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Lego – How to make a cookie with 3 ingredients

Explained through lego for kids.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

come on kitchen kitchen hi today we aregoing to be making cookies and excitingthe recipe through let’s sit and listento the instructions on how to makesimple cookies with only three neededingredients you will need eight spoonsof flour five spoons of sugar add 4spoons of butter the kind that issuitable for baking now let’s beginfirst put some sugar inside the bowl nowput some butter in mix it thoroughly andcarefully to get rid of any lumpsnow add the eight spoons of mix itthoroughly now place it in the fridgefor half an hour to let the dough hardenwhat’s your husband half an hour takethe pot out and load them into cookiecookie place the cookies into the ovenset the oven timer to 12 minuteswhat’s the cookies have come out letthem cool for one hour you’re finishingcookie should be hearted and ready toeat please subscribe to our channel weadd and we hope you enjoy the cookies[Music]

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