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The 2020 Bread Bake-off Birthday Bonanza

Are you bready for this?

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Video Transcription

it’s the 20/20 bread bake-off birthdaybone anza for this birthday Bonanza I’llbe baking two breads based off twobodacious birthday bakes pain and Murrayand we’re gonna see which baked bread isbest representing Murray is the MAricotta bread which will be dubbing asthe Murray kata bread for this bonanzaaccording to the Internet the Murraykata bread is a crispy South Americanbread with a crunchy texture why that’sjust like Murray herself also accordingto the Internet the Murray Cato breadcontains no fat which is also just likeMurray herself and representing Pam wehave the Pam bows of bread which doesn’tneed a nickname because it’s alreadynamed after herPam bows of bread is used mainly inMexican sandwiches and much like Pam andis white and very light so I’ve gatheredall the ingredients but since I don’tactually have any yeast the internettold me of a couple of ways I cansubstitute for it which will be figuringout the old-fashioned wayvery official ruling it looks likeMurray will be using baking soda andlemon instead of yeast and Pam will beusing baking pepper the ingredients forMurray Keita are three and a half cupsof flour one and a half cups of warmwatertwo teaspoons of salt and one teaspoonof yeast which for us means half ateaspoon of baking soda and half ateaspoon of lemon juice together I hadno idea what that hook thing was foruntil right nowokay mmmmight be a good idea to add our owntwist into this like some Rose Marieleaves don’t say you want me just sayyou need your there Marie kated oh it’sstill sticky but I’m used to it[Music]someplace warm ingredients are 2 cups offlour 1 teaspoon of salt 55 grams ofshortening 5 and 3/4 tablespoons ofsugar what enough water and 11 grams ofEast 4 which will be using magic bakingpowderoh yeah and enough water clearly it wasnot enough waterI don’t know this Pam Baz those lookingkind of lumpy I think it needs a littlebit extra flavor to push it over theedge I ended up having to add aboutthree more tablespoons of flour I put inway too much good now I’m supposed toneed some floured setting until it is ahomogeneous dough I thought that’s whatit already less is this meeting[Music]we’re supposed to cook one at 350 andthe other at 400 civil meet in themiddle at 375 that’s long enough let’slook at the Murray kata looks fine oh mygosh that is a nice consistency nowlet’s look at the Pam Boz oh my goodluck ladies my goodness girls aregetting big okay after 25 Dodd minuteshere are our finished threadsthis is the pan Bazo and here is theMorita so we’ll start with the Murraykata the family crunchy on the top goodand it’s gonna hit these roots strengthhey this is what the insides look liketaste the hints of rose marine reallyadd to itit’s chewy now the Pambansaas well and then she cut with it resortto food strange it looks like it’s a lotless Wow very good much sweeter I guessbecause of the sugar thank you ladiesfor coming out to this baking bonanzabut there can only be one winner and thewinner of the 2020 birthday baking breadbonanza is me because I get to eat bothof themoh hi bye happy birthday

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