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Attempting To Make Christmas Cookies

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Video Transcription

all right so I’m making Christmascookies I haven’t done this in a verylong time so it’s kind of new to me butI’m getting ready to make some and I’vealready preheated the oven it’s actuallypreheating now to 350 Corinne to theback of thisI grabbed the knees and on the back ofit it says I’m going to need flour tillI can roll it out and make this haven’tdone this in a whileyour firstokay this is different me[Music][Music]all right so the cookie fighters aregoing to use our DS oh yeah fine I’m atWalmart todayoh I’m not entirely sure what this oneis at the momentI think that’s the sleigh think – ahundred percent sure possibly aChristmas ring maybe we might be able totell their Christmas wreath pretty surethat’s the sleighthat’s a snow snowflake a Mintonorg or stocking gingerbread man don’tknow that is you need a Christmaspresent candy cane as obviously a bellso right now you’re doing the rest ofthese I don’t know where these otherfour are so[Music]coordination what’s in here this issupposed to be a reindeer okayokay apparently one of these things inhere supposed to be a Holly I don’t knowwhat that isI’m not sure yet with this witness thismight be the Santa hat not entirely sureI had not Don cookie like cookie cuttersand bacon cookies like this and foreverso I feel like it’s all new to me nailswell this is obviously the Christmasornament because it actually looks likeone a little bit like an angel on thisone maybe literally have no clue whatthis is I will figure it out laterso so head is just try to start onethere’s rolling it out[Music][Music]okay we’ll see how this goesso I guess I’ll start where’d he go[Music]there’s supposed to be a tree in thismix don’t see the tree Sutter no wonderif that piece is missing yeah I thinkthere is awesome that would explain somethingsall right fine then I’ll do a candy cane[Music]okay flower anywhere knock easy[Music][Music]okay the gingerbread man so through himnexttrying not to throw things as I do thisyou just gotta give me time to figurethis out cuz I I feel very brand new tothis whole thing I just really wanted totry it this year see how it works okayand that is the sound of the ovenwho was that yes well that was the soundof the oven being done preheating itselfno melook and startokay love you doing making cigarettescame up half then[Music][Music]be very stubborn[Music]okay enough with that cookie sheet now Iget to put it in and see happy with itsafe for 8 to 11 minutes up there righthere and that is my first batch sogoodbye to you later for the icing maybe

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