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Making pancakes for kids.

Watch how to make 3 small pancakes and have the kids help mix everything up. Enjoy.

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Video Transcription

hello room 21 since it’s the letter Pthis week I thought we should makepancakes first you need Pinkett bags soyou nip and we’re gonna make three soone cup of pancake mix I’ll show you alittle closer one cup and you need amixing bowl first and a whisk and somespray because you don’t want it to stickto the pan and then we need to thethirds cup of water 2/3 cup of water Ihope you can see that so first we putthe mix in and feet up then put thewater in make sure to use all of it andthen get your whisk and mix it up let’ssee if I can show youuntil all those little bumps are goneand all your pancake mixes into a batterand then take your whisk out then youneed something to pour the pancakebatter into your pan then I move youreal quick so now you have your pan andmake sure your parents help you so youhave a small pan and a hot stove sofirst you spray your pan with yourparents help put it on until it heats itup and then when your pan is ready butremember we have to let it heat up andif you want to check it you can use somewater it’s not enough water use somewater to see if it bubbles on your pantsnear that so now we’re gonna use onescoop and you’re gonna put it in yourpan and let me show you and it’s goneoops it’s gonna look like well those arethe done ones gonna look like that thenwhen you see some bubbles oopsstill learning see the bubbles kind offorming let me put it down till you comewatch hold the pan and then you flip itand then you get to see what it lookslike and make sure it cooks probably 20seconds or so on each side depending onhow big your pancakes are and I’mcooking on the side of stove so you cansee but normally you stand in the frontas you’re being safe and sometimesyou’ll have to flip it over again justdepends and those are the baby chicks inthe background if you can hear themthey’re saying chirp chirp and then whenit’s all done it is like that so we’lldo two more if you want to watch sosprayed the pan one does that enoughthat it for two moreget your batter and then dump it inbecause now the pan is ninety ten oneand then while we’re waiting I’ll getthe rest of the batter I’m sorry I’llget the rest of the batter into mylittle cup so we’re ready you know hopeyou kids are doing good you know we allmiss you but hopefully these videos willgive you something to learn some cookingand some animals I’ll put some animalvideos and then we’ll have a lot to talkabout when we get back okay so it’s teamthat’s an easier way to show you and ifyou have any ideas for the letters ofthe week for cookingtell me Shannon so we can see if we canmake them workremember to always have your parentshelp you because we want you kids to besafe okay there’s my second onenow we’ll spray the pan again with ourspray move it out of the way and thenwhere do your dishes go when you’re alldone and see and I promise I’ll clean upthe rest when we’re all doneremember you have to wait for the bottomto cookand then being safe you flip it over oryou have your parents help you and Iusually have to flip mine 3 timesbecause I don’t ever let it cook enoughthe first time and then see all donemove your pan to a side that it’s nothotmake sure you turn your oven off andthen you can put it on a plate like thatand put butter and whatever you like onit and enjoy hope you liked it see yousoon

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