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How to bake Chocolate Chip Cookies by Audrey

Sharing our recipe of one of our best-sellers in Autumn’s Sweet Treats!

This is an all-time favorite of those who have Sweet Tooth! And I mean, of all ages! 😉 The Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies!

An easy recipe that even beginners and kids can actually do 😉 Just like our sweet baby, Audrey in this video 🙂

If you want to know the exact measurements of the recipe, comment down below and we’ll send you! 🙂

If you want more baking videos and easy recipes in the future, do let us know and we’ll be happy to do more! 😀

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel andtoday I’m gonna be baking and before westart the video I’m make her to followus on and second so let’s get going[Music]and today we’re going to be bakingchocolate chip cookies and my mom’sgonna be and chucked in me in thebackground what am I gonna dookay so what are you thinking okay whatat first what do you need you needbutter I already put the butter in hereso you won’t have a messy hand and thenalso doing that things and my mom isgonna be putting the cookies in the ovenokay so first you will need butter andthen you will need white sugar and brownsugar and egg one egg and vanillaextract you will also need what elseflour baking soda salt and of coursewhat is missingchocolate chocolate chips okay so firstoff you have to put the butter and themixing bowl we already put it there nextyou put the sugars so put the sugars yesput both sugars in the mixing bowl andthe big one individual this one boththere mix it there put it there all ofit no you just need this huh just puteverything in there Andy yes all of itthat’s the white sugar WowOh next a brown sugar Evian justmix the sugars together with that butterand here is the mixing whiskyou will need the risk okay let’s mix itup mix it up mix mix mix mixsince appellant said maril he said mixit well so you could skip on mixingthere you gomix it well suppose in do it mix itthoroughlythen you have to do separately add eggsand then you have to forego a teaspoonof vanilla extract 1 teaspoon of vanillaextractwell full of full full of the spoon okayand then mix them all together again youenjoy having a great time yes you’reright Mickey yeah and this is my mixthem all together mix the world yesI prefer gonna mix in da flour you willneed 2 and 1/4 cups so that’s the winefor it we’re gonna put the little bit ofput one in one for its first so it canmix it easy okay so how do you have totalk 5 scopes because this is why for acouplethree four yes last time rascal thatwould be why in 140 we’re gonna we’regonna mix in one more copy later okay isthat five scoops yes so this is one onenext we’re gonna we’re gonna mix in ateaspoon of baking sodayeah okay that’s half teaspoons over anda half these coops and and next we’regonna put in 1/2 teaspoon of so yes afew guys you thought salt and sugar whatthis is that it’s actually not thank yousorry careful not to interchange them orelse your cookie will be salty this topis my catch yeah it’s not yeah it’srough like yeah okay so mix them alltogether againokay afterwards we’re going to fold itboth in another school guys it looks sogood yeah oops careful in mixing okayI’ll help you outneither I’ll mix it for youokay so once the mixture is alreadyblended well we’re gonna pull in onemore cup of flour flour by folding itmeans you will use a spatula okay thebun in the Glee noodles so I hand youfour more scoops I’m fineflour which is good for will end upthis is 1/4 cup so it will be 4 and I’mgonna get one up ok ok do and Countythree and less yesmake sure to count boy you accidentallyput con-5ok so make sure to be can say oh ok sofold in – ok fold in the flour there theelectrical chip cookiesyeah ok is that your favorite flavor Nowell then I guess next time we’ll makelemon cookies yeah okhand me the by folding it means hope momdoesn’t wanna show hold the mixing bowlbabyok all right about folding it means youfoldsorry hold mix and fold mix mom yeahit’s okmix and fold sorry I’m alerting chimerathe same thing mix and hold and they’lldo it until it’s incorporated ok shallwe Brendon fatherI’m chocolate here’s the best partonce the the batter is all mixed upreally well why will you will fold in umwith a chip cookies in white yeah we’regonna use white chocolate chip pleaseJessica and semi-sweet chocolate chipyeah becauseblend okay so put them out toss thempass them out there your batter do I getthis no just toss them in and thenforget okay no you’re gonna okay makesure your hands are clean Cody and saywash my handsokay guys first all the top okay becareful be careful I’m not to want tomake sure that your area where you willbe it’s clean is good Ian okayand one job the one chocolate I juststarted out there so that you won’t dropin anymoremix mix be careful and mixing be carefulbe careful okay how do you fold how doyou fold your butter there scoop thenfold scoop and fold school Oh scoop andfood okay don’t forget to address up andfollow us and follow us in Instagramit’s the bestest dot Khe underscore byScoresby F cos okay where you’re sureyour batter should look something likethisall the chocolate chips should be wellincorporated in the batter and then youshould be using it’s advisable to use asong I was this tablespoon or a scoopwith one scoop so that you can havecookie with similar sizes okay and thenI can you even use a baking pan the bigfan cookie pan with was this bakingpaper making paint fight because goodit’s very safe so just do this becauseif you don’t it today it’s not a goodidea but it’s better the baking Ivybatter andbetter oily lean yes if you don’t do itthis will get a little tidy yesand make sure to preheat your oven priorto putting your cookie inside okay soall you have to do is scoop take a panout we can yeah set that aside and thenschool and then put it here andbasically guys it’s my first time doingcookies do do this yeah make sure youaround them really good so that thecookie will turn out beautifully cookielike not will and just or something it’sa yes yeah sure and make sure you willtake it out yeah slowly slowly slowlyjust go fit this way just slowly slowlyand then when it’s around like thisyou’re a big boy no it’s okay just putit in your address yeah yes you can’tyou don’t really need to flatten them itwill flatten all by themselves and thenmake sure you willOh show you later attic in hat you haveto put them all in certain spaces sothat what they won’t be baked like thatupper something okay are you having agreat day yeah are you enjoying yeah momare you excited to eat their cookiesyeah are you going to share them yeahI’m gonna share them with my sister jetokay so just do it all in your preparedpanI can’t do it the only one they makesure you have chocolate chips insideyour school scoop batter so let’s makeit has chocolate chips yeah but if youdon’t put it like why is it only tasteslike chocolate okay here’s what we’retelling you yes there you will put thisone oh we heat it over no you’re theoven is really hot here’s our oven okayso it’s really hard no it’s really hardwait up I’ll just okay I usually makethis 100 degree Celsius for 10 to 15minutes so it’s actually depends on youif you can adjust the time of baking ifyou want the chewy or crunchy wire andthen wait okay in that all wait and thenAudrey will make the rest of the cookiebatch so go back there and scoop somemore so we can replace the tree and Ican have more cookies done okay allright okay okay and I’m gonnamake sure to school about the same sizesI don’t get it out look at her nailsjust work these pink nails pink nailswith glitters there they got my feet butmy hands my mommy got it and I thinkthis is silver glitter but my mom usinggoldalright so are there you’re looking youwith this and then I will show you thefinished virtually baked cookies in ashort while see how they tasteyeah I wasn’t sure do it this that as ifshe never it isn’t one of a few guyswanna comment is I knew big cookies thenwe’ll say if I can’t go to a house Ohhahaha yes because our Nichkhun wasArthur in our home based business whichis what is the name of our business wewe bake cookies and so much more so muchmore fun and bacon yes and what was thename of our business they can look upOtto I’m three three yearsI don’t sue it keeps and my name isArtem Archie Baska so it’s named afteryou so again look up look us up inInstagram pagelook we’re up in fifth roots and we’llwe we make freshly baked goods andbehind every order it doesn’t look likea cycle doesn’t this absolutely the sameingredients the same way we you do aretaller chip cookies and it’s actuallyone of the favorites of kids of all agesand even of the adults is that crack sohere’s a finished product for face thefinish Pianaget severe your management there’s a bigfreshly baked cookiesyummy yummy oh man you bet night okaymmm okay say goodbye goodbye chase thankyou guys for watching my video thank youguys for watching my video make sure toLIKE and smash that like button and staya happy day always stay happy guys letus know in the comments section if youtry to bake the cookies just knowbecause we want to know of cupcake andcake knuckle so yummy next I will dothat okay[Music]

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