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KP’s Corona Bread – Cook with K.P EP 447

With these uncertain times and supermarkets being wiped out of everyday items, I decided to make a new style of beer bread using one ingredient that there is plenty of. This one ended up really tasty and I had fun making it for you. Enjoy and have a little laugh

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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome back to KB’s keydown cookingwith Kate the heating today I’m going toshow you how to make these amazingsandwiches using my signature Coronabread yes we’ve all got the coronavirusit’s all getting out there let’s makeCorona bread instead make the world kindof great again so he all got about Ilearned about 3 cups of self-raisingflour all-purpose flour they go straightin and on top of that I’m going to addin I’ve had about 3 teaspoons of sugarand a good pinch of saltAustralian like that very simple I’mgonna add in a couple of tablespoonsabout 2 tablespoons of milk powder thatgo straight in we’re gonna give that aquick stir up and get all thoseingredients combined very very simplenow we can’t make fun of it with ourcorona beer so we’re gonna put thatCorona be just a little bit at a timestraight into the mix this actuallyworks out perfect 3 cups of flour pluslittle bits and pieces with one bottleof Corona be that works out to be justabout perfect maybe a little bit dampbut don’t worry that will dry out as itall cooks and what we do is the cryingit be is we use the yeast in the B toactivate that flour I can get all thefluffiness happening I was in our doughand will end up being just a nice whiteB yeah I’m going one step further I’mactually gonna make this a gamba stylebread I’m not gonna bake it in thetraditional sense we’re gonna give thata little bit of a mix not too much theflour would solve any of that moisturethey go straight into our Bowl we giveit a bit of a mix that we end up withsorryfingers we’re gonna give that a littlebit of a dusting of flour on topnow I’ve already got my barbecue alreadyset at around about 180 to 190 degrees alittle bit of flour in the bottom of aspringform pan this is more for myconvenience than anything else you canactually put this straight into a campoven it doesn’t really matter put thatstraight in a row a little springformpan just like that just bring the edgesin a little bit what I’m doing rightthere and we’re gonna hang it up was abeautiful bread you know about 20 to 25minutes follow leave me haven’t had abeer bread before or was heDever before you don’t know what you’remissing it’s really simple I’m gonna cuta little cross in the top using a littleparing knife just like that and off shegoes into our barbecue run up a littlerack down just to get the the bottomsand sitting too close to the the flamesand the heat as I said I’ve got thatsitting at about 180 to 190 degreesCelsius I’m gonna cook that for about 20minutes and then gowe’ve got cover and a bread notcoronavirus now it’s time to make somesandwiches I use a really good serratedknife or sometimes even a electric knifejust to make things a little bit easierto cut that up but I also wanted to makethis more of a breakfast style so I’vegot a couple little ramekins we’ll sprayoil goes into the beautiful shaved handI bought from a local deli get straightin I’m gonna put an egg straight in ontop like that my oven is already sittinghere 180 degrees 109 degrees it doesn’treally matter I’m gonna cook these sothe way you want to put a little bit ofchive sliced of cheese they can gostraight in over the top just like thathow easy is is to make they can go inuntil they’re set and they we can startmaking our sandwiches up and that baconand egg works at absolutely wonderfulthis bridge in itself all right thankyou so much watching his video really doappreciate it if you liked this videohit that like button gives me confidenceit should make you feel warm and fuzzytoo don’t forget to share this videowith all your friends on all platformsand social media we’re trying to get thename of Copley’s kingdom out there butif you want to learn how to make reallycool little interesting and fun recipestongue-in-cheek recipes like this wereally come into on the family my familyhit that subscribe button and you’llnever miss another one of my videosagain offering my cria sandwich and Iwill catch it next one bye

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  4. Fun fact: After every meal that includes alcohol, Conan makes Leprechaun noises and does a jig.

  5. This virus is so perfect for conan. He has decades of his own tape to show. And all of them are excellent.

  6. You can tell she has children with the way she’s selectively ignoring some of his comments lmao

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