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Attempting to Bake Cookies

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hi guys welcome back to our channel i’myeraand i’m jenny and today we’re going tobe baking cookies and we’re going to bemaking chocolate chip cookiesand this is our first time yeahfrom like scratch or whatever yeah i’veactually never even made chickeni’ll make some like the i think i madeit like twicebecause they never come off let’s juststart with crackerswait how many three fourthsokay three fourths okay so so we’regonna put threeokay so first what we have to do isapparently cut three right yeahgranulated sugar i don’t know wait youhold it because i’m gonna drop thisso we have to put three of these becausethis is one stopmy mom beats youyeah i’ll blame it on youput a littleokay we weren’t supposed to put theflour firstno it was supposed to be the sugarsso now we’re gonna put three fourths ofthe brown sugar right yeahso why did i smell it it doesn’t feellike anythingit’s so small thoughit looks pretty it looks exciting yeahjust it smellsgood makes me laugh that does not smellgoodokay so we got the sugars in there okayokay so you have to miss misk it’s thisand it says to addum half a cup of butter or basically awholelike um bar thingy we already waterbutterawesome and we already melted it sohot onto that why are you putting itjust put it all inokay so we’re gonna put the one cup orno half a cupor one stick of butter but it wasn’t onestickone stick that’s a lot yeah that’s whati said butthat’s what i said but i’m saying it’s alot oh yeah[Music]you could never yeahwhat was it about oh yeah you nevervisit me no more your mom goesto my grammys every day you don’t evengohow much you love you don’t even govisit me you know dumb oh i have nothingelse to dodude you’re the only one that visits meand what do you do literallynow now all i’ve been doing is i sleep alot well then wake upwhat if i want to well open your eyes[Laughter]so now[Music]videos and i need a boyfriend for thatand obviously just no i’m not gonnasay we’re gonna put it in okay and ineed a boyfriend for that okayokay basically um i need a boyfriend forthat like to get married and obviously idon’t have oneand i want to have a boyfriend like foryears before i get married in honesty iwas trying to get married at a young agebut now that i think about it i waslooking at these videos and it’s likeof people like that travel like likethey’re young and they travel whateverand they find like theyou know and i was like oh you knowmight do that teaspoon of baked bruh ikeep throwing the spoons and we keepneeding a teaspoonoh my god now we need a teaspoon ofbaking sodaand play these games okayput the air is up therethat’s so much flour i know this isit’s a it’s going to make 40 cookiesbut i think that’s like for littlecookies or something because ain’tnobodyyou got to put four of those i know howto measure[Laughter]that’s one cup and a halfand then okay math teacher two cupsappearance this is lucky a lot alreadyyeah and then we still need one fourthwhat does that mean tell me ohwe’re gonna have the amount of chocolatechips it says no that’sa lot of chocolate it looks like thatbut we’re gonna need it becauseobviously i think i’m pretty sure youhave to so we’re gonna we have thesethen we have these clear things so don’tsay we’re putting down somethingdirty and we’re gonna put flour in hereso they don’t sticklet me put some right herethen cut a little bit at a timeoh my god it’s not like there’s so muchyou gotta be fast for this but obviouslymy friends who saidlike because someone’s sticky enoughbecause your hands have toall right that’s common[Laughter]this why is yours not looking stickybecause umduh i’m a pro that’s my bro stop playingwith mewhy are your hands not dirty because i’mgetting flourso am i yeah let me just show you thisbecauseguys look at my how mine’s looking andlook at my hands smash freaking look athershout out this is what a real baker’shands look likeso show him shalom who was let’s putthingies on itokay so right now chocolate chips we’renot we’re not measuring that becausebecause um it said like two cups andsomething that’s a lot ofchocolate chips so we don’t want to putthem these are the semithe mini chocolateyou wash your hands i swear wait what isthatchocolate why is it so sticky it’sbecause you’re not a pro like me like achocolate ohyou need it i don’t know what it’s likemine’s donei think mine’s done because if i addmore flour it’s going to come out on mysoupi think i need to put more chocolatechips do you want to record me doingthisis mine good yeah yeah do you want torecord me putting the chocolate chips iguess[Music]ohtvyeah put this one more if he’s gonna hitthe edgethen i’ll just put over here might aswell okay see thatwipe me up i think i’ll just watchyou’re gonna do it in the circle and ohmy godall right we’re gonna see what it isright now dude since you’re doing thatcan i like use it tooyeah but like because i want to put youin my handsyou’re going to have to to shape allcause like that they’re going to comeouta little something this is a little toobigwhy are you acting like you can’t touchhim no i just don’t want to touch itbecause i don’t want to goyou’re never gonna fitdude your cookies look at how yours areyeah i’ll do it right now hold on let mejust like go like thatand then i’ll circle the shape then orwhateveryou can go nowhere like what are wegonna dobeen coming to her house hollow alreadyand it’s not it’s out of the usualbecause i nevergo to people’s houses i always want tohurt my grandma’s and then i’ll just goto her because my grandma and her livein the samelake apartments yeahboys because i kind of come i’m veryin the ovenokay guys so we’re done with the dude ifeel like i’m your i’m trying to copyyouoh my god just stop bro here it’s avideogo okay no with my hair don’t stopi’m gonna chop it out why are you gonnabe cupping me i don’t knowbecause look i now have black hairthey’re literally nigh and i know let’sdo it okayliterally okay okay guys so our cookiesare done andyeah this is what they look like theycame out really fluffythey came out kind of screw those theycame out they came outdecent yeah for our first time making itand then these they got a little stuckwell yeah i forgot that’s why they lookall kind of rusty because we did themfromscratch and then let’s try one i’m gonnatry this tiny one i’m gonna try this onedid you move thisthis pretty they don’t even carewow let’s try it taste test nooh we are[Music]no i told her i was like you want himlike kind of softershe said she wanted them hardersay that this is a soft cookielike the really soft ones are not goodyeah they areno they’re not i like soft cooking stickbut the middle is good they’re goodthe only hard one is in the insideis that the right time we have a lot oftime to spendand let’s have some bonding timefoodthey’re good they’re all rightthey’re goodoh let’s tell the story about the ovenoh yeah[Music]my oven almost my oven are burned downabout to wait today you should record itthere’s all the smoke coming out youknow how we were saying oh what imaginewe’re going our house we’re gonna drinkit almostright okay guys so that’s gonna be theend of ourvideo um yeah i hope you guys enjoyed itmake sureto like and subscribe andleo with

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