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Corona Beer Bread

#Corona is good, Corona is refreshing, but mostly Corona is safe. Why so serious ?
My my my my Corona is giving me good dough. It’s a perfect pale lager for a #beer #bread.

The Mexican beer Corona got a lot of bad press since the #coronavirus epidemic started, which is a pity. “How dare you ?” would say Greta.
It’s an easy beer to drink, so why not use it a little bit differently and bake bread instead of breaking news threads.
Hopefully this video goes #viral.

Beer bread is super easy to make and tasty too. You don’t need to knead nor let it proof for hours.

French word of the day : “bière” for beer

Recipe :
11fl oz of Corona beer
1lb of all purpose flour
1tbsp of baking powder
1tsp of salt
1tsp of sugar

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

uh-huh okay I think it’s gonna beclearer without the mask because I canonly understand myself I guess and thankyou for watching this episode of cookingwith BenoitI noticed that Mexican beer Corona hasadd a lot of troll coverage lately it’sa pale lager and it’s really easy todrink this beer so why not using thisCorona beer a little bit differently sowhy not choose the Corona beer a littlebit differently than usual and bakebread instead of Newsbreak threadhopefully this video goes viral beerbread is super easy to make and supertasty too you don’t have to need youdon’t have to let it prove you just haveto mix it for a little while lack ofbeer is generally used thus corona beeris perfect for the thrilling experimentFrench word of the day the French wordof the day is BL for beer beer soundsalmost the same and tastes good all overthe worldas long as you want a cool beer andchill out for a little biteverybody needs to chill out from timeto time oh by the way Corona means crownso we’re gonna make bread for kings andqueens today what you will need to makeCorona beer bread is one teaspoon ofsugar one teaspoon of salt onetablespoon of baking soda a pound ofall-purpose flourla-da-da LaPierre Ella eleven fluidounces of Corona beer extra la cervezamas FINAbetter cake pans such as this one andpreheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheitor 200 degrees Celsiusin a Pyrex or stainless steel bowl mixflour salt sugar and baking powder withthe handle of a wooden spoongently and slowly add Corona beer toavoid foam and mix for five minutes toget a soft and sticky dough[Music]pour the butter into the cake pan[Applause][Applause]and bake it for 15 minutes you cansprinkle water into the oven to make thecrust more Christine[Applause][Applause]I hope you enjoy watching this video soplease give us a thumb up to show yoursupportyou may also want to comment and let meknow what you think about this verysimple recipe what kind of beer do youlike let me know in the comments belowalso subscribe to do cooking with bothmy channel to be notified about all ournew videos it helps us a lot thank youvery much for your helpin the meantime merci avoir al vientoand wash your hands I mean it

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