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4 Christmas Easy to make and Delicious Cookies 🍪🥛

It is Christmas Time and I’m ready to make some Christmas Cookies! But the holiday season can get crazy so I’m sharing with you my quick and easy Christmas cookies. And the best part is… they are delicious!

Hope you love these holiday treats as much as I do!


Holidays get a little crazy, so the more you can use your time wisely and make things ahead of time, the better.

The Andes Mint Cookies are the best cookies to make ahead of time, because they are delicious cold. If you plan to make them more than a week ahead of serving them we recommend storing them.

The best way to store and preserve them, is to put them in an airtight container, and put them in the freezer.

The day before serving them, we recommend removing them from the freezer and putting them on the counter, or in the fridge for 24 hours.

You could also reheat them in the oven a little bit, just to make them warm, but it will melt the chocolate a little bit.

Find the printable recipes here:

Super Soft Sugar Cookies:…

Andes Mint Cookies:…

Orange Creamsicle Cookies:…

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to sick sisterstuff today I’m sharing with you some ofmy most favorite Christmas cookies soI’m Kristen I am sister number two fromsick sister stuff calm and I loveChristmas time but I think one of mymost favorite things about the Christmasseason are the cookies now over at 6sister stuff calm we have hundreds andhundreds of cookie recipes but today onour YouTube channel I’m just gonna showyou some of my most favorite cookiesthat you can make perfect for theholiday season so sit down relax pull upto the fireplace grab a cup of hot cocoaand enjoy these delicious Christmascookies the first recipe I’m gonna makefor you is called super soft sugarcookies now to make them moreChristmassy you go ahead and add someChristmassy sprinkles all right let’sget started so first you’re gonna add3/4 cup of butter and 3/4 cup of sugarnow go ahead and blend that togetherreally wellonce that’s all blended and mixed swelltogether you’re going to add 2 eggs 3teaspoons of vanilla extract and thenmix it all together again once it’s wellcombined you’re gonna add 1/2 teaspoonof salt 2 and 1/4 teaspoon of bakingpowder and 2 and 1/4 cup of flournow this is the last time you have tomix it all together so once it’s allmixed and well combined you’re gonnacover it with plastic wrap and stick itin refrigerator to chill for about 30minutes now it’s time to roll the ballso let me show you just a little trickwhen you make sugar cookies now you canmake them with the cookie cutters that’sgreat but it’s really easy just to makethem involve and then you just pressthem down a little bit so they’ll becomplete circles now you’re gonna bakethese at 350 degrees for about 8 to 10minutes while they’re baking it’s timeto make the frosting when you start withtwo and a half cups powdered sugar 3tablespoons of butter that’s softenedand you’re gonna mix those together justthe best that you cannext you’re gonna add 3 tablespoons ofmilk and 1/2 tablespoon of vanillaextract now blend those very smoothlyand softly so you don’t get the powderedsugar everywhere and your frosting willbecome thick and delicious now the trickis not to melt your butter is to just tokeep it softened and that’s how you getthe buttercream texture then to decorateyou just add on your favorite sprinklesnow these are super soft and deliciousand they work with any holiday you justchange up the sprinkles but I lovemaking them for Christmas alright mynext cookie is called carrot cakecookies first you’re going to take onecup of Crisco now this individualpackaging is so nice because it doesn’tmake a huge mess so I prefer using thesethey are great then next I’m just gonnaadd one egg to my mixture and then afterthat just 3/4 cup of sugar then you’rejust gonna blend it together till it’snice and creamyall right that looks good okay we’regonna move this up just a little bit soI have some room and I have been cookingone cup of carrot so I’ve been boilingthem with water and a little bit of saltthen I drained the maturity of the waterand I’m just mashing them up you want itto be a nice texture I’m not quite likebaby food you want some chunks in thereso I’m just chopping it up kind of likealmost like sand chunky mashed potatoesonce you’re done mashing they have tocool completely before you add them toyour Crisco mixture my trick is I put ina few ice cubes mixed it around drainedit out and then it was all ready to gowhen I needed it once the carrots arecompletely cooled you just pour that inwith your Crisco mixture[Music]next you’re gonna add about a half ateaspoon of almond extract you can do afew drops but I love it cited about halfa teaspoon then one teaspoon of vanillaand you just kind of mix that around alittle bit until it’s combined thenyou’re just gonna add two cups of flourto your mixture and then just a littlebit of salt about half a teaspoon but Ikind of just eyeball it and you’re donewith your salt you just mix it alltogether it takes a little bit to get itgoing keep stirring it will become anice awesome cookie doughit really looks so good okay the secretwith these is you have to chill them forabout 40 minutes to an hour so then theyget a nice plump look to them now I liketo make these cookies just a little biton the smaller side so they’re likebite-sized then we’re going to bake themat 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes nowfrom my most favorite partit’s the frosting so we have onetablespoon of butter that’s roomtemperature juice from one orange orabout four tablespoons of orange juiceand then I just added um one cup at atime of my powdered sugar just becauseyou kind of it depends on what textureyou want your frosting I like mine thickinstead of really light like a glaze Ilike it thick and solid so I ended upusing about two and a half cups ofpowdered sugarand now for the fun part the frosting solet’s see how my frosting is prettythick you could make it a glaze if youwant to but I love thick frosting that’sprobably one of my most favorite foodsso then you’re just going to frost allthese little cookies it should makeabout sixty little cookies here is thefinal cookie my husband bow to them hisnew favorites now this one is one of ourmost popular recipes on our blog it’scalled Andes mint cookies so you haveone devil’s food cake two eggs and ahalf cup of oil now if you have kidsthis is one recipe that they can helpyou make now you’re gonna stir this alltogether until it becomes a thick doughonce your dough is ready you’re going togo ahead and just make little balls andput them on your cookie sheet and I tryand fit as many cookie dough balls onthere as I possibly can fit onto mycookie sheet so you’re gonna bake thoseat 350 degrees doop for six minutesfirst and just to see you don’t wantthem hardened you want them a little bitsoft now while they’re still really hotyou’re gonna add an a/d Andes mintcookie you’re gonna press it downjust a little bit so it can startmelting once it starts melting take aspoon and spread it around this is gonnabe your frosting for your cookie so youdon’t want huge cookies you want theseto be a little bit smaller but the Andesmint on top makes them taste sodelicious and now these will be a hugehit for your family and they only takefive ingredients to throw togetheralright my next cookie is called orangecreamsicle cookie now you’re gonna startby adding two and a half cups of flour3/4 teaspoon of baking soda and a halfteaspoon of salt and you’re gonna mixthat together a little bit and set itaside in another Bowl you’re gonna takeone cup of butter that’s softened andmix it up add a half cup of sugar 1/2cup of firmly packed brown sugar and mixit together until it’s well combinedon top of that you’re gonna add one egg1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and goahead and mix that together too withyour sugaronce that’s together go ahead and add inyour flour mixture and then just likewe’ve been doing mix itthat looks well combined now here’swhere it gets deliciousso you’re gonna add 2 tablespoons oforange zest and then throw in 2 cups ofwhite chocolate chips you’ll want to usewhite chocolate chips because it makesit taste so good well once that’s allmixed together your dough is readysometimes I like using these littlecookie dough scoops you don’t have touse this you can roll them up in ballsbut this makes it so they’re all thesame size and they’re perfectly formednow once all filled you’re gonna bakethis at 375 degrees for about 8 to 10minutes so these are some of my favoritecookies I would love to hear what yourfavorite cookies are for the holidayseason now if you’re new to this channeldon’t forget to subscribe and push thebell so you can get all thenotifications every time I post allright you guys I hope you have awonderful day I’ll see you later bye[Music]

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