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How to bake Cookies at home and under 15 mins

Hi guys, take a look at my video on how to bake delicious cookies from scratch!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome to Katie’s bits and bobsor should we say welcome to food Fridaywe’ve decided that every Friday we’vegot a post a recipe that we really liketo do at home and this week is chocolatechip cookies well I made chocolate chipcookies what did you make Lucas pawschocolate chip you do sprinkles andchocolate chip cookies so come along andjoin us don’t help us make them heylet’s get started okay so I’ve alreadyadded my ingredients and mix them alltogether so what I used was two cups ofmelted butter and then I had two cupsbrown sugar 2 cups granulated sugar Iused some eggs 1 tablespoon of vanillaextract now it says that in the recipe Ididn’t have it so I’ve had to leave itout and then I had 5 cups all-purposeflour 2 teaspoons of baking powder and 4cups of chocolate chips now I had somechocolate that was left over in ourfridge so I just chopped that up intolittle cubes like this and then I justmixed it all together so your doughshould look something like thatso what I’m going to do now is I’m goingto pull it up I’m gonna put it on mybaking tray and then I’m gonna put themin the oven now all depending on how bigyou like your cookies you make that thesize of your bowl so if you like biggercookies then obviously your balls aregoing to be bigger if you like morelittle dainty ones and then you’re gonnahave small little dainty ones so we’re aby trade and then we can start puttingthem on now I already have my oven on soit’s set at about 180 now in the recipeit says it takes about 12 minutes tocook but keep an eye on themquite easily so I’m gonna have regularsized balls I think I’m just gonna putthem out onto my bacon shrimp flattenthem out slightly now I’m gonna givethem space because as they cook they’regonna spread out and then we don’t wantit’s just to be one massive sheet ofcookie I mean you might want to do thatwho knows yeah so it’s a really simpleand easy dough to make if you don’t havethe ingredients at home I know that alot of supermarkets actually doready-made ones so you could just usethat instead much y’all might just leaveit as three so they have enough space tocook I’m just going to flatten them outa little now I haven’t done cookiesbefore so this is an experiment youcould have chocolate chips you can justuse white chocolate you could usesprinkles if you don’t have chocolateanything you want to add go for itit’s your recipe you can add whateveryou like so here’s our six cookies so Igot out of that mixture I’m now going topop them into the oven for 12 minutesI’m going to keep an eye on them so I’mgoing to set the timer and then I’ll letyou know what they look like when theycome out[Music]okay guys so after 12 minutes the alarmwent off but actually the cookiesweren’t done quite yet so I left them infor a couple more minutes and I’ve justtaken them out let them cool slightlyand here they oh my goodness I can’tactually wait to eat them okay so as youcan see they’re nice and golden they’recooked on the bottom as well there’sstill a little bit warm so let’s justbreak one open we’ll have a look andthere you go see if the chocolate ismelted it looks so yummy guys it wassuper easy to make give it a go let meknow how they turn out and enjoy themI’m gonna be enjoying mine with a cup ofteam right now bye guys

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