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How to Make Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies

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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is Jerusha my name isyour Sam my name is Alison and welcometo cooking with Jay why today we’regoing to be making oatmeal chocolatechip cookies alright so we probablystart or just going to tell you guyswhat you’ll be meeting and the utensilsthat you’ll be using all right so you’regoing to be meeting um 10 male 1 oatmealcookie mix 1 cup of softened margin onceis going up nowish after that optionalone egg four cups of semi-sweetchocolate chip we’re just using up allright so what I’m going to be usingyou’ll be meeting a whisk or large spoonor a feeder you’ll be needing cookiescuz you can all right yeah I felt alittle cheeky and lows ball to put allyour village alright so first pre-heatyour oven to 350 which we already didand so I can get your margin your sugargive it a like shocked if you’re usingit and your eggs in one large bowlalright and then you’re going to getyour electric beater or your whisk andor your large spoon and mix it up alltogetherOhI’m just going to add your one cup ofmilk and then again you can get yourspoon or electric beater I would get myelectric meter for this one just becauseit’s going to be a bit harder to mixeverything and it will take a long timeso you’re going to want to get all theparts and make sure its nice creamy andfluffy at the same time ok so if you’refatter comes out really liquidy at ifyou could do is you could put in thefridge and then take it out this willhelp it pack more together and thenyou’ll have a better job so we’re justgoing to add our chocolate chip cookiesin and you don’t want to um you don’twant to get your electric beater butyou’re just going to want to use a whiskfor this because if you use the electricbeater it’s gonna get all crumpled upand you you want the chocolate chips tobe in like that shape to be like youknow like a top of the cookie so you’regonna want to mix it like so oh waitwe’re back and this is how the betterlook and we’re gonna I’m gonna buryconnector we’re gonna put it on allright ray and you guys could put on acookie sheets which will make the cookieI’m not stick onto the tray oh we love abetter yeah so so yeah so okay we’llcome back with the cookies on the openso we put our cookies in our oven andthis is the end resultthese I’ve actually have a big day lookokay so pretty much what we did was wejust put our batter into the freezerbecause it was a bit liquidy so no oneand then yeah alright so we’re back andoh what happened now hi so we’re bad boyso Nessus so next what we’re going to bedoing we’re going to be taking ourbattery much and we’ll be putting it onto our cookie okay then if you have

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