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Tasty Tuesday Episode 2
Today I am baking an Apple Fritter Bread. You can find the link to the recipe down below on my Pinterest page. This recipe is so good, and great for apples that you need to get rid of. I hope you are enjoying these Tasty Tuesday’s. If you try out this recipe, be sure to tag me over on Instagram (link below) and let me know what you thought. Also, leave a comment here and push the thumbs up button.

I would also love to colab with anyone if you would like to start doing a Tasty Tuesday as well. Leave a comment down below or send me an email (info below)

Thanks for watching!

Apple Fritter Bread recipe:

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome back to cleaning awayand if you’re new here my name is delisaand my channel is full of cooking andcleaning videosso if you like those type of videos iwould hope that you would subscribeand push the notification button so thatyou get notified orpush the bell button so that you getnotified anytime i make new videostoday’s video is a video in my seriesi’m going to be doing called tastytuesdayand those are going to be coming upevery tuesday where iam cooking something it can be a mealthat i likeor it could be some kind of dessert oranything if you have a request to thatyou would likefor me to try so like i said if thoseare the type of videos that you likethen push the subscribe and that bellbutton down belowbut today in i’m going to be doing aapple fritter bread for you guys and iwanted to show you i have the recipehere this is my pinterest pageand i have the recipe here on my bakingboard so if you click on it it will bethisone right here the awesome country applefritter bread i didapple fritter cake before but this isnot the same thing so you want to makesure if you comeum to click on the link for the applefritter bread that is in today’s videoand i’ll just show you it looks so yummyand delicious hers came out a lotprettier than minebut um you kind of have to whenever yougo in here you have to goyou know a blog so they post everythingand then have the recipe down below oreven on another screen for you soum but yeah this is what the applefritter bread looks likeand the recipe is down here below it’skind ofa multi-step process butit is so good and so worth it so here umare the ingredients and everything soi’ll just have this linked down below inmy description boxalso to get you to this boardand um so yeah so now on to the bakingso the first thing we’re going to do isget our oven preheated to 350 degreesand then we’re going to lay everythingout to get readyfor baking the first thing that wasneeded wastwo eggs and half a cup of milk andthose had to be at room temperature so ihad already had those sitting outon the top of my oven and i was alsofilming aclean with me that will be going up onsaturdayso you will see that those thingssitting out on my ovenwhenever i’m cleaning up my kitchen andthenyou’ll see here in a little bit i messedup the measurement on the butter ithought it was supposed to be 1 3 cup ofbutter but that was supposed to be 1 3cup of i think the sugar or somethingand it’s supposed to be half a cup ofum butter so you’ll see me in a minutetrying to figure out what i did wrongwith the butter[Music][Music][Music]so[Music]here i am looking at the recipe andtrying to figure outabout my butter and i was like okaymaybe i have to cut some more offand then then i think i finally realizedwhat my mistake was and so i went andgot the otherpart of the butter out of the fridge andput that togetherbut then also the butter was supposed tobe softened and i had forgot about thatpart so i decided i was going to put itin the microwave to soften it for just alittle bitbut of course me i left it in there alittle bit too longand um so all thatthat just ended up going to the back andi ended up getting a whole other stickout and softening that up here a littlebitlater in the video[Music]so the mixture right there was just thebrown sugar mixture that will go on topof the apples and it is onethird cup of brown sugar and oneteaspoon ofcinnamon and then now i am making myflour mixture which is one and one halfcupof flour so that’s only a half a cupright there so i’m doing three of themand also one and three quarter tablesteaspoons of baking powderand you’ll see that i lose count while iwas doing my baking powder so i put justa little bit extra in casei didn’t have enough but after goingback and watching the videoi see i had counted correctly so it’sall right still came out okay[Music]so now we’re going to do our sugars andit is 2 3 cup ofsugar and then the half a cup of thesoftened butterand then after that mixes up good you’regonna put two eggs in thereand one and a half teaspoons of vanilla[Music]flavoring[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music]so you want to make sure that your sidesare scraped down it’s getting everythingoff the bottom and then now we’re goingto start adding in our flour mixtureand then it will also call after theflour is in therethat’s whenever you put that half a cupof room temperaturemilk in there as well and then i’m goingto scrapethe sides and then we’re going to getready for the filling part[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]the recipe called for two apples and itsaid it could be any kind of applesand the apples that i had on hand werethe jazz apples and i think they didjust fine they’re stillpretty crunchy not pretty crunchythey’re stilladd some texture to them and i also liketo addcons into my like any kind of breadsthat i makeand so i will be making or i’ll becutting up some pecans to add into thatlayer as wellthat you’ll see here in just a second[Music]i watch you as you drive do you knowi’m looking and i can’t help but smiledo you know how much i love you you putmy favorite songon i put my feet upand we just sing along and i can’t helpbut feelingjust loving this moment canwe stay here forever i’m lovingthis moment can we stay heretogether if i could stop the time don’tyou knowthat i would cause i’m just lovingthis moment can only stay here foreverforever[Music][Applause]as you sleep you don’t know i’m lookingso now we’re gonna start layeringthe apple fritter bread and i hadsprayed the pan right there withsome pam and now we’re just gonna putour sugar and flour mixtureabout half of that will go on the bottompart and then you’re going to addin about half of your apples that havethe cinnamon and sugarcoated with it you’re going to put thatin there and i think part of the trickfor this recipe is that you really needto patthe apple mixture into theflour and sugar mixture because if notit will separate whenever you take itout of the panand especially if you’re going to beputting like any kind of nuts oranything in there i thinkyou should probably press it down betterthan what i did and then that rightthereis just the brown sugar and cinnamonmixtureso you just repeat those steps again andlike i saidbe sure to press theapples and all that down into thesugar and flour mixture really well andthenafter i finish assembling it we’re goingto put it into the ovento cook at 350 degrees and the recipecalled for about 50 or for 60 minutesbuti did at 55 andmy bread was done whenever it came out[Music]don’t you know that i would cause i’mjust loving this moment can only stayhere[Music]forever[Music]and just like that the bread is done anddon’t you wish it could really cook thatfastbut um now we’re gonna let it cool for awhileand then i’m going to make the glazethat goes on topand the glaze is how much is a half acupof powdered sugar and then i put twotablespoons of milk in itand uh and then yourbread will be finished and it tastes sososo good and i highly recommend thisrecipe[Music]all right that is going to be it forthis video i really do hope that youenjoyed watching me cook this applefritter breadif you want to try out the recipe besure to go over to my instagram pagemy instagram is at cleaning.ora and tagmeand let me know let me see a picture ofwhat your bread turned out and let meknow what you thought about itand as always thank you much so much forwatching and supporting my channeland if you are not subscribed to mychannel i would greatly appreciate it ifyou’d hit that redsubscribe button as well as the bell tobe notifiedand if you like these types of videosplease give this video a biglike a thumbs up and leave any commentsdown belowand as always thank you guys so much andi will see you next timebye guys[Music][Applause][Music]you


  1. D’Lisa this looks gorgeous. I love your mixer, I need to invest in one like that. Thanks for sharing, I need to try this

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