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Video Transcription

hi everybody here comes my recipe of theweek today is an opaque no-bake peanutbutter chocolate all kinds of otherstuff good cookie and this is so easy tomake at homeit doesn’t have to go in the oven and Ireally think you’re gonna find itdeliciousso I started because this would take alittle whileI have peanut butter and a mashed bananain a pan and I just heated it until it’sall pushed together nice and liquidy andsmooth and mushed together you take itoff the heat turn off the stove trot andthen you mix a bunch of really goodthings honey I’m gonna send you guys thelink so you’ll be able to see exactlyhow much of everything so there’s honeya little bit of milk a little bit ofsalt some unsweetened cocoa powder andsome quick oats the recipe says don’tuse regular oats use make sure to usequick oats and then what you’re gonna dois you’re gonna mix this all togetherand get it all combined in the pan andit’s gonna get very thick and fudgy andI’ve made these before and you canchange it around if you don’t want toput the cocoa in because you don’treally like too much chocolate you don’thave to if you want to add chocolatechips the recipe says you can addchocolate chips you can make it any wayyou want you can make them Parv you canmake them you know vegan you can makegluten free because they have glutenfree oats out there and there’s allkinds of different ways to bury it whenI send you the link they also give yousome of those other options as well soyou can see this is starting to get verythick together alright and I’m justgonna mash this for one more minutemake sure it’s all combined and then allI’m gonna do is what you do is beforeyou start making it get yourself acookie sheet and put a piece ofparchment paperon top of the cookie sheet and it’spretty incredible because it doesn’tneed to bake it’s just all mixedtogether I’m gonna drop them on thecookie sheet I’m gonna put them in thefridge for about a couple of hours andyou’re gonna have your cookies and youkeep them once they’re all you knowtogether as a cookie and they’ve been inthe refrigerator for a couple hours ohthis looks perfect then you can justkeep them in there in a baggie for awhile in the refrigerator and you cansee it’s all healthy nutritionalnutritious ingredients and I thinkyou’re gonna like it as a snack ordessert okay so now this you could seeit’s all mushy and combined I’m gonnatake a spoonful and you can it’s allchunky you can make them as big or assmall as you want and I’m just gonnadrop them here on my cookie sheet andthis will just take a minute and I won’tfill up the tray but you get the ideaand then all you’re gonna do guys istake the tray put it in your fridge foraround two hours you can eat it likethis it’s not like it needs to cook andthey’re gonna be really deliciouscookies I hope you enjoyed mynutritional recipe of the week and I’llsee you guys again soon bye

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