasperpedia Episode 1: Jasper & Lilly make cookies

What could possibly go wrong when Jasper & Lilly decide to bake cookies together?

Mix all the ingredients together and then cook in the oven for 10 mins at 190c
150g Butter
150g Brawn sugar
250g Flour
1tsp Baking soda
8ounas of cooling chocolate (grated)
150g Sugar
2 eggs
200g Ground oats
1tsp Bicarb soda
24 oz Ground chocolate
1tsp vanilla essence

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi welcome to Jasper pedia my name’sJasper anything hey this is my sisterLily today we’ll be making cookies plyhell sure have you watched our mannersyes great nice that we have all we needto measure out the ingredients which wehave really done and see if you want toknow what they are they’ll be in thecomment section I’m down below um so wehave brown sugar white sugar butterbaking powder vanilla essence right umbye byeso um flour rounded outs and grinderschocolate crack an egg to crack an eggyou need to lightly tap it on the sideof the jar or what a flat surface youthought you might have to do it a fewtimes now you did your fingers in andbreak the shell in now it’s time to mixthe ingredients first ingredient pleaseLily brown sugarsecond ingredient please watch please[Music][Music]for about a minute now now I can add thesecond ingredient by Byronic soda pleasebicarbonate baking powder[Music]now we mix this for a bit[Music]now you’re going to add the finalingredients strapless as there are muchmore of them we will never lift the lid[Music]in this fish flour oats please this is agroundnow please never chakraactually I’ve decided we’re gonna mixthis not first I’m singing it’s gettingbetter[Music]having the fun bit actually rollingthese into balls what does your mind youjust know I hate renews so now we’retrying to make as many as we can withthis batch so we’re trying to take themaround the same size is some that wemade a few minutes ago now we’ve rolledthem out we’re going to put them in theup oven just for me my little ask anadult to help you because you could hurtyourself I will now put them in the ovenI’m at 90 degreesin the first packin their second bunch right[Music]yeah we need output and the tournamentis cooked for them to cook you need toset a timergood point elects up such a time for 10minutes 10 minutes starting now[Music][Music]now the cookies are out of the oven wecan put them on this tray but just wannabe careful the trays are hotina now we have made the cookies we cannow try them if you liked this recipeplease and the recipe is also in thecomments below if you liked it don’tforget to subscribe[Music][Music]

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