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How to make cookies kida

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Video Transcription

today we’re making cookieswe did some of the steps alreadyum from my camera from the phone camerason youtubeall right kid friendly shotchannel rememberso you want me to hold the cameramake sure you get all this in thesides oh likethat not like that what are you doing idon’t knowokay hold it no what are you doing herei don’t knowohokay your future reference watchoh so it really says rolling it around[Music]okay i got it now hold the camerabut like this i don’t want to get my newphone dirty[Music]or is it do it for me i don’t knowi wonder how it tastesit tastes good so i really need to dothismake sure you’re getting the cookiedough insideyou don’t even have to use both yourhands oh wait there’s some here[Music]there you go now the cookie dough goodjob now get it get it in the middlewhat now i put it flatvery little bit just very little bitmake sure it’s even that looks like acircleokayyou have like candies right like[Music]all right so let me take a breakstop your video please oh my godnope okay i’m sorrysorry guysheygood[Applause]look at the fresh cookies[Music]the burn and then she looks burned[Music][Music]burnt whatthat[Music]just do stuffyou can’t really see though maybe likethis[Music][Music]oneyou’re so hotso we’re donebye

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