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How I Make Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Hey guys! This is a video I had to make for my public speaking class. Our assignment was a how to speech, so I chose to make chocolate chips cookies. I posted it here for an easier way to watch my video in class. Hope you guys enjoy!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

nearly 93 percent of American householdsenjoy chocolate-chip cookies making themost popular cookie in the United Statesin the world I personally enjoyed manybatches of my life made by either my momor methey are my favorite cookies and Ireally enjoy making them so I’m going toshow you how to make them withinstructions for the preparation andbaking processes using the Criscoultimate chocolate chip cookie recipethis will be a double batch first washyour hands and preset the oven to 375degrees the ingredients include two anda half cups brown sugar one and a halfsticks Criscothree and a half cups of flour fourtablespoons milk 2 eggs 2 tablespoons ofvanilla one and a half teaspoons ofbaking soda 2 teaspoon salt and aboutone bag of chocolate chips start byadding the Crisco brown sugar milkvanilla and eggs cream that in the mixeror manually then add the salt in bakingsodathen slowly add the flour while mixingto avoid getting flour everywherefinally add the chips and manually mixthem with a special now grab a fewbaking sheetsusing a spoon scoop about a spoonful ofdough on to the pan and space each scoopout about an inch once filled place thepans into the oven and set the timer for9 to 10 minutes or 11 to 13 if youprefer crispier cookies once the timergoes off take the cookies out of theoven and place them onto the stove tocoolthen place the cooled cookies onto thecounter lined with newspaper repeatthese steps until all the dough is gone[Music]then you should have around 60 to 70cookies depending on the size so thatwas the process for making and bakingchocolate chip cookies with crispy[Music]

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