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Vlog #6: bake bread with me

I made some bread also I got really tired of editing this tbh an hour of footage is lowkey a lot to cut down to five minutes ahaha

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so I showered I need to brush my hairit’s 8 o’clockthose stairs at 8:25am I gonna get there in timeno one knows so I went to the trackpractice today I mean I couldn’t doanything but I was there I supported thekidsso I’m on my way to Fred Myers gonna getsome pumpkin puree pumpkin seedsoh and some frozen fruit so I reallywant to make a sorbet but I also reallywant to make pumpkin bread have I beeneating no am I going to start eating nobut am I going to bake and pretend likeI’m getting yes and I’m gonna spell itand it’s gonna smell so good and I’mgonna think about how good of a taste[Music]there’s this man in freddy’s my god hewas so much do you ever see someonethat’s super attractive and you’re justconfused how people like wake up likethey look like that just on the daily Ijust got my back opened up and got allover the place and my hands are coveredin rose vaseline high and quittanceplaying video games and I got it gotinside of my foot like there’s some slitover here yeah I got inside of there mybackpack smells really good like rosesnow though so that’s a positive okayguys so I decided I’m gonna make thepumpkin bread so that Caroline and mydad can take it tomorrow for breakfastI’m gonna go make pumpkin bread butfirst I’m gonna read aloud yes and myphone is leaky dying I think it’ll befine but we’re gonna go read to Thaddeusand then some bread Heyso it’s 9:40 approximatelyand so I went to make bread and we don’thave any butter so now I’m on my way fora quick target run they close at 10:00it takes about 10 to 15 minutes to getthere so we are gonna zoom people scareme so much why are are these boys sohorny I’m not even that attractive butlike bro Oh always really be out herethirsty a child I mean that he’s 18 andit’s not it’s not a legal dog don’t suitmeI just[Music]so the birds have been put in the oventhe timer and my phone has been set Icleaned up the dishes okay so I am verybad at this as we all know but I realizeevery time I’m editing that I alwaysforget to film an outro so my only lastthought is the comment or questionquestion comment of the day and that isgoing to be tell me your favorite pairof socks that you although I have thesefuzzy dinosaur stop socks and they’reonly Christmas there’s they’re wearingSanta hatsit’s like technically it’s Christmas butthey’re the best thing ever so that’swhat I would say but tell me yours ifyou don’t have and then we can’t befriendsalso my pumpkin bread looks really goodand I’m gonna take it to the people outof La Mesa me goes

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