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Fizzy And Phoebe Make Play Doh Popcorn and Cookies

Fizzy And Phoebe Pretend Cook Play Doh Popcorn and Cookies

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Video Transcription

pop Cory’s coming out well today fizzyMPB we are having a popcorn party it’stime for cooking with busy and Phoebethat’s right it looks like we can makeplay-doh popcorn cookies and even littlecandieslet’s get popping and open up this boxwhat’s in fizzy first I need to put ittogether oh okayhere are the instructions that show ushow to put it together first we takethis white piece turn it upside down orright side up and pop it into place onthe silver base next we take this bluepiece and pop it right on top here is ared piece looks like we place it rightup topand pop it in place for you I think itgoes right up topthat’s right fizzy thank you we can putthis right up top and then we twist tolock this in place we have breadcontainers for our popcorn a silverscoop for our popcorn Brown extruder andlook at the different shapes so we canput on our extruder we can make a star apopcorn shape and a different kind ofstar don’t forget about the do we havegreat questions Phoebe we have two cansof voit play-doh yellow play-dohplay-doh blue play-doh and brownplay-doh and it looks like we haverecipe cards to show us how to makedifferent kinds of popcorn and look atall the different molds we can make itmakes a popcorn let’s first make whitepopcorn and cover it with butter we’lltake our white play-doh roll it betweenmy hands place it up top right herewe’ll add a little more get lots ofplay-doh in there put this back on topsecure it into placeand then we start twisting up top when Itwist up top watch what happens righthere pop Cory’s coming out I forgot toput a container here to catch it sowe’ll collect the popcorn that we’vealready made and start putting it in ourcontainer that should do the trick let’smake more popcorn whoa it’s almostcompletely fulllet’s keep twisting and make morepopcorn a couple of pieces popped rightout well we look at the instructions ohthat’s right BB if we press yellowplay-doh right through here we’ll makeyellow butter here’s our yellow play-dohand let’s try to push it right throughhere there we goit almost looks like a silly toothbrushdoesn’t it we’ll keep pressing that forour butter to come out that looks like alot of butter we can pinch it right hereand then we can place it on top of ourpopcorn a little bit more over here andnow we have buttered popcornoh it’s nests well fizzy I’m thinking wecan combine the yellow and whiteto make yellow and white butteredpopcorn oh that sounds good and that’snot all fizzy it’s not Nowe’ll use the brown play-doh to putchocolate on top and that’s still notall no we’ll use our molds to makecookies and candies to put on top – I’mexcited to fizzy look we’re going totake our yellow and our white play-dohand twist it together and then we’llplace it in here here we go and then weput this back in place we twist thisdown and lock it in placethis time I’ll remember to put thecontainer down here to catch all thepopcorn so I start twisting right up tophere and watch what happenswe now have yellow and white butteredpopcornWow some of it is popping right onto thetable here are two pieces that popped onthe table look it looks like popcornwith a little bit of butter on it we’llput that in our container and wellcombine more white and yellow play-dohto make even more popcorn open this upand put our play-doh in put this back ontop and turn the cream here comes thepopcorn is a chocolate syrup type sureis busy hey but we need to do somethingelse first we need to make some cookiesand candies first okay let’s open up ourcandy mold maker let’s use our blueplay-doh and make a little blue candieswell squeeze it together hey there it ishow looks like a blueberry candy let’splace it on our popcornup next listena little blue heart lookout tiny andcute that is we can put that on thepopcorn to look right here there aredifferent molds for cookiesa strawberry looks like a gummy bear heylet’s make a green gummy bear so I canpress this right like this into the moldand now our little green gummy bear cango right on our popcorn so cute thebottom of our containers also have moldsI can make a green lollipop here’s alittle green lollipop going on ourpopcorn to make skinny chocolate syrupyou use extruder and then roll it into athin little chocolate snake I’ll put thebrown play-doh in our extruder and thensqueeze it out onto the table this wouldbe way too thick to go on our popcorn soI’m going to roll it into a skinnylittle strand of chocolate syrup therethat looks like a nice strand ofchocolate syrup now I can take thepopcorn and put the chocolate syrup onit that looks pretty yummy oh that doeslook super yummy but on this hands Ithought we are going to make cookies weare fizzy I’m going to make a new batchof popcorn for our chocolate cookiesthis is going to be so exciting so I’llset this popcorn right over here put apopcorn container in this spot righthere I’ll combine more yellow and whiteplay-doh twisting it together pop it inthe top here put this in place and starttwisting let’s add the pieces that fellon the table and start making cookies[Applause]I’m rolling the brown play-doh into aball and then I’ll press it into thismold this looks like the top of an Oreocookie let’s see what it looks likethat looks great it says Plato in themiddle I removed some of the extraplay-doh and I’m gonna smooth the edgeslet’s make another top with the brownplay-doh roll it into a ball and thenpress it into the mold there we gowe have another top to our cookie wejust use some cream filling so I’ll usea white play-doh press it in here andnow we have the white cream filling wecan put it right on top of the bottom ofthe cookie and the hem put the top onnow we have a big delicious cookie toput on top of our popcorn we can put alittle piece of popcorn on top of thatand another piece because we need tomake room for our chocolate chip cookiehere’s our chocolate chip cookie moldright here chocolate chip cookies areusually tan to make tan play-doh I’mmixing white with brown and mixing themtogether really well until we have tanplay-doh there that looks great nowwe’ll put it in the cookie mold thatlooks like a great chocolate chip cookiebut there are no chips on itlet’s take brown play-doh press it onthe table a little bit then pop it onour cookie let’s do two more chipspress it on the table chip over here anda chip right over here and now we have achocolate chip cookie that we can put inour popcorn and we’ll add two pieces ofpopcorn right on top we hope you are alot of fun today and we will see younext time

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