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Easy To Make Cookies || Lockdown Baking | #StaySafe #StayHome

Since the Coronavirus lockdown, I have learned the art of making the easy and few ingredients cookie dough recipe. It’s now my go-to recipe for my sweet tooth, as well as for my kid and husband. I’m no expert in baking, so I guess people can relate to me. You can try it and modify it to your liking.

Hopefully you guys can make them too!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

today I’m gonna show you how I make mycookie dough just the easiest coquito todo because you’re just gonna need someingredients that are already in yourpantry not so much butterno eggs flour and few more ingredientsand I’m gonna make this with my son Zackto show you how easy it is[Music]for now you can see it’s like it’s drybut as we mix it it’s gonna go togetherokay so how’s our cookie dough it’salmost it’s getting bettergood job good jobwe have some these are dark chocolatechipsthese are milk chocolatesthen we mix it again mix it mix it mixit mix it yeah exactlylet’s see if I can turn it into a doughmake small balls a tablespoon of thewalls meet the heart and then this smallballs I can put Nutella insidebaseball’s make sure your hands arecleandid you wash your hands yes you knowwash out would be okay but I have towash them something after you afterdoing thisokay we’re done I’m gonna put it in thefridge okay okay nice nice though fromthat okay sit downevery I’m gonna get the cookie they’realways ready okaywe prepared this long time ago there andthen we’re gonna put the the frozencookies cookie goes there okay get somecookies look at those just with him thiswayit’s a cookies give them apart from eachother like this okay and then we’regonna bake them see you laterI could have put that I’m gonna open andcook it in ten minutesthank youpre-heat the oven and then cook it for10 or maybe 11 minutes because it’sstill frozenyouwhoo yeah you want some cookie come ontry the cookie yep get the one get thefirst one yeah let me seeit’s good Houston you tell the insidehave you tried the Nutella yeah and howabout the M&Msokay oh yeah let me see the Nutellathere it is[Music]you[Music]

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