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How To Make Healthy Oats Banana Bread Topped with Blueberries | Gluten-Free | NO Sugar | NO Flour

Hey, Guys welcome back!!

Today’s video is a long-awaited video showing you how I make my flour-free Banana & Blueberry Oats Bread that’s very mouthwatering, it tastes amazing 🤤 No added sugar. Enriched over an 80g of protein.
So grab a drink whilst watching this video because it is a 30mins long video haha! 😂

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Video Transcription

so I’m going to show you a quick basisof how I do mine keep an eye on herbread made also we know sugar and verydelicious first and foremost you need anoverripe banana you need 2 eggs or 3 byemail’ interesting to 18-undercholesterol and they need a vanillaextract that has a low sugar and then ofcourse you need a baking powder but notso much and then you need salt and I’mgoing to have my protein powder I alwaysuse this for years it’s a banana flavorstays an extra flavor to it and then Ihave my oats here I make my own oatsfloor so it’s a gluten free oats so Ijust use a blender to make you coolfirst and foremost here you need to usethe fork to mash the bananas and I willstart first I have this so mush it it’lllook like make it so luxury you justmake it easy like I said you mean anextra overwrite the Mandal because youwant your bread to be like not to driveso you need an extra banana days likeover right so it has that moisture in itin the bread I’m talking about so I’mlike making it over mash so I can likeget the taste of this I know when I eata you can call it a forever yeah it’sextremely healthy no sugar no floorbananas and uh that’s December whereeveryone is over eaten and cultures arefought their way you can try thisinstead of cut before and then here youadd the extra but uh Oh Lord it’s sohard to open I I bake this bread likethis past week so this is a vanillaextract just few drops there we go[Music]that’s all you need and then you needsalt of course so you don’t eat this isa five millimeter scoop what you think abit simple corner of a fight you canleave here because this is where our dryingredients will go into[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]then to this you don’t use the sparklerbecause when you use this faster itsquashes the banana in it and as you cansee we don’t want to over mixbecause then it becomes very dry andguys this is how I make my banana breadwhich is old and no sugar and when Itaste it just ring me good and now ourlittle bit overnight free to swallow butnow I’m going to put the blueberries andI always use frozen and you just move itaround like thisyou then have to like it and when I’mdone but now it makes everything I wouldlike to put more open it just to give itthat grumpiness of a bread because Ilove with each otherchewy so I can tell so now I’m done asyou can see[Music]and Here I am like using free oats herejust to keep it extra sure sometimes Idon’t always leave it overnight but Ilove to leave overnight so I’m gonnacover itthat’s a plastic this is an extraproteinno for real fruits and oh so you haveyour fiber frame eat your fiber[Music]see you tomorrow when I’m going to putit in the pan and put in the oven andnormally before you put in the open youhave to put your over on at 250 degreesor about maybe 20 minutes before you putit inside and then you have to increaseyour pan and then you put this insideand you wait for about 60 minutes butwhen you put your when you put this inthe pan over make sure you reduce thedegrees the hundred and fifty when youhaving a hundred and fifty degrees thatyou leave it for 60 minutes then makesure you take the toothpick and put itin just to see that it’s really goodinside so you don’t eat the owl it’s notyet prepared or early dawn so six thingin it and you think you know and you letit to cool down maybe one hour two hoursfor you to be cold so you can then sliceit up to pretty savvy number bread andslices but like I said tomorrow I’mgoing to show you how I’ll create theopen so see you guys I just do my Purduejeans I have to go and think of thistraining clothes and showerI hope you like well so right now I’mgoing to face the bread yes I left itovernight and then hung is 847 I can’tsay let’s see I may be a sensitive withmy talk yeah say see that 848 so yeahand yesterday when I filmed I came uhfrom the gymI mean be I need everything to crush ourand then I head into bed and right nowgo down in water way because I went on awaterway this week being about 3 kg andI’m so happy that calm down a bitso I have one more kg to use in waterand that’s good so that was why I lookedreally pumpingpumped and also I did not I’m sort outthe items and the back and cardio withthis waterway but right now let’s breakthis branch so I’m going to show you ohthe bread it’s swollen up as you can seethen left and I was the word think aboutit info and yeah I’m going to grease thepan and also use a baking paper usuallymuch easier to use a baking paper eventhough you grease the pan because thenyou don’t have to like scrub when youwash it down pat itselfyeah oh you’re my eyes is really swollenif you don’t know that about your setthe camera herein suspending camera here or but thecamera spend so yeah I think I’ll put ithere because Denny smooch writer becauseI’m the only one here I think woke up sofirst I’m gonna grease the pan as youcan’t see so there we goI’m gonna grease the pan and also cutthis I think I can cut this first let’ssee oh it’s darkI’ll make your lighter there easily seewhat don’t ya okay okay seeOh see I know my voice first I can showyou how I taught my fake can picture sonormally I cut like this[Music]so I’m excited to make it Cyber Mondayfor so manyI studyyeah I know I’ve lost so much your waybe my shiny ceiling so does I have itlike this because he falls off I canshow you so who you can see so the bestway is to make you like this so that’s areal[Music]don’t have this pray to grease my pan sonormally I use this really we can seeMagus I know the camera cuts out my facebut yeah I’m here so I use a bit of allthis just a slight drop but maybe can’tsee it but this is what I do because Idon’t have this spray tan so I’ve donethe pure drops and then I use thisseason brush to just move it around sothe paper doesn’t speak directly becauseeither paper sticks during them likereally really messed up I guess themit’s one bit easy to like bring out thebaking paper with a thread so I’m alwaysreally advise it to grease your panbefore and never use butter whengreasing your pet if you don’t have thisspray just use a oil like am doing heresaves you a lot of energy washing yourdishes[Music][Music][Music]you see those as you can see[Music][Music]in my oven oh I’ll put it on my timerhere I just have to clean it so here wego so the egg timer only stopped at 55minutes I have a timer on my wristwatchfor an extra 15 no 10 minutes so we haveto leave the bread in the oven for 60minutes at a degree of 150 so right nowthese andplease seize the oven reduce it 250 herewe go guys see you when the bread isdunk yeah so I’m quite taller than mycamera or so and there’s no one to helpme here serve in an hour’s time andfocus 9 o’clock yeah it’s after 9:00 sirI’m going to show you home the cometlooks like so guys they’re woken up andtaking my coffeeas you can see yeah so as you can see Ihave just captured here coffee here soyeah that’s your meals favourite up nowthe bread is ready I’m gonna bring itout from the oven so let’s see smells sogood like really I can’t really eat itright now but I will just bring it outwait I have to set alight yeah there wego I hope you can see when I bring itout here no so perfect first I’m justgonna wear this side of bun my pan oh mygod look guys look at thisamazing and then I switch it upwhoa really truly I just watch you seethe bread I just made whoa camera takethis this I’ll just bring you close sohere is whoaJC that guy’s a blueberry banana bread Ijust made so first and foremost right tocool downI have to zoom it in also so you can seeso I’ll just take this off and cool itdown for a bit so first I hope you getto see what I’m doing actually I canread closer so yeah so I’m just gonnaread this it’s not a star for you topull down so I’ll leave it here for liketwo to three hours[Music][Music]so yeah this is the breath so I willleave it for two hours like I said mywindow is opened it’s snow outside it’sreally cold last night was like what Ihave to put this up so last night waslike – 5 points:5 almost – six yeah it’ssuper cold here I’ve opened the windowlike I said I leave on the tenth floorso whenever it’s cold it’s actually coldright here and open the window don’tleave this for like one hour so itbecomes cold and then I will show youthe rest so you can either eat it withanything but I just prefer eating itlike that and normally I eat my breathwhenever I am going to do a heavyworkout so you want me to do the legsthen I’m going to eat this but today I’mgoing to do the back abs and arms whichmeans I won’t eat this today but I dressa bit and show you how it looks like anysuper tasty bite super high intro 10 forthe protein powder the banana and thecarbs it’s still the pub extras from theoats and also the banana itself that’samazing pure natural ingredients noextra sugar or anything and reallytastes so good that you think it hassugar brothers literally no sugar nosugar the sugar you get is from theberries the blueberries and Lebanon havethe over like banana and the proteinpowder days and initially mixer and onescoop of the protein powder iPhone whichensures 31 grams has about 60% proteinthat’s amazing just a banana that has aprotein and also the blueberries sothere’s a healthy way of eating breadand it tastes like cake voids amazingbrand silk yeah guys I’ll see you inabout what our went I’m going to slicethe bread so I can show you how it lookslike right now at least mean citrussalmon there’s no more fish of TD jakesand also I’m studying at the same timeso yeah see you one hour’s time bye heyguys so right now it’s one past 3:00p.m. not in the morning of course soright now I’m going to show you how thebread looks like and what you guys lovethis natural life I have the sunset justdirectly facing my window this isamazingone of the good things of living in askyscraperhigh-rise view then I live on the tenthfloor and whenever I wake up the Suntends to set there the sunrise startthere and that’s the sunset as you cansee I don’t know if you can all see itbut have read useful oh yeah you can seeit actually so yeahthe Sun does the sunset there and verythis is the largest river in Sweden Iactually see from my apartment so it’samazing and like I said right now okaynow this aren’t you so right now I’mgoing to show you the breath and whilstI’m showing the breath I had to likestudy and I will continue studying but Ihave to show you how the bread lookslike and Here I am about to drill thischicken i spiced it I didn’t moderate itit’s not the money rate that she canbecause I forgot to bring out thechicken from the over from the freezerso I’m gonna put it soon in the open theoven is already set at 150 and here isthe bread and of course here is mycoffee is my coffee black strong abeater let’s oh no I am Oh coffee freakbut first lift up with a bread and herewe goof course you get a bread knife andthere we go that was a fail and here’sthe bread as you can see I mean this ishow the bread looks like guys so amazing[Music]hmm you guys don’t understand when yourbread lover and if you get to make yourown bread without floor well sugar andit tastes better than the number breadbut first I have to put this in the openhmm whoa I’m gonna take another one herewe goas you can see and we just get that[Music]whoa like guys this is an amazing breadI do love I’m a bread lover and as youcan see it’s still very soft inside hereyou can see and hard outside on theoutside is why I love my bread thecrunchiness outside and the softnessinside so I can eat this every dayhigh in protein low in carbs no sugarand tastes amazing it tastes like cakeactually tastes like a blueberry cake itis an addiction guys eat okay I’m gonnatake the last one and then I’m done I’llmake a really small size[Music]this is amazing[Music]and like I said you don’t need butteryou don’t need any butter you don’t needany charm because when you eat thisyou’re like in heaven in heaven cuz oh Ican’t describe but you guys have to tryit at home and like I said I baked thisthat was four days ago and it’s finishedand now I’m baking another one so I hadto show you guys because most of myfriends who take them give me my familymembers that taste at my bread to reallylove it and I know most most people likeI always make mine really tiny like thisso you would I eat so much it’s justlike one slice of bread when I get back[Music]you know that you’re not consuming youlots of carbs in you instead ofconsuming fiber in yourself and onlycarbs you’re getting it from the banananothing else actually very high inprotein the protein in this bread isabout 80 grams per slice because thethirty one gram of protein powder hasabout 60 grams protein and then you haveper ton for your banana and you havealso for the blueberries and what elsedid a young person for your bags sothat’s it no sugaryou don’t eat sugar you don’t shoot meto make friends and you do need flour tomake bread we can also use oh it’s likeI do I always try and use the blender tomake my own oats floor because you can’tget anyabsolutely yourself and the folks aregluten-free so if you like super flatyou know bloat at looking at home soguys I hope you’ll enjoy this video andif you want me to do more like cookbacon scale that extremely healthy andworkout just comment it but right nowI’m gonna dive into this because youjust need to take one this would be thelastyou might hear on my weakness test[Music]really true you see the blueberry there[Music]I hope you enjoyed this video right nowI have to go back to starting wait forthe chicken to get grilled yeah I willbe headed to the gym so make sure yougive me a thumbs up and make sure yousubscribe to my channel bye

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