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How To Make Baby Yoda Cookies!

I made Baby Yoda Cookies using the Baby Yoda Cookie Hack from here:
I’d love to see your Baby Yoda The Child cookies!!!!!
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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

it’s the baby Yoda cookie hack mr.cheesy pop haver on its max and thisangel and this angel – Oh guys I don’tknow if you’ve seen but there’s beenthis thing going around on the internetthere is an actual baby Yoda cookie hackand it involves an angel cookie cutterif you have an angel cookie cutter youtwo can do the baby Yoda cookie hack itwas created by this lady Katie atticTurk want to give her credit and I’llput the link in the description of theoriginal post about this so what Ithought is today we’ll try to do this sowe’ve got the angel right here and theway you do it is you just chop off theAngels head who knew that beheading anangel could bring about a different kindof angellet’s do this alright to do thishere are your ingredients I’ve neverdone a baking video this is gonna bedifferent but I already have cookiedough so you guys just need to do like abasic sugar cookie dough yeah coolumm and then you will need food colorring yes any will do you will also needsome vanilla extract yes yes beautifulcorn syrup tada and your powdered sugarand milk it’s in the fridge I don’t wantit’s open the that yet okay let’s umlet’s make some frosting actually wegotta we gotta flatten this guy firstokay then we do the frosting I can bakeanyone can bake let’s preheat our ovento 375 I’ve rolled out the dough and nowa son to take our law angel and put itin the dough and make some angels allright angelokay so now that we have the shapes ofthe Angels I need to take a little knifelike so and cut off the head but you gotto do it so that it’s got that baby Yodakind of rounded head so when I cut thisI have to kind of make it a littlecircular cut oh this is gonna be roughI’m not good at art and geometry andbaking and but we’re gonna we’re gonnatry our best all right well I’m gonnajust try to do this one let’s start herebeheaded oh yeah look at that I can seethe shape there right there but you getthe ideaall right they have been beheaded andnow we just have to transfer them to acookie sheet in the oven this looksexactly like him this is amazing okayokay let’s go obviously we got moredough here so I just put it all backtogether and rolled it on out again andwe’ll make some more angels okay allright into the oven baby Yoda’s okaythey’re in the oven and love pull themout when they are done and then we willdo the frosting I’ve got bowls and inthese bowls I will mix up the differentfood colors because we need green and weneed around and we need black for theeyes to make them look like this huh wehave green but we gotta figure out howto make brown and black I’m gonnameasure out the ingredients for thefrosting recipe now with my cup here andmine oh yeah you know it aren’t thesecute all right let’s do this all rightwe need a cup and a half of powderedsugar come on come on here we gocome and have a powdered sugar into thebowl two tablespoons of milkokay one tablespoon of corn syrup cornsyrup is in therequarter teaspoon vanilla extract sureall right now we mix it all togethernow I shall whisk with this risk allright so this is all whisk Dan this isdone and now what you’re gonna do heresince we gotta have three colors we’llhave two other bowls so we’ll make thisone the black one I’ll make this one thebrown one we’ll leave this in here forthe green onelook green green so here we go we’ve gotthe three bowls and they’ve got thefrosting in them now we’re gonna makethem different colors so through sometrial and error we’ve arrived here atgreen and this sort of you know brownishblack ish I guess Brown so we’ve got itit took all of these to you know createall of this but it is it has happenedso let’s paint top half the head isgonna get the green bottom half is gonnaget the brown and then of course we’regonna have the eyes that’s gonna be thetricky part all right let me justattempt this making very good progresshere got some baby Yoda green happeningso we get the green on there let’s paintthis guy brown at the bottom it lookslike peanut butter doesn’t itI’m afraid to like go in this littleopen spot well there’s one that’s done Imean nope gotta do the eyes still butsure here we go and now it is time toadd the eyes look at these beauties theway I did the eyes was to put it put theicing frosting whatever in a ziplock bagand then cut and cut a hole at the edgeand pipe it on these look so good andthe next thing is uhgo try one I’ve chosen the prettiestbaby Oda and oh this is really amazingokay this is the waybaby better cookie you legit could sellthese at Disneyland they’re that goodI mean they are that good like candypalace come on come on let’s goyou better start selling these or elseI’m gonna open up my own bake cheesy popbake shop oh the cheesy pop shop allright these are real good baby Yoda thechild cookies amazing thank you to theoriginator the creator of this hack andthe recipe and everything um you knowwe’ve talked about it so you can just goover whines and stuff if you have anyquestions let me know in the commentsbelow have any of you tried this yet didthey turn out like this cuz this isamazing it’s really amazing if you havetried them I want to see your baby Yodapics if you’re watching this and you’relearning how to do it send me your picsum cuz I’d love to see it there’ll be alot of fun we could compare our babyOtis thanks for watching guys likesubscribe check out my patreon page havea magical day everybody bye bye butaother ear

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