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Making Portia’s Bread Pudding! (THE ARCANA) (Ghost Tries to Cook)

Seriously yall #saveportia!

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Video Transcription

oh the links I will go to for my wife[Music]hello everyone this is ghost queenthis month we do not have any Kofi shoutouts as you may already know if youfollow my Instagram by the way follow myInstagram for life updates I broke myfingerthe what exactly happened is incrediblystupid I just accidentally slammed thedoor on my hand and I broke my fingerand I’m unable to go to the hospital toget it properly checked out I just havebroken limbs so often to the point thatI know what she’ll fight now so yeah Ibroke my finger and I’ve beencomplaining about it online for a longtime even though I still continued todraw with my remaining two fingers on mydominant hand but yeah that’s that andalso you know if you follow the Arcanagame on Instagram and pretty much all oftheir other social media I think youwill know that there is a bit of asituation right now to make a very longstory moderately long basically whenthey release the secondary routes ofMuriel Portia and Lucy oh they realizedthat Porsches route was not doing verywell and is costing more money to makeit than it is pulling in so they can’tpay the people who are making the routeso they might have to stop it early sothey started a campaign called hashtagsave Portia so that fans of Portia canshow their support and actually get theprofits of the route going so that theycan continue to make it and one of thethings that they did as part of thecampaign is release a recipe forPorsches favorite food this is thesecond recipe that the Arcana hasreleased and the first time they did itthey released the pumpkin bread and Imayand I posted a video about it andeveryone seemed to enjoy that video sothe second they released this recipe Iknew I was going to have to make a videoabout it except for when they releasedthis recipe my hand was already smashedpieces to make matters worse there’slike a freaking quarantine situationgoing on I don’t know when y’all aregonna be watching this video but as ofnow April 5th 2020 yeah the world isburning down and it is in chaos rightnow people are fighting each other inthe streets for toilet paperI heard news of this one innocent guywho was at home where there was a knockon the door and there was elderly ladyoutside and she was like Oh Sonny I’mvery far from home and I need to pee andhe’s like oh sure ma’am you can go peeand she just went in did her businessand like left after a few minutes sowhen he went to check all of his stocktoilet paper had been stolen by thesweet old lady the world is insane okaythat was one hell of a tangent there butanyway with that said so many of theingredients are sold out right now Ibelieve like the supermarkets are out ofeggs that out of flour they’re out ofbread which was a necessary ingredientfor this recipethankfully um my mom really likes bakingso he had stocked up on flour sohonestly I was prepared to make thisbread like the exact bread that’s therecipe calls for but then my mom went toanother grocery store and she was ableto find bread so at least I don’t haveto make bread with a broken finger andany other ingredients I’m notnecessarily missing except for butterbut I’ll talk about that laterOh also we don’t have any pears it’s notthe season for pears for here I don’tbelieve so I’m just gonna use somecooking apples this one’s kind ofwrinkly but yeah hopefully these two aregonna be enough cuz that’s all I couldget well I wrote down the recipe on acard again my handwriting isn’t asbeautiful as the first time cuz you knowI’m just gonna use my finger as a nicefor literally everything that goes wrongso the first thing you’re gonna have todo is pre-heat the oven and grease a panso to get back to my butter situation Idon’t have unsalted butter and we dohave salted butter but we need that forother stuff and we don’t have a lot ofit but I did go digging in the fridgeand I found this like clotted creamwhich is basically butter but with alower fat content it’s way past itsexpiry date but it’s never been openbefore and I feel like eating it rawwould be a bad idea but I think if Icook it it’ll be fine so that’s what I’mgonna do hopefully I don’t give theentire house food poisoning first stepis to grease the pan with a tablespoonof the butter so I’m just gonna take atablespoon of this quarter cream andmelt it and then use it to grease my pan[Music]not making this bread today but I mayhave to eventually it sounds really goodit’s gonna pour the cream into the panI’m just trying to shake it around makeit like a paper towel or something andspread it around a little bit better youdo that with the camera though[Music]so I’m gonna take the apples and peelthem and cut them into pieces so Idecided to wear a glove on this handbecause my cast is getting dirty[Music][Music][Music]okay so the recipe says to stop ateights but I don’t know I like bigchunks of fruit in my desserts so I’mgoing to cut it a little bit smaller[Music]okay so the next step is to take twotablespoons of butter and melt it in afrying pan so II that’s one tablespoon[Music][Music]this is where I started cooking theapples and I said I was gonna stir themoccasionally until they turn brown butfor some reason my computer just refusesto load that footage action until Brownis about 10 minutes and I’m using mypaperless timer for that ok 10 minutesof Pat’s and I got slightly slightlyburned my apples but I think I’ll befine to this I’ll be adding 2tablespoons no two teaspoons of sugarnow the recipe calls for granulatedsugar I’ve mixed two partswell one probably granulated sugar Iwant part light brown sugar because Ijust prefer the taste of brown sugarwith apples I just think it eats betterbut I feel like if I stray too far fromthe recipe it’s not gonna go very wellnow I’m just gonna continue cooking thishold on I’m gonna continue cooking thiswhile stirring gently until the sugarmelts and coats the applesnow once the apples are done I’m goingto remove them from the heat and pourthem into the pan and arrange them on tothe[Music][Music]that looks pretty good to meI’m gonna set this aside now the recipecalls for six slices of challah I don’tknow if I’m pronouncing that correctlyit’s a Jewish bread I was trying to makeit if I couldn’t find any bread in thegrocery store but I was able to so I’mjust gonna be using regular white breadbecause I nobody got time for that sothe next part of the recipeyou’re supposed to butter each sliceside of the bread just one side of eachslice just like this and then next stepis to cut the buttered slices in halflike so next step is to lay down thebread slices buttered buttered sidedown onto the apples next I’m going totake a bowl I’m going to crack in theeggs[Music]I also need two cups of milkyou just have this third cup measuringcups here stuff[Music]and 1/3 cup of sugar again this is amixture of brown sugar and granulatedsugar[Music]you also need some vanilla extract therecipe calls for a teaspoon but Japanesevanilla extract and American vanillaextract it’s very different Japanesevanilla extract is incredibly strong soif you’re using if you’re making this inJapan I would recommend just a couple ofdrops like I did you also need ateaspoon of cinnamon which I addedoff-camera the recipe also has anoptional order cup of crystallizedginger I don’t have any of that but I dolike the taste of ginger and anythingcinnamon e so I’m gonna add a little bitof powdered children I feel like thatwill complement complement the flavorquite a bit so I don’t know if it’svisible on camera but I’ve added it sowhat’s next and we also need a pinch ofsalt there we go[Music]I hadn’t been preheating my oven untilnow something’s wrong with it and forsome reason it pretty much starts bakingalmost immediately after it’s donepreheating so I didn’t heat it up untilnow so the recipe requires that you putall the bread in the pan before you putin your egg mixtureI feel like this bread is gonna have ahard time soaking up the mixture so I’mgonna do one layer and then I’m going topour in the egg mixture over top[Music][Music]then I’m gonna spoon in some more eggmixture and now that everything is intoplace you’re gonna have to leave thisfor about 10 to 15 minutes to leteverything soak up I’m realizing thatbread pudding is pretty much just wetfrench toast up and set pickles forabout 15 minutes and I’ll be back whenthat’s done it goes says let us knowthat time is up and this is what itlooks like earlier I could just tip thepan around and I could see the eggmixture sloshing around in the pan but Idon’t see any of that now so the recipecalls for heating it up for 165 degreesC for about 30 to 35 minutesunfortunately my oven only hastemperature increases by 10 degrees at atime so I had to do a 170 so I decidedto only bake for about 30 minutes if youmentioned this earlier but Iaccidentally burned my finger on the panwhen I was cooking the apples and I hatethis so muchseriously why I have a burn on my otherfan I broke this finger and I burned mypinkie I hate this so much y’all shouldbetter appreciate this Heyso the thing is bigand it looks pretty good I’m just gonnatake it out and do the coke testessentially you take whatever you’rebaking in the oven and then you spoke aknife into the center if it comes outclean it looks pretty clean to me it’sgood to go now I’m just gonna take thesame knife and I should probably geteight oven mitts so I don’t burn myselfyet again I’m gonna cut out some servingpieces[Music]pretty plates I’m just gonna use aspatula and try to scoop this out in onepiece hopefully this will not end anydisastergosh seriously okay at least it didn’tdrop anything I’m gonna stop this cameraand start it back up again once you getit on the plate okay so it’s not themost beautiful looking thing ever but itsmells wonderful the recipe calls forsome powdered sugar on top so I’m justgonna get some right nowokay strainer and I’m just gonna putlike a spoonful of powdered sugar on topand pudding is so hot the sugar ispretty much melting on contact but itlooks pretty good[Music]and now we’re done I hope you all enjoythis video and I’ll see you in my nextone buddy[Music]

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  1. Bro I so want to make quarantine #saveportiabread so bad, but today is the first day I’ve been allowed to leave the house all week but I have to teach my mom’s side how to use zoom. Maybe I’ll give it a shot when all this dies down.

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