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Tiffani Thiessen Shows You How To Make Banana Bread While Staying Home | PeopleTV

Learn to make banana bread with Tiffani Thiessen and her daughter, Harper!
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Tiffani Thiessen Shows You How To Make Banana Bread While Staying Home | PeopleTV

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Video Transcription

[Music]so we’re spending a lot of time at homethese days so Harper and I thought itwould be kind of fun to show you how tomake banana bread together we’re gonnamake a bunch of it so you can bring itout to our neighbors 6 feet apart ofcourse so we’re going to show you how todo banana bread a couple things we don’tactually have and the house right now sowe’re gonna substitute a few otherthings that we don’t have at the momentright now I am mashing the penis soshe’s not showing three bananas rightnow that are actually very ripe and thenwe’re gonna go back so of course wewanted to make use of themthen just want to do her two eggs justgonna crack them in a separate bowl tomake sure you don’t get any shells inyour bread nice work girl you’re into me[Music]or the egg sperm harbor chicken moussechickens are chickenalright let’s whisk it up and by the wayjust so you guys know we’re actuallyabout the oven already on its preset to350 degrees alright now we’re going topour that in thereyou get back to mealright I’ll get it all out yesget it all we need it allgood job thank you you can actually I’llget you a spoon real quick why don’t youstart measuring out the Greek yogurtjust put it right in right and just makesurewe probably need a little bit more yeahpatience[Music]Oh sour it’s over all right put that inall right then we’re gonna get you’renotCasino hear screaming it’s actually playhole to tap here okay that’s funny youdo the almond milk normally my recipeactually calls for butter milk but wedon’t have any in the fridge right nowso I’m going to use almond oil right itwill though[Music]and then we do that way you do ateaspoon of vanilla bean cake[Music]extract and then you’ve got 3/4 cup ofsugar[Music]gently mix that up okay so while she’smixing that up I’m gonna business lookgood I’m gonna start actually on the dryingredients all right so we’ll startwith flour I’m going to do a cup andnormally my recipe calls for almondflour but we’re actually out of it I’mgonna use regular flour but I still dothat’s it okay I just kind of like thenutty sort of taste but sometime thiswhole wheat and almond flour kind of getat the moment a lot of you guys arecoming issues then we’re gonna do ateaspoon this is half a teaspoon ofcinnamon and a teaspoon of ground gingeras wellthis gives it some nice sweetness soseeds for next seatYemi not like a big bowl and there’s alittle tiny okay we’ll all get it youget it alright and then we’re gonna doI’m gonna also take a list and a listthe dry ingredients there’s a lot easierthan your job winner someone needs to goback to school that’s not a wordso this is done I’m gonna get you toyour melted butter it’s the only thingone missing some hold on either wayalready taking people right and they’regonna gently alright and then we’regoing to start to mix the it’s not okayokay yeah we need it you’re gonna helpout this this okay move this rightlittle by little when you start to mixit okaywell now it’s just sticking this ismister we’re making themyeah and now it’s gonna bother that’sright that’s what it does can I borrowthat for just one second yeah that’s notslime you don’t even exactly good reasonjust get aside though for youI’m gonna go get the pan so we’ve gotour little muffin[Music]and this is gonna go in the oven 350degrees and you’ll actually let me justfill them up only about half way alittle more than halfway it’s smells youalso sometimes the kids like to putchocolate chips on the top or inside thebatter test it how do you test it youboth can test one and make sure that itcomes out clean okay but you do it lastoneclean it’s done I hope you guys arehaving some good family time we love youSmiths I love you yes we live in our PJs[Music]you

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