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Fake Butter Cookies

Im Aarush Prajosh, a 10 year old foodie-cum-cook who likes to explore different cuisines and recreate them. Travel with me when i take my baby teps to the foodworld.

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to either put it whereshe didn’t resent mebig butter cookies so the first thing weneed to make the fake butter cookies isto cut out of this onesecond ingredient there’s a halfteaspoon of baking soda on a powdercolor different a pinch of salt over oneand a half cups of powder to finallypowdered sugar and three-foot cup ofvegetable oil cocoa so now I see all thedry ingredients are flour all-purposeflour and pinches a pinch of salt andbaking soda I’m gonna whisk themtogether today mix find me so now I willwhisk it 5 mins now we will have had thewedding video which is all but little bylittle and I added that should be enoughnow I’m gonna take a fork and whisk ittill it becomes a tumbling doll at thetime still got now that the dough isready it might look a little ugly butthat’s what you mean she takes me downso no too much yeah and you just use onehand did you like that to make its rollit won’t so now that I made all theballs I put on the oven for 15 minutesin 180 degree Celsius because possiblydissolve our cookies are ready it tookabout 15 to 18 minutes for it to bake tosee if it’s ready will be a little crapsiqc that’s I’m more than ready to slapyou can eat those finished of all now orI can store my entityI’m save them for later thanks forwatching me make all the cookies likeshare and subscribe and please follow meon Instagram for new updates and newrecipes bye

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