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Hi Fam! Bake alongside me today! We are going to be making a banana bread muffin! So yummy and way better for you than the ones you find at the store. I will show you everything step by step. See below for the recipe as well! Thanks for stopping by! Plus, don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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I N G R E D I E N T S:
1 ½ cups of flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
¼ tsp salt
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter – room temperature
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 cup mashed ripe banana
2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 ½ tsp vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 350F.

Grease a pan with butter and flour.

Medium Bowl: Mix flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt
Small Bowl: Flour + Chocolate Chips
Large Bowl: Butter, Sugar, Eggs, Banana, Lemon Juice, Vanilla Extract

Mix medium bowl into Large bowl

Put into a baking sheet

Bake for 30 minutes!


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Canon Rebel T5i

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Video Transcription

[Music]which is really good guys hmm what upYouTube welcome back to my channelhopefully you guys are having afantastic day welcome to episode 1 of mybaking series today we are going to bemaking banana chocolate chip bread fromall these lovely ingredients in front ofus what you guys are going to need forthis recipe is one and a half cups offlour one teaspoon of baking soda oneteaspoon of baking powder 1/4 teaspoonof salt one cup of sugar one cup ofsemi-sweet chocolate chips a cup ofunsalted butter at room temperature 2eggs one and a half teaspoons of vanillaextract two tablespoons of fresh lemonjuice and last but not least one cup ofmashed up ripe banana so before we doanything or actually start getting ourhands dirty what I need you to go aheadand do is pre-heat your oven to 350degrees Fahrenheit so while your oven ispreheating you want to grab a mediumsized bowl and now we’re going to bemixing in our flour our baking soda orbaking powder and our salt all into onegoal and your medium-sized bowl you’regoing to take one and a half cups offlour so that is the first cup rightthere we’re going to measure just alittle bit more and there’s the halfmark there the next thing we’re going tobe putting in is going to be our 1teaspoon of baking soda so I have mylittle measuring spoons here that I liketo use we’re gonna find the one for oneteaspoon here it is and then we’re gonnado one teaspoon of baking sodaand then the next thing we’re gonna bedoing is one teaspoon of baking powder Itap it on the side so that it’s even soit’s an exact measurement put that inthere and then the last thing we’regonna be putting in is the 1/4 teaspoonof salt it’s like a pinch of salt so youcan measure it or you can just put apinch in yourself you’re really awesomeand you’re gonna mix this up with justone of your beaters so that that’s saltbaking soda and all of that is allthroughout the flour in your mediumsized bowlso once you’ve mixed that flour with abaking soda on that baking powder inthat salt you can just set thismedium-sized bowl aside the next bowlyou’re gonna grab as a small bowl we’regonna be mixing our chocolate chips anda little bit of flour to coat them inthis size bowl so like I mentionedyou’re gonna take your small bowl andyou’re gonna actually add a cup ofsemi-sweet chocolate chips so you didn’ttake your measuring cup again and fillit up add more if you’re feeling crazyso that’s about a cup here a small bowland then you’re gonna take onetablespoon of flour to coat that grab menot a big scoop here and you can juststart coating needs so once you are donecoating those semi-sweet chocolate chipsyou can go ahead and set that bowl asideand next to that flower bowl you firstcreated all righty guys the next stepyou’re going to need a big large mixingbowl so grab your biggest bowl in yourhouse and we are now going to bestarting off with our butter and we’regonna be adding some sugar and we’ll beadding some eggsmass banana the lemon and the vanillaextract all into this big bowl butyou’ve got to consistently keep beatingit so let’s just get into it so you guyscan see how I do best okay so the firstthing here to be kneading is one stickof butter for some reason landed thelake’s unsalted butter comes in toolittle1/4 of a cup we need 1/2 a cup of butterwhich is 1 stick so just grab one stickof unsalted butter no need to make itcomplicated you do want this to be roomtemperature though so if you want youcan always warm it up in your hands ifyou don’t have time but it should befairly soft butter so you’re gonna wantto go ahead and put your butter intothis bowl so you’re gonna want to beatyour butter so that it kind of justfills the bottom of your Pole you do notwant your butter to be in a chunks sojust make sure you kind of beat it downyou can kind of see that I’m doing righthere until it kind of just becomes likethis thick paste chop it upawesome next thing you’re gonna do isyou’re gonna grab your sugar you want tomeasure a cup of sugar so going back tothat measuring cup I know this is thepart that can see this is where thisdoesn’t get that healthy but it’s betterthan getting it from you know the storeso once you have that cup of sugaryou’re gonna start pouring it and slowlyadd you continue to beat the bowl sotake your time with this no need to rushit you want this to be like a sweetbuttercream that is the goal so take abreak if you need to a little bit morekeep stirringit’s gonna make it a little bit goodsweet buttercream that’s why you getthat unsalted butter ever making itsweet next thing you’re gonna need isyour two eggs you’re gonna want to mixin one egg at a time so I’m gonna crackthis egg yepgot your egg in there you’re gonna mixthe first again this is gonna make it alittle bit easier to stir thebuttercream that you’ve already madeonce you feel like it’s pretty good stirit in there you don’t see any more ofthat yolk we’re gonna take that next eggand mix that now it should be reallynice nice yellow color just make sureit’s mixed pretty well because we’regonna be mixing in our bananas andvanilla in line right after this so I’mgonna be using in this a banana and ahalf I love the taste of banana so I dowant to really really taste that flavorin the bread so I’m gonna use banana anda half I’ve just put it in a bowl I’mjust gonna use a fork just smash thisdown so that we can mix it into our bigbowl here so you can kind of just cut itdown however you want really there’s noproper way to do this at least I don’tthink there is because I don’t know thatway so you can just start mashing it theright way your bananas are the easierthis is unfortunately I just wanted tomake this bread wait that long so herewe are so what you’re gonna do with yourmashed bananas now is you can go aheadand add them to your big mixing bowlhereand you’re just gonna mix this into thepaste give this one a good mix – youwant to make sure that banana taste isall throughout that breath so the nextthing that we’re going to be mixing inis our lemon so what I’m gonna go aheadand do is I’m just gonna cut this lemonin half here we want to use twotablespoons so I’m just gonna squeeze ahalf in the thing is with this you’rebetter off doing this in a separate bowlso that you can get rid of all thoseseeds so I’m just gonna grab anotherbowl here and I’m gonna start squeezingmy lemon juice into that bowl and thisis gonna get a little bit messy butwe’re faking so you don’t need to worryabout it just have fun with it make amess you can always clean it up it’sokay my favorite part about baking isthat I get to get messy but you’remaking something so deliciousso now I have picked out all the seedsfrom this this is probably a little over2 tablespoons 1/2 of 11 so I’m not gonnapour all of it in I’m just gonna leave alittle bit left over so they still havea little bit left over in this bowl thatyou can see you’re gonna mix that intoyour big mixing bowl and last but notleast you gotta put in your vanillaextract your vanilla extract you’regonna be measuring about 1 and 1/2teaspoons up here vanilla extractvanilla is very strong you’re gonna becareful with anything this is what youshould be careful with so opening up myvanilla extract being very careful withthis potion I’m gonna do it over themeasuring bowl that’s gonna be oneteaspoon there’s a 1/2 right there tossit in you’re gonna pick up that bowl andyou’re gonna do a little mixer ooh againmake sure it’s all good this is our lastand final mix for this big mixing bowlwhoa before we mix everything togetherdon’t get too carried away or excitedbut just make sure that this is allmixed up and realgood to go alrighty so you are going tobe taking that flower the first mediumsized Bowl that we mix and you are goingto be adding it to your big large mixingbowl you’re gonna want to put this infairly slowly though and mix it rightinto the batter until we get our reallynice banana batter that we’re gonna bemixing our chocolate chips into so likeI mentioned you’re gonna go ahead andgrab this big big bowl right here andyou’re gonna take your medium-sized bowlof flour and you’re gonna slowly mix inthat flour as you beat that big bowl andfeel free to take breaks like beforereally give it a good mix okay anothergood mix carefulness is where flourtends to get fairly messyvoila and there you have it you got yourback and your lightly floured chocolatechips and it’s time to put them in thatgood old baking sheet so I’m gonna takesome room temperature butter here andI’m gonna oil down this entire sheet soI like to do a little bit on the toptypically and I’m using my hands forthis if it freaks you out I like to justkind of put a little dollop and eachlittle thing like this and then I’lljust sit back afterwards so you’re justgonna take a little bit of flour that wewere using before I’m literally justgonna sprinkle it with my hands you justwant to take it and kind of sprinkle itall over the pan this is gonna make surethat those muffins don’t stick too muchso just to say I am super excited thatwe’re making this like cupcake stylebecause then I can take to my friendsdrop it off its portion for me so Idon’t just go in and eat the wholebanana loaf of bread so I’m excited tomake them this way so once your pan isalready prepped with oil and flour it’stime to start filling up each of theseholes with the ingredients that wealready have meant so you should putnext to you that big large bowl ofbatter and then you also want to haveyour chocolate chips nearby that are wetcoated with that flour that we didearlier so what you’re going to go aheadand do is you’re going to want to fillup basically 1/3 of each of these andthen we’re gonna sprinkle some thechocolate chips we’re gonna put a littlebit more of our batter on top sprinklesome more chocolate chips and put alittle bit more of our batter on top[Music]great so now they are all they have allof them have chocolate chips at the topI’m gonna take my pork and I’m actuallygonna fork them through so I’m kind ofjust gonna fork each muffin just to kindof mix them up with the chocolate chips[Music]all right guys so now that our muffinswe’re all wrapped and ready to go I popthem into the oven I’m gonna put them infor 30 minutes because they are in thatcupcake shape form they’re a little bitmore smaller and condensed if you aregoing to be baking it in a bread stylepanI would suggest probably doing it aroundlike 50 minutes and then checking itwith the toothpick but we’re gonna try30 minutes for these cupcakes and thenwe can go ahead and try them aroundmaybe like the 25 minute mark and seehow they’re doing but for now let’s takea break and we can come back whenthey’re all ready already guys that’sthe timer so go ahead and pull yourmuffinsout I did a toothpick check so I knowthat they’re all ready and good to gogonna go ahead and lay down this towelwe’ll just set them here so that we canpull them out and let them cool allrighty so the nice thing about this isbecause we put that flour down earlierand butter the pan they should pop outpretty easily I’m gonna try one herelook at that it just popped right out ofthe pan which is super nice I probablycould have had a little bit more bakingsoda to give it that nice arch missedout on that opportunity but they stilllook pretty good so I’m just gonna goahead and start placing them on thissheet[Music]so it’s officially time for the momentof the cheesefor the official taste test so I pulledone out look at how cute it is andperfect the perfect portion for me I’mgonna split it open cuz I want to seekind of the inside of it oh that’sawesome you can see all the littlechocolate chips in there alright guysthis is the moment of truth the officialtaste testlet’s see how I did mmm definitely tastethe banana WowI might only need half of these are sogood they’re rich very moist I would sayfor the muffins 30 minutes topsdefinitely and then you’re gonna do abig pan turn it around like 4550 minuteswe’re just really good guys ever do adance when food tastes really good cuzthat’s how I’m feelin alright guys wellthat wraps it up for our bananachocolate chip muffin slash breadwhatever you decided to make todayhopefully you guys enjoyed this video ifyou guys try this recipe please pleaseplease comment down below let me knowhow it wentlet me know if you try any variationsthat I can try post your pictures downbelow give this video a thumbs up and alike if you loved it and definitely goahead and hit that subscribe button so Ican have it back with me every time Irepost it’s been wonderful guys I lovebaking with you welcome to the bakingseries we’ll be back soon bye[Music]


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