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Baking Sourdough Bread: Day 3 🍞 (Dutch Oven, Parchment Paper, Baking, Etc.)

Join our sourdough baking adventures as Caroline finishes Day 3 of making a sourdough loaf.


June 17 Family Vlog (Go to 3-Minute Mark):

June 18 Family Vlog:


Dutch Oven:

Parchment Paper:

Bread Scoring Knife from This Set:


0:00 Our Previous Breadmaking Videos
0:41 Step 1 – Take Dough Out of Fridge
1:03 Step 2 – Place Dutch Oven in Oven and Set Temperature to 500 Degrees
1:47 Step 3 – Take Dutch Oven Out Once Oven Reaches 500 Degrees
1:54 Step 4 – Put Dough on Parchment Paper
3:08 Step 5 – Shape Dough a Bit More
3:21 Step 6 – Use Bread Scoring Knife
3:55 Step 7 – Put Dough in Dutch Oven and Place in Oven for 20 Minutes
4:21 Step 8 – Lower Temperature to 450 Degrees and Bake for 10 Minutes
4:36 Step 9 – Remove Lid of Dutch Oven and Bake for An Additional 10-15 Minutes (or Until Bread is Golden Brown)
5:23 Step 10 – Take Dutch Oven Out of the Oven and Let the Bread Cool Down for at Least 1 Hour
6:32 – Step 11 – Cut Into the Bread!
7:08 – Step 12 – Dig In and Eat the Bread!


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