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Making Anzac Day Cookie Jars!

Watch children and team from Paisley Park Early Learning Centre Brookvale as they show us how to make Anzac Day Cookie Jars… Fun for all and a great way to make these biscuits with children.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi my name’s Hannah I’m the co-directorhere at Paisley Park Brooke found NewSouth Wales today I have our friendlychef Camilla who’s filming and two ofour Picasso children goes can you say hialright so today we are going to bemaking some Anzac cookie jars and todistribute to some of our local servicesthat are still open so let’s beginalright girls can you start by addingsome flour now we’ve got one cup offlour that hang on I think we might needsome spoons young you take that one verygood alright so scoop and then straightinto your job we need to put the wholething in there very good nice and steadythat’s okay you’re gonna race and slowhere I’ll hold this that’s right you cankeep putting it into the jobvery gooddoing very well girls almost there usethat you scoop it in that’s all right wecan get a little bit messy now and thenwe can wash our hands again later okayvery good keep scooping oh very goodflip that’s it all right what do youthink is next we’re white here we’vestill got a little bit more to do okaywhat else do you don’t use to make doyou make me use flour to make theplaydough sometimes that was clever allright take that one off now we’re gonnago and we’re going to use do you guysknow what this one is have a smell itsmell like anything no she’ll be tastedafterwards let’s put it in our jarsfirst and I’ll let you guys have alittle taste so this one is by Cup weneed four of these can you count themflow while you’re doing it[Music]very good next up we only need four hangon oh that’s okay all right well donenowcan you count how many you’re gonna putin there for me so far what’s next fallvery good well done all right let’s putthis one away I know I’m all flowerythat’s okay all right now what’s thisonebrown sugar nut brown chocolate allright how about you go first for thisone because blur went first last timenow we need half a cup so we’re going touse this one okay so this is one cup noyou hold that and I want you to scoop itin that’s it and we need to fill thewhole cup big scoop whoa careful that’sit good and now you pop it in therevery good all right you pass it to Fleurfor me your third time very goodall right big scoop oh hang on hands upyou need a big scoop very goodwe might need a little bit more thereflow can you put a tiny bit in very goodall right put that one ingood job always we do need to add thosethere next all right so we’re gonna dohow how big do you say this one is is ita cup or half a cup half a cup very goodokay so do we know what this one is howthey smell coconut very good all rightcan you scoop a half a cup of coconutsthey filled a whole cup with with thecoconut very good see it nice and slowlyjust a little bit more try some fromhere from the bowl that’s okay there yougo just a little bit there you go pourit in very good and you pass out toZilpha all right I think that’s enoughall right now what’s the last one thatwe haven’t added yet what are they wehave them for breakfast sometimes yeahyou know what they calloops Oh yummy oats okay so what we’regonna do is we’re going to scoop one cupof oats in there you want to go firstright you just need to go a bit slowerfor this one then we need to push theminto the jar very good put them down Ithink you could fit a few more in thereflood I think put some more in there foryou as well[Music]all right let’s have a look can you seeall the different ways can you tell mewhich ingredients you can see do youremember what’s at the bottom what havewe put in first brown sugar yeah yeahwhat was it the bottom that we put inPlato remember flour coconut all rightcan we say thank you so much forwatching thank youand Wi-Fi[Music]

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