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Helloo loves!
ITS DECEMBER which means all things christmas!
come and bake with us!

Easy Gingerbread Recipe

XO Matt & Leah

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Video Transcription

what are we actually doing let’s stopthis video off look at that did you getit 72 hours later welcome back to ourChannel everybody I’m he’s Matt I’m MattI’m Leah and today we have a video we’reintroducing on our channel the first ofour Christmas edition video should Itell you guys about today’s video ofwhat we’re doing so we have some lovelyproducts here we have some lovelyproducts here we have some brown sugarsome plain flour we have some gingersome cinnamon we are making the one andonly yeah we’re making gingerbreadcookies and we’re going to decorate thembecause of a Christmas everyone knowsgingerbread houses gingerbread cookiesthey are all the rage so we have thisoption if we wanted to make these thingsbut I wasn’t sureor if we just make big normalgingerbread okay why don’t we do oneChristmas tree standing one gingerbreadman and one snowflake let’s get to itOh mate we have our kinky ass 50centigradeyeah like I spent like $56 on know Idon’t actually know why because I was incharge to get everything it’s so funnywhen Matt is in charge to get everythingyou know them spend a diet literally Idid I expect so much from home and mumwas like I just don’t have plain flourso if you men was $2.00 like should Iget the code okay but I did spend $80okay so we will put the link in thedescription below of the recipe that weare doing but we are doing create bakeand make the EZ gingerbread recipe whatyou will need what a cup of golden syrupwe got a quarter cup of Kanagawa Gaga weneed a quarter cup of brown sugarnow it’ll mean a tablespoon and a halfthe ground ginger a tablespoon and ahalf of ground ginger honey we got itnext we’ll need one teaspoon of cinnamoncinnamonyou mean cinemawe’ll then need one teaspoon ofbicarbonate in soda we got back therewe’ll need butcher 125 grams DEP numberone uno pre-heat your oven to 180degrees Celsius in line two trays withbaking paper so we’ve just done one bigone and we’re gonna go on preheat theoven in a snap okay so now that we’vepreheated the oven a step number two youin a small heat proof Bowl combine thegolden syrup the sugar and spices andplace over a saucepan of boiling waterand I didn’t bring my hot plate we’regonna go and do step number two in theapplication honestly this is why I getannoyed I will clean it don’t go backyou don’t like youI’m not stepping on this and thentramping it through the house this willbring pants don’t get the vacuumhonestlyokay hey don’t do that againI’m not messing it you put up nicely butthen just flatten it out yep yep andthen just go for okay she’s known himhospitality I’ll tell everyone it’s fineperfect seat number on the floorstunning so it’s still up to step numbertwo and it says combine the golden syrupthis is one of those spices I just puttwo in a small heatproof bowl combinethe golden syrup check sugar checkspices check and place over a saucepanof boiling water when the sugardissolves stir through the bicarb sodawe’re gonna go to the other kitchen anddo this and add the bicarb soda okay wayit’s not like focusing and I’m not aboutthis line oh yeah over there when itstarts to whoa that was quick I need toadd the bicarb can you hold this it’snot quick that’s it oh oh yeah you’re amix you know do you want to actually dosomething part of these gingerbreadcookiesbesides absolutely oh my god justup the screen and I’m so hot[Music]the reason makes the bike hub thatgolden serve the brown sugar now we’regoing to add in I’m sorrynow we’re gonna add in the butter if itmix it up he’s such it how’s thatquestion because I didn’t know betterI’d anything elseIan I know only I don’t know you’ve seenme in the video does Maggie’s organ infront of me so sorry that the kitchen isdesigned this way and Leggett told menot to adjust the camera therefore addthe egg and one cup of sifted flour andstir with a knife to combine and stirwith a knife okay so this step turn thedough onto a floured bench and lightlyknead until it is smooth and soft put itinto two halves and now we need to putit in cling wrap and in the fridge andpop these in the fridge for half an hourback with our children dough that nowhas nipples in it roll it out Leah rollsit out[Music]okay okay so now we’re going to do theChristmas trees yeah[Music]tink is five millimeters thick butch I Iguess we shouldn’t do it Christmas all[Music]right well I only hung up she does youhad a key first kids I juggled it aroundthese are the gingerbreads complete wehave two gingerbread ballswe’re gonna go put them in the oven fornine minutes we actually have to pair uphonestly and not going to film itbecause my hands are so early that helikes my camera[Music]they’re ready there any concepts arewearing them is guys really a twister abroom you just want to hold this onelook he’s waiting to get you high he’sdoing kind of oh my god he’s waiting forhis oh okay Kobe make them hug alrightnow we’re gonna decorate so this is thetree you hold one side on the othermaybe decorated first what’s your ohyou’re not done that in a minedon’t you dare touch my cherry they areonly there we can and simple we hopethat you anyway ah that is all for usfolks we hope that you enjoyed our kindof like a tutorial slash baking with myand Lia slash learn how to makegingerbread men that don’t look likeidiots sir I put a penis on my well shemet me I went there because it’sactually tasted really good recipe belowif you want that gingerbread it’s reallyquick really easy and it was very um ZUPformat video ID also like comment andshare I’ll be share please share this[Music][Music]

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