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Can You Make Sushi with Bread? | Unique Japanese Recipe

***Sushi #1 ***
1 slice white sandwich bread
2 eggs
2 tsp sugar
Pinch of salt
1/8 cucumber
2 tbsp mustard
1 tsp sugar
1/2 sheet nori
1 lettuce leaf, washed and dried
2 sticks imitation crab
Kaiware daikon ( radish sprouts)

***Sushi #2***
1 slice white sandwich bread
1/8 onion
1/8 carrot julienned
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp mirin
1 tsp sake
1 tsp sugar
2 ounces (50-60 grams) thinly sliced beef
1 tbsp mayonnaise
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp rice vinegar
1/2 sheet nori
Kaiware daikon

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Video Transcription

today something she’s gonna be making ussomething very specialonce again what will you be making sushiwith bread sushi with bread so no riceno riceokay so sushi made with bread yes isn’tthat interestingso sushi you you’re thinking you needrice yes it is too but today I won’t userice so instead of rice I will use thisbreath very fluffy Japanese white redthe important thing is sushi vinegarcalled the sushi so it is a importantthing I can’t make the bread to eatsushi vinegar so I will smear somethingI will show you laterso today – sushi is Tamaki style sushithe feelings I reuse egg cucumber andimitation crab so first let’s prepareegg gobletcrack crack – two eggs into the storeI like making Tamaki omelet so if youdon’t know how to make Tamaki pleasewatch our videoit’s Japanese style so add 2 TSP ofsugar and pinch of salt but don’t mixtoo much just just break just break eggyolk and touch the roof egg white dolike this or power to ten times I thinkit’s okay thenthen prepare frying pan so turn off theheat and a little bit oil a little bitoil you do not need so much oil pleaseremove excess oil with your paper towellike this this is offered I gotta saySatoshi makes a really good tamagoyakiwhich is Japanese our omelet you reallyis so perfect be ready when we makeTamagotchi we’ve been using lockdown wastired of frying pan but I think youdon’t have that so I gonna I gonna teachyou how to make the stick type omeletscome away icky in this in this roundstyle frying pan it’s hot ultimatelyokay turn down the heat and take thetemperature first put put yourchopsticks into your egg mixture and dolike this watchyes it’s okay did you hurt the sun-jooit’s the sign that’s ready yeah it’sready okay pour the half of this eggmixture and the edge but check the edgepartokay hmm pinkies okay okay Dido okayokay dude I guess hold it or order themtake it you don’t have to care so muchfor the first oneHeythe ship is not good but you don’t haveto care so much so poor second onespread okay then Oh hold itorder order and Laurieno like this yesthen see it’s the movie aqui isn’t itbeautifulyou can make this the rectanglerectangle style come weekly with thatleg hanging off like that okay so um tomake sushi brownie style turn away ickyis not good so please wait one fileuntil it fits fully cook if we ticket isnutsjiggly it’s okay it’s okay so turn onthe heat okay so transfer to the plateand cool it down the next preparation iscucumber I have one cucumber but youdon’t need so much cucumber because Iwill use one load of sushi bread so justhave no no no less than half you needyou need one stick of this you need onestick too thick it is if it is tothicken it is a little bit tough to eatso I will cut into half okay so Imentioned what is the important forsushiit is sushi vinegar substitute soinstead of sushi I will use today I willuse mustard mustard already includedsalt vinegar and sugar but it or it isstill it’s sourif the vinegar taste is strong to reducethe stalinist I will add one teaspoon ofsugar and combined so sushi vinegar ismade with vinegar salt and sugar sosweetness is also important so combinethis mustard very well you can use anykind of mustard today I’m using thisMasada but and you can use yellowmustard it’s also good okay just rightcitrus the temperature okayhmm I think it’s okay so I will preparethis egg into water okay it’s okayall our feelings are all ready so let’scompose it do you know this one this iscalled monkey suit what should I say inEnglish moccasin like this like this andyou can roll you can load your sushilike this if you don’t have this pleasetake our Amazon shop the link is apillow sorry one more thing I have toprepare cut this H but it’s part of thespread cut out the H part of it isspread come to this crust out like thislike this like this it’s fluffy breadfluffy white blood and praise you Amitysuit receive a Maki and put you are noriC nori seaweed and the price you are redokay so Samia is the mustard mustard mixmustard and sugar mix oh I forgot tomention the quantity over mustard Ibelieve I’m using two tablespoon ofmustard but you don’t have to use orsmearthe bastard okay and place and placethis is a lettuce leaves lettuce leavessome lettuce leaves like this okaycucumber cucumber this is imitation crabimitation crabit’s a little bit long so cost a littlebit a ComNet this is khaybar khaybar itis it once arrested in English is asplat sproutit’s a sprout of radish ooh if you don’thave this one please use other one likealfalfa like so or a broccoli sproutsand this me on that list of mustard onthe edge part of this Ohsee we do to help stick the edges likethisokay and this one too just want todecided this is but this is the mostimportant partLord Lord Lord Lord Lord Lord andsqueeze and squeeze and Lord and squeezeand make the shape properly like liketango what I said this one square sothis is sushi made it spread I recommendyou let it rest for palliative 10minutes I have a question so why did youdecide to make sushi with bread insteadof rice because it is easier you don’thave to make sushi rice true this nicethat’s a little bit difficultwell you do have to make the rice andthen you have to season the rice and youneed sticky rice like Japanese rice soyou can’t just use long grain rice forexample so I see I see what you meanevery most people to have bread lyingaround the house perfectly white breadbut I see I understand why I understandwhy you’re making it ok I’ll go make onemore one more sushi roll I had no ideahe was gonna be making 2 different typesof bread sushi now I’m real excited thenext one is it teriyaki beef is sushiroll with breadyou love to be I love to so the firstingredient is this onion I want to usethis onion as well I will stuff rightwith beef first so sorry but you don’thave to use all of this because it’sjust one load of sushi it’s a slow songI’m using 1/8 OBU onye and for texture Igonna use carrot I don’t make JulianJulian character and also you don’t haveto use so much cheap aboutthe lenses about the same as red same asbread slice faster of course you don’thave to use horror over this character Ithink this is enough so and of courseyou can remove the skin we always eatwith skin so it’s up to you this is thejury end count so I said I’m gonna bemaking teriyaki beef so you need aperiod sauce a teriyaki sauce is quiteeasy very simple combining 1 TSP of soysauce 1 TSP of medium 1 TSP sake and 1TSP sugar and then just combine wellliterally I SEMA this teriyaki sauce inin the saucepan but today I will I willuse with meat so you don’t have to youdon’t have to Seema place your favoritefrying pan on your stove and turn on theheat and pour a little bit of oil thattrusted I stopped right Estoniauntil to become translucent then youready I cook I cook meat pasta but todayI don’t use so much in the eighthI think only on takes longer time I’mcooking onion before a big I love thisonion okay to become translucent youknow good it’s nice to be seen thesesites to be it’s a palaces 50 to 60 50to 60 grams or the meat it is 2 ounces10 ounces the price of each we we don’teat gave you so much listen to memostly chicken over okay I like verymuchit’s no more pink now then turn over theheat one sip and for this just turn onthe heat and set low temperature andcook until the no more liquidity okayit’s done so transfer to rate I’m gonnamake sushi so the hot hot ingredientsfeeding is not good so rest for a whileuntil it become cool I already mentionedthe important thing is sushi sushivinegar this time I can be usingmayonnaise you have – and – matches withbeef it – already contains vinegar inshort this is 2 tablespoon of mayonnaiseI’m gonna be adding 1 TSP of sugar and1/2 TSP of vinegarwhy I add vinegar because the sorenessa little bit less than mustard so togive someone s I add vinegar a littlebit and combine well this is instead ofsushi do you love this okayall the fillings are done so so same asa previous onecut cut it across the part I would likethis maybe you like this this part butit is a little difficult to rollso please please cut this out cut thispart out Maki soup plesio makisu hereand press your nori sheet and place yourbread smear the mayonnaise mixture- mixture as much as you like until theedgy do you like do that – Shinichi alot write this from bread yeah mysandwiches I pretty much always need meon task however when I was a kid Ididn’t like mayonnaise or read it Ihated mail I didn’t like eggs eithermaybe that’s why you like mayonnaise seeokay so so here this edge pad place thischaracter the formatting the hard thingis better for first place it is easy toroll okay then place you are the beeflike thismm-hmm I don’t beef either on yousprinkle some sesame sesame C’s fortoasted flavor and texture same as thefirst one place this over a daikonsprouts radish sprouts why I add thisbecause there is a there is a red colorand meet color I need one more color sogreen is beautiful and smear this – atthe edge of this Norrish feet like agroup this side to this side – okay thenlet’s lure so hold on you’re the sproutand blowed the water like this andsqueeze squeeze hold hold hold and Lordand squeeze make it make it beautifulhere is teriyaki beef food sushi withbread so please try bread – sushithis is pretty insane but in a good wayso one of it is the teriyaki jerky andthe other one is like more like thatit’s typical Maki sushicome please receive yeah so I think I’lltry the typical one first but there’snothing to book about this cuz it’sbread but visually it looks like sushithey get a lot the regular monkey eggand cucumber okay tomorrow sauce Wow hmmtasty oh okay just like sushi it’s veryinteresting because there’s almostnothing bready about this it’s I feellike I’m eating sushi yes and I’m noteven missing a rice that’s kind ofamazinghmm wow this is great if you haveleftover white bread and you don’t knowwhat to do with it oh my god all theflavors of the sushi is in this breadsushi your mean key point is addingsugar a little bit of sugar to themustard to the mustard mayonnaise yeahthe mustard is really important for thisone or else do would just be like asandwich now let’s try the teriyaki oneteriyaki beef very interesting hmm[Music]hmmthe loser being my cheese Myron is verywell mmm and texture is interestingbecause if I added the Korean carrotthis one I have to say it’s more likeless sushi tasting than the first onesandwich sandwich issue but it’s stillsushi though because of the no D yes thenori and that slight tang makes it verysushi like I would like you to make thisfor like our next party no and whateverthat’s gonna be I have no idea when butthis will be very interesting don’t tellanybody thatit’s made of bread I want to see ifpeople can figure out what it is becauseI don’t think they’ll be able to it’ssuper good guys definitely give this onea try so hope you enjoy today’s breadsushi or sushi with bread the genius Icertainly enjoyed it so if you didplease give us a thumbs up and you arenew to this channel subscribe thatyou’re watching see you next deliciousrecipe video bye[Music]

18 Replies to “Can You Make Sushi with Bread? | Unique Japanese Recipe

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  2. You know, since you added a little bit of sugar to your mustard I wonder how it would taste with the American style honey mustard

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  4. Love watching these. Can you put together a blooper/outtake video? I have a feeling it would be hilarious ♥️

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  6. been going through shinichi’s old vids where he talks about his childhood. didn’t know you had it so rough. it seems you’ve come a long way since then, and it gives me hope for my life. thank you for sharing and your vulnerability.

  7. Thank you SO much Satoshi for sharing your recipes with us! They look so Yummy I LOVE that you guys have posted a few times this week. I love watching you both no matter what your doing. I just love seeing the smiles on your face, and the love that you both have. Thank you again. Sending lots of love ❤️

  8. Interesting take on a sushi roll. When you cook the onions you say ‘turn on the heat’ … at what heat level? Medium-low, medium, medium-high?

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