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How To Make Soft Iced Cookies

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Video Transcription

hi I’m welcome back to my channel mr.shank if you hear it that’s me my nameis May and today I’m gonna show you howto make those impossibly soft loft housecookies you know the kind that you getfrom the grocery store that are reallysoft overly packaged have a lot offrosting and sprinkles on top those guysI finally cracked the recipe on that I’mgonna share that with you today so thesecookies come together basically like allother cookies it’s really just aboutwhat you’re using in them so this justhas butter I use the dairy free base Land sugar and an egg and then I’m gonnaadd the extracts you really want to addboth the vanilla extract and just apinch just an eighth of a teaspoon ofthe almond extract because it reallygives it that like Lofthouse flavor andthen instead of adding sour cream Ialmost always sub Greek yogurt for sourcream I just prefer the taste of it andthen you get like a little extra proteinnot that these cookies are for thehealth-conscious obviously okay so thisis where the magic really happens Ithink in sifting all these dryingredients together there’s flour butalso cornstarch baking powder and bakingsoda and cream of tartar I’m not sure ifit’s cornstarch or the cream of tartarthat kind of makes it but they’re bothimportant and I like I sift them allwhen I put them in but then I spend sometime sifting it all together it’s hardto see but it is a really light and airyas it comes out and I’m sure that that’spart of what makes it so soft as wellthen just like a typical cookie you addthe dry to the wet slowly until it’smixed together and in this case we’regonna pop it in the fridge for an hour Ireally love this paddle that like hasthe spatula thing on the side of itbecause it cuts down on having to stopit and scrape it all down you still haveto but not as often I just cover themlike this and then I pop them in thefridge for about an hour so still prettysoft as you can pass see it’s been inthe fridge for about an hour and 20minutes or so we’re going to take halfof this dough put the other half back inthe fridge and then just work with halfof ittime so I’m keeping the bowl out andthen I’m putting this in the fridge andI’ll just leave it in there as I workwith the other half so that my preparedbaking sheets I just lined withparchment paper and my table spoon mycoffee of course and the dough andyou’re just working with one tablespoonworth of dough at a time and you want toplop them about two inches apart andthen I’ll show you I’m gonna use thebottom of a glass to smush them downthey’re kind of haphazard right now I’llshow you how I do it and I feel before Iput them in the oven and just for therecord that’s how much is left fromabout half sort of flatten these guysout with the bottom of a glass you’regonna want to make sure that it has someflour on it so they don’t stick so thesebake at 350 for about ten minutes butyou really don’t want to check on thembecause it might be a little more or alittle less depending on your oven youdon’t want them to like turn brown justlightly golden okay first back justcooling over there and I’m gonna get thesecond batch happening now then I’llstart the frostingI’m using a ramp condition instead of acute glass to push these down this timebecause these ones made a pattern that Idon’t hate it but I think it’d be betterif I didn’t have that like it sets up alittle bit better than the buttercreamso I’ve creamed butter and vanilla I’mgonna add in my icing sugar slowly andthat I’m gonna add in some cashew milkif you do dairy you can use heavy creambut if you don’t do dairy then cashewmilk does the trick and then of coursewhatever like food coloring you want toadd how much liquid versus how muchconfectioner sugar you add in here is upto the consistency that you want like ifyou want to be really thick heavy on theconfectioner sugar or light on theliquid if you want it to be creamierobviously more liquid too much liquid istoo creamy and you want to like a whipit but feel like this is maybe perfectmaybe even a little bit on the thin sideI say that it’s dance that praised itbut I need it to be stiff I want it todry I have to transport these I haveadded two tablespoons of the creamycashew unsweetened cashew milk andthat’s enough now I’m going to go aheadand tint it two things to note here oneremember that when you add your foodcoloring that counts as a liquid so youmight want to let I just did add anothertablespoon or two of your confectionersugar and thing to this Wilton colorright performance color system this isnot a sponsored videoI’m sure Wilton has no idea who I amhowever this color system is incredibleso it basically just gives you eightcolors and then you can mix themtogether it comes with a little sheetlike a chart that shows you how manydrops of what to mix with how many dropsof what to make the right colors yeahit’s pretty incredible I will absolutelylove this I love Wilton color as it isand sometimes I’ll buy just like the gelpots for very specific colors but thisis really fun to have on hand cos andyou can make up whatever colors you wantbut because it’s liquid you have to takethat into accountwhen you’re doing things like frostingthat it really depends how much liquidis going in there so just take them toaccount if you’re using liquid foodcoloring that countsokay this is literally a single drop andthis is exactly the color I’m going forbecause the stores color is a baby blueokay so now arguably the most fun partyou want to put the sprinkles on andwhatever decoration you’re putting onwild the frosting it’s still wetobviously you can Pat them down a littlebit with some parchment paper butthey’ll hold pretty well now if you’rein a hurry or you want them to drive soyou can take them with you with someTupperware you’re gonna want to put afan on them that’s my little hack soI’ll put them like this for about tenminutes and then I’ll turn the coolingrack around so that these guys get moreattention from the fan so even thoughthe dough needs to be refrigerated foran hour between and making it andactually baking the cookies they’rereally pretty simple cookies they followyou know standard cookie procedureand they’re so worth the effort I thinkand they’re so beautiful so when youbring them places like I’m bringing themalong to midnight tonightthey’re pretty impressive people usuallyget a kick out of them even though theydon’t really take it that long to makeso I hope you enjoyed this video asalways thank you guys so much forwatching if you like this video give ita thumbs up to show some support andplease let me know in the comments ifyou try this recipe because I do highlyrecommend it I really think it’s thecornstarch and the cream of tartar thatmake them so so so soft let me know ifyou try them or if you have a similarsoft cookie recipe that you use thatmaybe uses those ingredients tooI’m curious to see if that’s why theyare that way also if you’re new to thischannel and you like these kinds ofquick recipe videos or videos on coolsetting or weekly vlogs and things likethat subscribe to my channel for newvideos thanks guys bye

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  1. hi nice intro. thats a good update on yourself i like that you make banana bread. thanks for the receipe. awesome vlog

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