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How to Bake Banana Bread

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Video Transcription

hi boys and girls today I’m gonna showyou how to make banana bread I have alot of really old the yucky lookingbananas these probably won’t taste verygood if I want to eat them on their ownbut right when they look like this andyou’re about to throw them awaythat means they are perfect for bakingso I am going to use a recipe that I gotonline from cookie and eat that oatmealcookie recipe is my own but this one isnot so what you need is 1/3 cup ofmelted coconut oil so I got this incoconut oil solidifies at a root like ata warm temperature and it melts veryquickly so I put a bit of it in themicrowave for just a little bit and whencoconut oil melts it comes cleartranslucent so you can see through itnow so that’s kind of fun this summer nooil this also calls for half a cup ofhoney this is where the sugar comes fromin this recipe there’s also a lot ofsugar in the very ripe bananas over ripebananas and then honey is the othersource of sugar so there’s no regulargranulated sugar in this recipe so it’sa little bit healthierthis calls for two eggs which I’vealready cracked and I put them in here Ialways crack my eggs in a small littlecup here even though I bake all the timejust in case there’s a shell you canjust kind of scoop it out and if you doget a shell in an egg when you crack ityou can use the shell itself to helpscoop out that little bit of shell thatgets left like stuck in there so that’skind of a little helpful event on thisrecipe for one loaf of banana bread itcalls for about 2 2 or 3 bananas itdepends on the size of the banana soonce they’re all mashed up it’ll be full1 cup of mashed bananas and it calls for1/4 a cup of some sort of milk and maybeyour milk has gone bad so it’s hard toget split market or we don’tI drink milk here at my house so I’mgonna use some coconut milk you can evenuse almond milk or really kind of anytype of milk that you want for thisrecipe it always turns out really goodit also calls for some baking sodathis helps different than baking powderbut it does help to kind of create alittle chemical reaction to get some airpockets into the baking and it calls forsalt so I’ve got some salt here groundcinnamon and this actually calls forwhole wheat flour you can use regularflour whole wheat is just to get it alittle bit of healthiness and you canadd nuts or you can add chocolate chipsat the end and if you would like I’mgonna skip that part I’m here but if youdo want to add some nuts at the end orsome chocolate chips for some extrachocolate enos which is always tasty youcan do about half a cup of that alrightso let’s get started I also wanted togive you some tips when you get startedfirst of all you want to start byputting your temperature at 325 degreesFahrenheit in your oven while you get itpreheated I like to do that as I getstarted on my baking so that when I’mdone it’s warm enough and I can put thefood right into the oven also you needto grease your oil up a pan a baking pansits on a bread pans and it’s glass andI put weight all over it and then I alsogot this tip from bonuses that you getsome parchment paper and you cut it sothat it’ll fit inside of the pull of thepan like that and this way when you’redone if it’s nice and greased up if youcan just pull this pull both sides withboth of your hands and pull out the loafthat way you can pull it out it’ll benice and you can plate that way andyou’re also going to is a whisk littleattachment if you have a blender or ifyou don’t have a blender or mixer likethisyou can use like a fork or whisk in thatway so first thing that I like to do ismash my bananas and you can even seelike some of them get pretty brown andugly and they also kind of smell butthat’s perfect it’s just because thebananas have been ripening and producingmore sugars and whatnot so you mashed itup whole bunch like this and I will showyou once I’m done masking okay so Imashed up the bananas a bit with my forkand they now look like this they arestill a little bit of lumps but it’sgonna get mixed more and some of thelumps are okay just kind of moistureinto the bread when it’s all done soit’s not too bad all right first thingis we need 1/3 a cup of the meltedvegetable oil so I got this little onethird of a cup measuring spoon thinghere and this is the melted coconut oilso I’m gonna measure that out and thatwas just the right amounts I’m going topour that in there and it also needs 1/2a cup of honey a bit of honey but sinceit doesn’t call for any other sugarsit’s actually about how much sugar isusually more in a regular one so I’mgoing to pour this in all right if youdon’t have honey you can also use asyrup or you could use regular sugar aswellit solidifies that a load from the shirtso adding some of the cold ingredientslike milk might make it get a littlesolid again it’s melted so they all goback and blend out a semesterall right that part is all mixed inreally well so now I’m going to add thetwo eggs and I’m going to beat those inwell also[Music]and 1/4 a cupall right next is to put in thesesmaller ingredients this is more of likewhat I like to think of the chemistrypart of baking and so you’re going touse one teaspoon so the teaspoon is thesmaller one the tablespoon is thelargest so one teaspoon so you don’t mixthat up of baking soda and there’s alevel on the baking soda pan can help soone and also one teaspoon of vanilla andthe vanilla does kind of sink to thebottomso I like to kind of mix that just alittle bit like you can never go wrongwith a little bit extra vanilla tastesso goodall right now we need 1/2 a teaspoon sothere’s usually a 1/2 a tea spoonmeasuring spoon there that’s salt andhalf a teaspoon of ground cinnamon aswell now make sure you do 1/2 teaspoonsyou do a whole teaspoon of salt thiswill be a beautiful tea don’t-ee to do alittle extra cinnamon settles give it alittle bit more flavorokay so those are all mixed in togetherreally well so I’m gonna do is I’m gonnatake the mixerthat’s a decides and you’re going tohand mix your flour so that it doesn’tcreate too much gluten when you’remixing it because if it creates too muchgluten then it’s gonna make it tough andwe want it to be light and fluffy so getcan’t really see this that’s okay I’mgonna measure 1 and 1/3 cups of wholewheat flour or any type of flowers thatwas about 1 sorry 3/4 a cup so 1 and 3/4a cup and I’m going to use a big spoonand I’m gonna mix this together and it’sokay if there’s still a little bit ofone and the trick is just to not mix ittoo much and when you are all donemixing this together you’re gonna pourit nicely into a bread pan and then youbake it for about 55 minutes to 60minutes which is about exactly one hourand the way you know if it’s done install by looking on here you can get atoothpick and stick the toothpick on itin the middle or a knife and if it comesout clean then all right so now manybatter looks like that I’m going to pourit in[Music]okay so it fills in pretty high up onhere and I’m gonna pop this in the ovenalright I’ve been keeping a good eye onthe banana bread it took a little longerthan 55 minutes I always like to put thetimer for the lowest time that a recipesays just in case I don’t want to burnmy baked goods it’s always easier to putsomething in longer than have it beruined and you start all over so it wasabout an extra 10 minutes the oven andhere we have very delicious very hotbanana bread of course you let it sitand cool and then you can use thisparchment paper which got a little biton it banana bread out of pan and I hopeyou enjoy

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