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Strawberry bread bake with Miss Daniella


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Video Transcription

hi so I said we’ll be back and we’ll bemaking strawberry bread after you cookthe strawberries we’re gonna actuallyhave all the ingredients ready so wehave the strawberries we have some flourwe’re gonna have the egg we have somebaking powder we have some sugar somevanilla utensils we have all of our likespoons and our cups and we are going toget ready to actually mix it all up wehave three I’m gonna give you the recipeso it’s three cups up either white flouror whole wheat flour and half a cup ofsugar a tablespoon of baking powder adash of salt a dash of vanilla one eggand I’ll have a cup of water add thestrawberry mixture and mix it all up andyou will be able to put in a greasedloaf pan and bake it at 350 until it’sgolden and it’s onion a utensil like asputter um a knife or a butter knifecomes out clean and you’ll be able tohave a yummy strawberry loaf cake tohave a tea or coffee this evening or fortomorrow morning for breakfast so let’sget started I am gonna try my best tokind of do this where you can see me andI’m going to take 1 cup of the flour 1/2three butt crack an egg well got no clogwe’re all good nice and healthy – avanilla tablespoon of baking powder I’mgoing to take some sugar about 3/4 cupmaybe half a cup of sugar yes it’s myown recipe I’m going to mix it up I’mgonna mix it up I mean IFIF make sureit’s all mixed let me get some waterokay yummy recipe healthy it’s not somuchI guess someone want to be right back sowe now we have some water I’m gonna mixit up this is a 15 West this is myfavorite West just so you know if youwant it it’s like my all-time favoriteWest you can always use it’s foreverything my gosh just like my West Ican’t even live without it don’t knowwhat I would I would do without it andwe’re gonna mix this is a greatopportunity to learn how to share I’mgonna take turns it’s a great sensoryexperience it smells greatI can’t wait and doesn’t have so muchyou can make it you could if you want toadd a little bit more flour and makethem into like biscuits I’ve done thatbefore it comes out really yummy you cantry that so now you have like thisbatter that formI used whole wheat flour so you havethis opportunity use whole wheat or evenwhite comes out either way wait onesecond we have some oil got a little bitof oil about a quarter cup of oil I’mgonna mix that in this is my loaf panloaf pan I’m going to pour this in I’mgoing to mix it around we’re gonna findit we’re gonna smooth it out I’m gonnamix it up let me so yummy make sure youpreheat the oven at 350 so the ovensnice and hot when you put your cake inokay it should be so good it should be avery smooth battervery smooth batter I mixed they’re rightinto the pan where I actually cooked mystrawberries very simple very fast youdon’t have to use many bowls you canmake it as simple as possible I’m gonnapreheat my oven you guys actually get tobe in my home and in my kitchen can’thave all of your hair all 12 groups nowI have some oil you can use spray I’veused it I just didn’t go to the storeand buy it cuz I’m not going to thestore anymore and I’m clean and theyhave nice greased pan get your batterand your bowl and you’re gonna put it inHP yummy you think one you can do acinnamon sugar like sprinkle on top allI needs like maybe teaspoon of cinnamona little bit of sugar or mix it up andsprinkle it on top when you before youbake it comes out so good I highlyrecommend it this is like getting readyfor spring guys we’re going to actuallygoing to work this out winter is endingspring is coming and we’re going to makeit 350 good luck I hope I will see youguys soon have fun you all

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