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How to make elf cookies part 1

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Video Transcription

okay come on dude time to make somecookies okay one second we have threethe directions first all right okay whatdo we put that on pleasewait up for the Gipper you switch it andyes if it what degree do we put it onthat’s great yeah get down from theexactly that’s my really directionsfirst don’t forget show the camera okayso we have to heat it to 350 degrees WowWow that’s a really big number okay sonow we have to wait the oven to do thatlike you said and we can open these[Music]put it over one and just put it on thehill take care and soon then make sureyou space them out good enough these you like my tasks each other theywon’t like they won’t like get downdon’t let my science okay that’s enoughthat’s enough they’re good we’re gonnahave to do it two times because I don’twant to get mixed in together but thisone’s gonna be public um I don’t careokay all right and then when this one isdone we’ll make another batch okay okayokay now oh wait you have to wait for itto get hot and then once the main guitarwho’s been in thereonly one up so much gets it okay so nowwe just wait okay but it does kind ofcountry in the era or uh please repeatover therefore I see her yeah I didn’tsee her eyes you can use this bill noorder the water as y’all can see[Music][Music][Music]comment down below if this has camerasinside of it just like the rainbow therestuff yeah he wants y’all to call mecomment on the wall or this and we’llsee y’all next timecome on

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