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Soda Bread baking

See how easy it is to make delicious Irish soda bread. Also called a cake of bread 🍞🎂🤔
600g plain white/all purpose flour
400ml buttermilk
1 tsp salt
1 tsp bread soda/baking soda

Preheat oven to 200degreesC

Bake at 200 for 10 mins then reduce heat to 180 for a further 30 mins

This takes about 5 mins to get into the oven.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day x

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

early hi everyone greetings from beingat home so according to your WestI’m gonna make Irish soda bread it’smost easy bread become a it’s from mybook from table well it’s not from mybook it’s from history okay and there’sthe recipe in my book but this 20 euro Ihave a few puppies at home if anybodywants me to post home to them just getin touch all the way to order fromO’Brien press so the ingredients arevery simple so be honest here plainwhite flourokay 600 grams 400 mils of butter moonbread soda and salt so I’m just gonnastart first by adding the storage I wantto achieve in your store um slightlyheaped teaspoon of bread soda you don’tneed to put in you’ve been too muchbread so your bread is gonna be greenwhich is great for st. Patrick’s Dayokay generally it’s not very appealingand you mix the bread soda and the saltthrough the flour okay and I’m using myhands like a claw and I’m putting inmost of the bottom and always leave alittle bit behind because sometimesdifferent brands of flour can actdifferently flour can act differently atdifficult times of the year it can bemore or less absorbent at this time itlooks like the flour is hungry so I’mjust gonna mix all that up now the trickis actually to handle it as little aspossible but of course this stuff it’svery cleaning and very needyit’s carrying suffering from anxiety youdo taste strange time that we’re livingin okay so even though you have this onelooks malik a Craigie mess okayhave faith it is gonna work out okay andall that sticky stuff hang onmy fingers but now it’s starting to looklike something now this dough you canactually get this bread in the ovenfaster than the kettle boiled I’ve beenreally smart I would put the kettle onbut you know I don’t think we’re at thestage in life here where we need to beshown how to boil the kettle am I wrongno okay literally just pressing thisdown into a circle okay I’m not doingany kind of typical bread kneading putthis on to my fancy boardJamis leaves keep falling down I guessthat’s what I get for cooking in mypajamas okay now get a bread knife andwe cut across and the bread don’t be shyabout doing this no the reason why we dothis is very technical okay pull back abit that is to let the fairies out okayyou must let the fairies out of thebread otherwise god knows what willhappen so I’m gonna put this in the oven200 degrees for the first 10 minutesthat gives it a good rise and thenreduce the heat to about 180 oh lookhere’s one I prepared earlier so you cansee how the cross opens up is abeautiful color and the way you knowthat it’s done or not is that you tap iton the bum now I have met this see thatit looks beautiful I’m sure it tastesbeautiful I’m gonna find out now soeverybody go to the shops get this getyour ingredients very simple and thelast for age is much longer than a loafof bread will last you and enjoy it forst. Patrick’s Day and stay safe keepbaking thank you

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