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My Birthday Vlog: Part 3 (Making Sugar Cookies)


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

guys we’re back with the third or finalpart of my birthday vlog and we’re gonnabe making cookies so yeah let’s get intoit I wash my hands – yeahoh all right[Music]before we’re gonna put another hat looksdisgusting[Music]really don’t wash your hands put yourfinger up to you you never put yourfinger up to your face I’m really not[Applause][Applause]it really kind of just smash thingstogether fold it over kind of like howyou do with the Chuckle me that’s smallthings and just to make sure that theymake sugar cookies yep and we actuallygot the icing and the sprinkles righthere so are you ready for your son torecord everything that you do hmmyou write for your son to recordeverything that you do yeahthat said no he’s not ready for EllisHelena on backwards oh don’t you guystell me not to do stuff that I then yougot that I wouldn’t if I was a few thatwe’re right there next to me so right nookay so here’s the consistency of thecookie dough that we have now eat almostalmost completely mixed inneeds a sugar cookie so if you this ifyou wanted to have stuff to it thiswould be a good time to like if you wantthe chocolate chips or some mats orsomething you’re not going that weshould have watch off the chips sugarcookieyep we can also put some cinnamon in italright alright so in order to put theballs okay that way you don’t getsticking out all over your even thoughthat could be the fun part so in onepart is that this stuff onto it theicing is okay so what you will do istake like a pitch like about thatthat’d be well yeah yeah roll it upsometimes you just drop them oh you knowI mean just but you’re neat kind of liketo me I think I will stuff up very clearthey’ve got an inch apart so when theyspread out about an inch bigger to me Ican roll them up into the wall cuz I dopretty quicklyprobably get four in a row yeah[Music]make sure your followers don’t want tosee this whole process so let’s speed itup a little bit make it fast forward ifthey want to I really don’t know weshould be able to make make about 12 Idon’t know my name batch I don’t reallyknow how to edit that type of stuffI know make it go fast forward to figurethat outyeah see ya my custody one about 12cookies mix about one back okay and thenthe next batch will be complete the nextbatch will probably be a bit smaller butjust a good exit anymore and oven waspreheated 350 we’re gonna put little inthere for about 10 minutes about 10minutes sit there and watch that reallyyep I’ll figure it I’ll figure out a wayto edit and put it togetherthis is gonna be video that I edit soyeah we will be back and we’re gonnawe’re gonna ice and sprinkle thesecookies one day them is goneso I guessperfect perfectall right you know no I got it all right[Music]all rightdamn this is so hard to get outthis is orchids that happy birthday alot of artists not ink I’ll check themallokay here we have your mom a little bitbigger hole in this thing yeah McArdlecan you fix that chip fan so it’s not sohard to do all of that here what youneed to do is not trying to go off fancyknow whatever but you shouldwe leave some on ice so if I wantsomeone to listenalright we’ll leave that laughter ohnice three my battery’s low sirhurry up speed mm-hmm perfect and thoselast four can be nice all right yesall right Josh and that looks good we’regonna need a disaster for a nice cuz weiced those to sprinkle them so againit’s gonna do it guys that’s it for mybirthday vlog subscribe turn my postnotifications hit like button saygoodbye to the family alright and I’mgonna see you guys tomorrow happybirthday to me peace

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