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Make Wookie Cookies with Me for Christmas! Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

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Wookie Cookies: Happy Star Wars Day!

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Video Transcription

would you like to try a wookie cookiethey’re really good they’re just alittle too chewy though hi everyonewelcome back to my channel if you’re newyou’re welcome I’m dr. Christy and rightnow we are currently on the planet ofBasu in galaxy’s edge at Hollywoodstudios in Disney World and actuallyit’s just a green screen and it’s aphoto that I took when we were thererecently a couple days ago in DisneyWorld a few months ago my family and Imoved to Florida and we became distantpast owners and we’re huge Disney fansbut we’re especially huge fans of StarWars and so we were super excited whengalaxies that opened and recently at thenew ride rises of rice of the resistanceopened up to we didn’t even write it yetwe were actually there a couple daysafter it open but they were having someproblems with the ride so hopefully overthe next months we’re gonna go backthere and actually get to ride it andcheck it out since this is the month ofDecember and the holidays are near andthe rise of Skywalker movie is comingout and we’re huge Star Wars fans Ithought I would do a fun sharing of onemy Christmas cookies and sometimes Imake gingerbread cookies but especiallysince this year since we’re lovingDisney I share my recipe for immortalcookies with you and I actually foundthis recipe on Pinterest and I willactually link the recipe below and Ithought it was really cute and reallyfun to make and by no means and I a youknow trained chef or baker so you knowthey’re good enough for baby but I hadso much fun making them and I hope youenjoy the video and watching me makethese cookiesI’ll leave a link in my description boxto the recipe that I found on Pinterestfor these cookies but first we startwith a stick of butter softened[Music]and then the next thing I’m going to dois add 3/4 of a cup of sugar to this[Music]and then I’m adding two tablespoons ofcornstarch oh sorrythat looks like two teaspoons like Isaid I’ll leave a link to the recipethat I used the next thing I’m adding isabout a teaspoon of vanilla and ifanyone’s interested I actually made thatvanilla I did it one year for Christmasand I made like this huge batch ofvanilla extract it was really fun andeasy to do if anyone’s interested Iwould be happy to do a video on how youdo that[Music]then what I’m going to do is mix allthat together so I’m creaming the butterand the sugar and the vanilla togetherand while that’s mixing I’m going to addall of the dry ingredients in a bowl[Music]so I’m having two cups of flour to thebowl[Music]I was fine looking at a mixer justmesmerizing to me I can just stare at itand it’s a there’s some weird reasonsit’s relaxing to me so the next thingI’m adding is a tablespoon of instantcoffee[Music]and then I believe I’m adding a half acup of cocoa powder[Music]Oh whoops that was the cornstarch Ithink the other thing was two teaspoonsof baking powder and then this is twotablespoons of cornstarch[Music]then they realized that I was supposedto add a tablespoon of cooking oil tothe butter and the sugar so I did thatthen it all worked out I and then Iadded an egg after that too and justcontinue to mix that they mixed up allof the dry ingredients so that I can getready to put them in the mixer[Music]they put them a little bit at a time andyou’ll see here I accidentally hit ittoo hard and so all of the ingredientswent flying everywhere who’s done thatraised their hand and they eventuallyjust cleaned everything up at it it allcombined it mixed it and so it was likea dough consistency and it looked like abig ball of just chocolateit is separated it in two balls andinstead of flour to roll the cookies outit actually suggested to use cocoapowder and it was nice but Wow where myhands really dark brown from the cocoalater on it came right off but I thinkthat worked really well I think if youused the flour it would have changed thecolor of the cookies then you roll thedough out to about an eighth of an inchthick and I have to say it wasn’t theeasiest dough to work with but once Ihad like a good system going I waspretty good and I had a few differentsizes of gingerbread men cookies and sothen what I did was I just startedcutting out my cookies[Music]this parts pretty simple and you can seeI used a little one too so I have somebaby to chewy cookies and I have somebigger Chewbacca cookies too and thenwhat I did was I took a little spatulabecause like I said the Jo wasn’t thickeasiest to work with but it did come upnicely with a spatula and then Itransferred it to our baking pan and itkept doing that until I had all mycookies done you could see I have mylittle chewy cookies and then I have thebig chewy cookies and I took a fork andyou just kind of like scrape it down thefront at the top of your cookie to makeit look like fur this was actuallyreally fun[Music]and it really did look like Chewbaccawith her but when you took this stuff it going I noticed when I uselonger strokes it actually look betterit looked more like fur then I fakedthem for eight minutes I was surprisedhow short they had to bake and I’m coolfor a few minutes and then transfer themto the counter and then I starteddecorating them and you’ll see here likeI had somewhat of a fail I use thisblack piping which was great for theblack and I made his little I don’t knowwhat his cogs and sash that went acrosshimand then I made his eyes and then alittle nose with the black fall so andthe nose you make a little bit like moreoval-shaped I found that when it wasmore horrible shape it looked more likeChewieI tried you see there with the white butthe white piping I had was thicker thanthe black and it was kind of a fail withChewy’s mouth so I decided just to skipdoing his mouth and leaving him withoutthat so I went with all of the blackpiping and then just got all that donefirst to let it dryafter I got all of the black piping donethe eyes and the little sash I went backon with the white and I added somelittle dots on his little sash and thenI just left his mouth I decided just tothat you didn’t have a mouthyou’ll see in the end here I thoughtthey is two more pretty cuteand again I’m not a chef of a baker butthey were really fun to make and you cansee the little white dots I add it onthere came out really cute and that’s itI hope you liked the recipe so that’s itfor today’s video I hope you enjoyedmaking mochi cookies with me today anddon’t really do like and subscribe belowand if you like to see other contentfrom me general my other videos and alsocheck out my blog at the self-confidenceprogress com I’m dr. Christy and I’llsee you next time bye bye

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