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Cake with Girl Scout Cookie® Inspired Flavors | Girl Scout Network Virtual Campfire Chats

Watch a Winner of the Food Network’s Girl Scout Cookie Championship, Sonam Sondhi, use basic ingredients and kitchen ingenuity create a simple vanilla cake that can be turned into a Girl Scout cookie-inspired confection.

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Easy Vanilla Cake Recipe
This easy-peasy vanilla cake requires no mixer, so it’s a great recipe for people who don’t usually bake.

Butter- or Olive Oil-flavored baking spray
2 1/2 cups Flour
1 3/4 teaspoon Baking powder
1/2 teaspoon Baking soda
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/2 cup Oil
1 3/4 cups Sugar
1 tablespoon Vanilla extract
1/2 cup Butter, at room temperature
1 1/3 cups Milk
2 Eggs, whole
2 Eggs, whites-only
2 cupcake pans or 3 7-inch cake pans

To Make the Vanilla Cake:
Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Coat the cupcake pans with baking spray.
Combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.
In a large bowl, whisk the oil, sugar, vanilla, and butter until light and fluffy. In another bowl, whisk the eggs and egg whites until combined.
Combine the sugar and egg mixtures, and then alternate whisking in the milk and dry ingredients slowly until everything is incorporated and lump free.
Pour the batter into the cake pans, or spoon it into cupcake pans, as evenly as possible. Bake until dry and slightly brown, approximately 10-15 minutes for cupcakes and 25 minutes for a cake. Allow to cool completely.
Makes two dozen cupcakes or one three-layer cake.

Easy Dulce de Leche Recipe
This recipe uses a can of sweetened condensed milk as a quick and easy shortcut to a rich caramel frosting.
1 14 ounce can sweetened condensed milk

To Make Dulce De Leche:
Remove the wrapper on a can of sweetened condensed milk, place in a pot, and cover with cold water. Set on a burner on medium heat and begin to cook. Check the water level continuously, adding additional water if necessary, to keep the can covered and the water from reaching a boil. Continue to cook on medium-low for a total of four hours, until milk is thick and brown.
Remove can from water bath with tongs and allow to cool for three to four hours before opening.
Makes about a cup of Dulce de Leche. The leftover Dulce de Leche will keep, refrigerated, for at least a week.

To Make a Samoa®/ Caramel deLites®-Inspired Layer Cake:
Place your first layer of cake down on a cake stand of plate.
Spread a thin layer of Dulce de Leche on top. Then, add a layer of ground up Samoa®/ Caramel deLites® Girl Scout cokies. Add a small amount of pastry cream (see how to make in video here). Then add a layer of toasted coconut.

Top with the second layer of the cake, then add a layer of dark chocolate syrup. Drizzle some Dulce De Leche on top. Take some Samoa®/ Caramel deLites® and place them around the cake. Enjoy!

Learn how to make Tagalongs® /Peanut Butter Patties® Dirt Cup, Caramel deLites®/Samoas® Trifle andThin Mints® Ice Cream here:

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Video Transcription

Good afternoon, everyone.I’m Eva Castleton, manager of alum events
at Girl Scouts of the USA and I’m so excitedto present to you our campfire chat hosted
by the Girl Scout network.procrasti-baking at home with executive
pastry chef Sonam Sondhi, a winner of FoodNetwork’s Girl Scout cookie championship.You may have watched Sonam’s first campfire
chat with us, where she taught us how to makedelicious custard based desserts with Girl
Scout cookies.Before we get started, I’d love to tell you
a little bit more about the Girl Scout Network.We’re a powerful community of adults, Girl
Scout alums and supporters from across thecountry who believe in preparing girls to
be the leaders of the future and supportingeach other today.Our campfire chats are hosted virtually and
broadcast live.I’m thrilled to introduce Sonam Sondhi who
will be teaching us how to make a vanillacake that doesn’t even require a mixer regardless
of who you are baking for during the quarentine.guaranteeing yourself your partner friends
or family members.You’ll find this is a simple recipe that you
can whip up together.I’ll be sharing your questions with Sonam.So don’t be afraid to type them in the question
box.You can find today’s recipes in the handout
section of the presentation and they’ll beavailable at’t forget to tag your social posts with #campfirechats, and @GirlScouts.We can’t wait to see your masterpieces.Sonam, welcome back.Hi!Hello, one.You told us in our first presentation about
your entrepreneurial experience in the GirlScout cookie program.Before we start baking, can you tell us a
little bit about being a business owner andan entrepreneur today?Absolutely.Um, I think as a business owner,it is your job to constantly be juggling hats.I joke a lot with my employees that I am the HR, the CPA, the accountant, the dishwasher,the baker, the manager.And that’s what really you have to do in any
business, you have to be able to juggle multipleaspects of the business because you can be
great at baking, or you could be great atsales, but you really have to have it all.More importantly to all of that you have to
have a great mentor in multiple areas of yourlife, to make sure that you’re constantly
improving.Always have somebody to bounce ideas off of
and learn from their experiences and hopefullynot make too many of your own mistakes.So I think the Girl Scouts does a wonderful
job of that.I had in an amazing experience whereI hosted the Girl Scouts at my bakery almost
like eight or nine years ago, and they dida tour and had like a question and answer
of inspiring young girls.And one of the girls was so inspired Rebecca
she’s the sweetheart she ended up coming backand working for me almost eight years later,
over the summer while she was in college,so that made my heart erupt.That’s sogreat.You’re such an amazing role model from Girl
Scouts.Thank you.And so at the end of our broadcast, you’ll
have the opportunity to support the Girl Scoutswith cookie care.So take it away some.Great Okay,so today we’re going to make a really super
simple, easy vanilla cake.When people come and inquire about cakes at
the bakery, some people will refer to it asyellow cake or sponge cake or white cake or
pound cake, which really just proves thatthere is no right vanilla cake, you really
just have to find what you enjoy and you lovethe most.So take some time and maybe do some research
or think about what kind of cake you reallylike.Is it an angel food cake that’s really light egg white based, very low in calories, or doyou like something that’s a pound cake and really
heavy and rich?But maybe not.So For stacking layers and like a wedding
cake, traditional sponge cake where it’s lighterand airier, or do like a butter based cake
with maybe a little bit of oil like we’redoing today.So it’s got a good balance of both.Do you like it really light and white?Do you like it a little bit darker and a little
bit of a caramel flavor to it.So I think think about that.And then as you develop your own recipes and
try different recipes, including today’s hopefully,you can see what you like and look for recipes
that have those ingredients.So to start, always in baking more than the
ingredients because you’ll notice the ingredientsare almost generally the same.It’s tweaking in the ratios of it.What’s most important is the method and things
that you can do in steps that are crucialand vital so that everything comes out perfectly.And you have a consistent product always number
one, always have your oven preheated thatwhatever temperature is supposed to be preheated
at If you have a cake that’s ready to go perfectlywhipped up light, fluffy and airy, and you
put it into a cold oven, the butter is goingto melt out and you’re not going to get the
volume you need.Or if it just sits there and it’s air rated.Now you put it into the oven and the ovens
not ready, it’s gonna deflate and turn reallyhard and gummy.So number one, always have your oven preheated.Number two, always have all your ingredients
at room temperature so that they don’t haveto fight the temperature and heating up.And number three, always have your meson Plus
or everything in place, everything scaledout ready to go.Because you’ll notice in baking, everything
is a little bit more time sensitive and precise.So you want to make sure that you have all
your ingredients everything is in the rightbowl, and then you can go ahead and start
making it.So you follow along with me.The recipe is going to be in the handout section.So what makes this really great is this has
oil and butter so you’ll get the flavor andthe late and fluffiness of the butter but
you’ll get the stability and the moistureand thereally thatthe ability to stay for quite a few days without
dryingout from oil.So we have in here, the oil,the sugar, I have the vanilla right in here
or you could put it with milk and the butter.The butter when I first put it in here thinking
it was going to be room temperature, it didn’tcome straight down to room temperature even
after a couple hours.So I popped it in the microwave for 2030 seconds.It got nice and soft but not melted because
you want to be able to get the volume up andyou want to start whipping it and it gets
light and fluffy.Though this looks so light and fluffy.This is maybe a minute or two of what they
really not a lot.So you want to get thisgoing and you’re going to incorporate the
air Through this as well as your eggs, normallyyou could just crack your eggs and dump them
right into your thoughts and then you alternateyour liquid in your dry.I like to pack these.I have two egg whitesin here.And then I have two whole eggs in here.If you saw last week’s campfire chat with
the yolks, you can go ahead and actually saveall your yolks and make crema glaze out of
them and make ice creamor sauce.So why do you want to whip theseseparate is to incorporate even more air and
have it light and fluffy, separate withoutcompletely agitating that mixand then maybe causing it to separate becomes
the butterand the water which causes and hurt a lot.Iwant to break this up a little bit Okay,so nice and light, we’re going to incorporate
the egg mixture into our sugar and buttermixture a little bit at a time.Anytime it says a little bit at a time, it’s
because the, the thicknesses of the to theviscosity of the two mediums that you’re using
are different.So if you dump it in, it’s not going to completely
incorporate right away by going nice and slow.You’re joining them together without having
too much resistance.So now this you’ll see is still really light
and fluffy.So ahead and mix your eggs and nightsand then you have your dry ingredients.There is baking soda, baking powder, salt
and flour.You can use all purpose flour.If you have kids.Flour even better even lighter and fluffier
The main difference between cake flour andall purpose flour is a protein content.So bread flour will have even more protein
in it which causes more gluten in a lasticityyou don’t want a bread flour it would make
this very heavy cake flour will make it evenlighter, I happen to have a few flowers.So that’s what we’re usingthe recipe that I made previouslyand you’ll see what the cakethat we’re going to build, I had used gluten
free flour, so one to one ratio gluten freeflour.This is going to be with regular AP flour,
and I had used almond milk and the other recipesso you’ll be able to see the differenceof both.Now we’re going to alternate why it’simportant to alternate this for that same
reason.You want to jointhe different viscosities and the different
kinds of ingredients without really ultraaltering it if you add the flour straight
in here and then try to mix it it’s Goingto completely deplete and become very hard
to mix.You’re also going to have a lot of lumps.So a little bit at a time.I just use a scoop.And then I have my milk.This one is just regular whole milkand then you pour it in a little bit here.And so now you’ll see it’ll completely change
because now it’s getting really loose.And so you had it light and fluffy then the
flower makes it a little bit more dense.And then you add the milk and it makes it
really wet.So you wantto keep alternating and keeping the consistencynice and even.So I had a tumor scoops there and be patient
with this.Baking is fun.You know you want to you want to have you
wantto have fun with this.You patient with it.Don’t try to rush it deflated and don’t have
it don’t have lumps in it.Do we have any questions while I alternate
this?Yes.Soone of the questions we have, which we was
asked last week was what is the best replacementfor people who can’t eat eggs.So for baking, the best replacement is applesauce,
which is really common, or a brick of recipethat’s completely modified and created to
be eggless.So it took me four years to modify my perfectrecipe to become eggless.And that just comes with a lot of knowing
your ingredients and trial and error.But if you want to just take a popular regular
recipe and replace it, I would follow thedirections that you could find online with
applesauce and just replace it with that.And then if it’s too flat or not light and
fluffy enough, the best thing to do is allkind of like tweak and play The baking soda
and baking powder.A good way to know what to do with eachsoda s spreadspowder he puffs so if you need it to become
a little bit lighter out a little bit morebaking powder to itor chocolate chip cookies if you like themthin and crispy or chunky and fluffy.Okay, so I have the batter pretty muchdone.And you can see it’s really light, fluffy,
very light and colored and I didn’t need amixer and my arm isn’t gonna fall off.You know mixtures can be really expensive
and not everybody has them but that shouldnot discourage you from creating a great recipe.So Lum free, super smooth.Let’s get these out of the way.I do wish I had a pot washer.That’s the fun taking it home.So what I did when I made the recipe that
was gluten free, I had taken three seven inchpins.If you are not somebody that’s very comfortable
using a serrated knife and getting reallyeven layers,don’t even challenge yourself make itsuper simple and just make individual layers
instead of building and baking this hugecakeor this three inch pan and then trying to
get even layers out of it and it’s crumblingand it’s falling apart.So you want to prepare these the way that
it says in the recipe, some butter a pieceof parchment on the bottom.Don’t go crazy and cutting perfect circles
just rip off a piece but on the bottom.Divide the batter evenly between the three
pans into the oven they go. The key thingis not to keep opening the oven door.I know it is so tempting, but every time you
open a small oven door, you’re letting allof that heat out.And then the oven has to work to get back
up to temperature.So you’re causing alot of inconsistencywe usewreck.Oh, I’m so sorry.Do you have a time that you recommend?How long do you recommend to pre heat your
oven is one of the questions from the logto your oven will usually always tell you
when it’s ready and it’ll be, if not, whileyou’re gathering your ingredients, just pop
it on before you do anything.So you don’t forget, like every recipe in
the beginning will almost always tell youpre heat your oven to blah, blah, blah, and
then you start your recipe.So if you just make it a habit that Okay,
I’m going to bake a cake, I’m going to getmy oven ready, then that way, it’s always
ready for you and it’s not going to be runningthat long,you know, without without you being ready
for it.So, for cupcakes,we’re going to bake cupcakes inside of the
cakes because you’ll see how the cakes comeout in just a moment.But we have cupcake tins or muffin tins.These are industrial ones, obviously there’s
you know, just simple Wilton ones that youcan find at your craft store.And then there’s many ones which are great
for like younger kids or birthday parties,and then there’s larger ones, you can spray
them and scoop the batter right into here.I do don’t have liners, I just hate the mess
of not having the liners.So we’re going to go ahead and have these
lining each pan so that way you don’t needany spray.You don’t need any oil.You just pop them all in.These are four and a half fluted cups.These are three and a half inch ones.So these make more of a medium sized cup page.So you can see it actually comes up higher
than the tinge which is fine and that wayyou have a little bit you have a bigger cupcake
instead of just a mini cupcakes.So I’ll probably have some batter leftover
which is fine but I just want to show youthe gist ofscooping these out.I love using ice cream scoops if you’re a
cupcake fan,invest in these in different sizes.You can get them He’s fairly cheap online.And these are great obviously for meatballs
and things like that too.So always wonderful to have on hand.These large ones, you just scoop and that
way your batter is consistent.And even every time this specific batter does
not bake up extremely tall, it doesn’t popup a lot, so you don’t have to worry about
it coming over.But as a general rule of thumb,you usually want your batter to fill yourcupcake tins no more than three quarters of
the way.If you’re doing single layer cake pans, you
want them to be a third of the way and ifyou’re doing a cake that you’re going to slice
half of the way, it will pop up more so youdon’t want it.So we have our large ones ready since they’re
going to take more time.We’ll go ahead and putthose into the oven.While we scoop out are mediums so the Sorry,
Igot a couple of questions about what you’re
doing right now.Is this also possible with silicone cupcaketins?I don’t see why not.Yeah, you could still use as like the cupcake
tin is really just giving you the vesselsso that you can hold it in place.So as long as they’re deep enough and they
mimic what a cupcake 10 does, absolutely andyou can still use a liner in them.The beauty of the silicone ones is that they
just, they pop out easily and they’re easyto clean.But I mean, no cleaning is better than any
cleaning.So I like the liners.What I would get mentioned before was it’s
great to bake these in large batches likeI still have quite a bit of battery life.This will probably give you 24 large cupcakes
or you can probably even get four to fivedozen mini or medium ones.You can make a large batch and freeze them
and they freeze beautifully.Most cakes freeze beautifully as long as you
wrap them really well.So no funky sense get in and just like we
talked about in the last campfire, your yourfillings and things will also freeze really
really well.I just wouldn’t recommend them to be frozen
if you’re using the almond milk.The pastry cream that I use with almond milk
did not freeze as well.So we’re going to go ahead and actually build
our cake now I know this is the scariest partfor majority of people but I’m going to give
you a lot of great tipsand hopefully it will ease any anxiety.So here’s the cake players bakedour toppings which is usually mymy Mexican toppings when I make tacos.We have Our fillings ready to go.So,number number one when your cakes come out
of the oven, absolutely let them cool 100%at room temperature.Once they are cooled, take the parchment off
the bottom and wrap them and put them in thefridge.You cannot do this with a cake right out of
the oven.This will eliminate at least 75% of your stress
have my cake is crumbling, it’s falling apart.It’s too soft.All of that is gone.Just for time sake.Today we’re going to bake the cake into layers.So I had these two ready to go.I had a cake board at the bottom again majority
of craft stores will have them want the whiteside up if you don’t have a cake board.Most people don’t this is just a flat cake
stand.You can put pieces of parchment cut four pieces
of parchment so they’re long and they coverthe tips and you Put your cake in the middle
that we build up, you make a mess, do whatyou have to do.And then at the end, you just tuck, tuck,
tuck, tuck, get rid of the four, and you havea beautiful clean kickstand.I always recommend getting a flat kickstand.I know a lot of them always have that lip.But if your cake comes up on the lip, the
pressure of it is going to crack in the middle.At least when it’s flat, there’s really no
way it’s going to go anywhere.So now you have this beautiful board and you
have this cake and you’re going to go to moveit and your cake is going to fall off.You want to put something really sticky on
the bottom of the board to help it adhereto the kickstand.A great sticky thing that’s delicious is our
doctor the legend that we talked about inour last episode.So this is the 14 ounce cans of sweetened
condensed milk.Everybody was so excited about it.So I just went ahead and made it and we figured
we’d incorporate it for this this episode.We took 14 ounce cans of sweetened condensed
milk, you want to put it into a pot of water,you want it at low heat so that the water
is not bubbling over because it’s going tocook for four hours.As the water will naturally evaporate.You want to keep refilling the water so that
the pan is always consistently submerged inwater and even like cooking, keep an eye on
it, keep checking it, make sure you don’tlet it dry out set timers.And then when it’s done, you wantto take it out and leave it for two to three
hours.If it’s really hot and you open that top you
don’t want it splattering out on you and havingreally hot caramel over you how this caramel
izes is the sugars in the milk.So sweetened condensed milk is essentially
a lot larger quantity of milk boiled down,boiled down, boiled down until it has this
beautiful thick consistency.So similar to evaporated milk, but this one
sweet and condensed.You then take all of the sugars and mad and
through the slow heating process over fourhours.You caramelize all those sugars and you make
dulce de leche.Last night I made coffee the instant I don’t
know how to say Delgado, I don’t know, whateverthat crazy coffee popular thing going on.I made that but I put this as a sweetener
and it was so real.So I definitely recommend always having some
of this on hand and you can always freezeit again and it freezes beautifully.So put a little doji legendon the bottom to stick it to the board and
then you put a little bit on the boardso that your cake will stick to the board.We’re going to go ahead and put our first
layer of cake down.I just went ahead and trim the top a little
bit.You’ll see in this one it has a little bit
of a bubble.So now when you start to build up and you
put another layer, there’s going to be thisopen gap around the edge and it’s more likely
to lose out so I just trimmed a little bitand great for snacking.We’re going to put a thin layer of tilted
electric When it comes to cake fillings, lessis more I know we get excited and we want
to go tall and intense, but that’s where thesliding of the layers and a lot of the issues
come up.So go ahead and just really thin layers.This is an offset spatula, very inexpensive
again, a majority of cake or craft stores.You can use a knife as well like a butter
knife, that’s fine.And then to this we’re going to take our ground
up Samoa cookies for anybody that doesn’tnotice Samoa is first of all, get yourself
up just a little bit.And then second of all, they are this amazing
shortbread cookie that’sdrunken in this amazing carameland then it hastoasted coconutchocolate on the bottom and chocolate drizzle
on top in the purple box and it’s amazing.The purple box and the green box that they
are My favorite.So we have a layer of that we made our pastry
cream last week, we’re just going to put asmall amount of the pastry cream or the customer.So I just pulled that out of the freezer just
like last week, I told you guys to go aheadand pop it in the freezer, I pulled it out
of the freezer,a thin layer of that.Again, you really don’t need a lot of filling
because we’re still going to put a layer oftoasted coconut.So you want to do your toasted coconut on
top.You could even put chocolate chips in this.All right, so we’re pretty much replicating.That’s Amala and then my trick always is for
your second layer of cake.Put this part down so this will absorb everything
that’s in here and come into the cake andmake it really flavorful.If you have a really moist butter base cake
like this, you really don’t need to make asimple step. and soak your cake dry or cakes
like I was explaining a pound cake or a spongecake those tend to need simple syrup because
they tend to be a little bit more dry.So you’re going to take this and put it facedown.Now you have this beautiful flat top, you
could go ahead and make your second layerbutwe’re not going to do that today.And this is the gluten free and almond milk
one and it is absolutelyamazing.We’re going to so you see he’s nice and stable
and still a decent amount of layer inside.I’m going to grab this is just good old chocolate
syrup.This one happens to be a darker chocolate.You cancover it and dark chocolate you canmake a good notch if you’re comfortable with
ganache.ganache is super simple one to one ratio of heated heavy creamas well as Chocolate a good quality chocolate.So you just heat up your chocolate.I mean I’m sorry heat up your heavy cream
port over your chocolate,let it sit for two to three minutes.Whisk it up and you have amazing ganache.So we are going to spread out our chocolate
super, again take off the extra so it’s niceand clean.I went ahead and send out some dulce de leche with some water so you can see the viscosityof that one was much thicker.This one’s much thinner.This is where the parchment would be great
so that you don’t see any of these crumbs.I’m just going to go ahead and drizzle the
top.Drizzle the top with this filter then that
jand then you could just take the toasted coconut
and put it around or you can take some ofyour stuff molars and put them around like
so.So, now you see it’s stuck to the board.It’s not moving anywhere.It is beautiful.Now I’ll show you some plated options.So not only does it have to be beautiful on
the kickstand, it must be beautiful on theplate.We’re going to go aheadyou can I always like rectangle plates, I
don’t know they just lookfancier.So we have some cream on glaze, which was
the same base that we use for our thin icecream lastepisode.You can take the Chrome on glaze Ihad frozen a little bitand kept a little bit to the side.You want to take your chocolate Sarah.This is just literally a basting brush for
a turkey basing.You can take a brush sweeper Cross the side.I’ll show you what this looks like in a moment.Oh.So dipped my brush been swept across the side.And then you can takeand make little dollops across.You can make little pools in the corner.You can take your finger out, go to the left
j and even drizzle your plate.That’s fine with that.And then you seea beautiful set.Thatrandom set you don’t know what to do with
that you’ve got from your wedding.You cut a sliceThere you have it.So that’s your easy peasy vanilla cake.Your layer of dulce de leche.The crumbs of the Samoa.You have your pastry cream, toasted coconut,
chocolate syrup, dulce de leche, a toastedcoconut and a Samoa on top.This looks amazing.I think we have time.I think we have time for one question.We’re wondering if it’s possible to overmix
the batter.There were some questions.Absolutely.So with batteragain with a flower the goal in development
being that as you mix it as you would withthread why you need bread so much is you want
that tightness you want that gluten developmentwith cake.We don’t want it, we don’t want it at all.So the less you mix, the better it is, which
is why you want to make sure everything isroom temperature, everything is ready to go.And when you’re mixing it in, you’re alternating
the wet and the dry too.So you’re not just mixing your flour in making
it really tight and then loosening it withthe milk because the protein development would
have already happened.Thank you so much.It was so great to see you.That’s the last time we have question for
today.So we’ll see you on Wednesday.Thank you so much.I’mso excited.Yes, we’re going to do cupcakes with the same
batter on Wednesday.I can’t wait to show you our famous buttercream.And thank you everyone for inviting the Girl
Scout Network into your homes.We’ll be hosting a wide variety of campfire
chats, so be sure to stay up to date withour offerings on Girl slash campfire chats.tune in on Wednesday when Sonam will teach
us how to decorate the cakes.We learned To make today you won’t want to
miss it.In the meantime, you can support Girl Scouts
with cookie care, which allows you to buyboxes online and have them shipped safely
to your home or donate them directly to firstresponders on the front line of COVID-19.Your generosity will also help support the
1.7 million Girl Scouts depending on the cookieprogram to fund life changing girl lead programs.The link has been posted in the chat log and
will also be available and included in thefollow up email for today’s event.Thank you for joining us and we look forward
to welcoming you back for our next event.Transcribed by

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