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Serio Cooks! Irish Soda Bread

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Video Transcription

[Music]and the cats meowing in the backgroundalready hey there on this edition ofserial cooks we’re gonna makeElizabeth’s recipe for Irish soda breadwe’re gonna start with three and a halfcups of all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon ofbaking soda 1 teaspoon of sea salt andwe’re gonna whisk that together andleave a little bit of a well down in themiddle now the recipe is on Food again now let’s start addingour wet ingredients into that well I’mgonna add 1/2 cup of Irish cheddarcheeseone and a quarter one and a quarter cupsof buttermilk and 2 tablespoons ofsoftened butter break it out the woodenspoon that means this is serious andwe’re gonna start stirring all right nowback in the day Irish grandmothers didnot have KitchenAid food processors theyneed to go out by hand and that’sexactly what we’re gonna do here we’regonna need this by hand with clean handsfor about five minutesall right when you’re done needing thisit’s gonna go on a cookie sheet in thiscase I use a little bit of oil becauseit helps clean up that I’ve sprayed witha little bit of a spray and let me tiltthe camera down here this thing is gonnabe several inches tall it’s gonna beabout basically the size of a baby’shead I’m gonna carve an X in the topabout a quarter inch deep I’m gonna giveit a light dusting of flour and this isgoing to go into my oven the ovens beendone preheating it to 375 degrees thisis gonna bake for about 45 to 50 minutesuntil golden brown I can’t wait to putbutter on this this is gonna be so goodwe’ll see in a bit and there we go 45minutes in the ovens all it took this isready to go I’m ready to slather on someKerrygold Irish butter on it and have anice big slab of it I can’t wait to uhlet this cool just a little bit andbreak right into it all right therecipes on food nation just goto the search box and put in Irish sodabread again food nation if youwould and you’re watching this onyoutube click the subscribe button onthe right hand side and then click onthe little bell so that whenever we postrecipes you’ll be the first to knowabout itI’m Michael Sario thanks for watchingtonight happy st. Patrick’s Day staysafe and let’s eat

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