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Wow ever wish you could go back in time to fix your hair???? Because thats is all I could think about editing this!!! ANYWAYS! I hope you guys enjoyed this video and you are staying safe and healthy! I’m working on a couple other videos so hopefully one goes up soon!


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Video Transcription

hi my cooking show today I’m gonna betrying to make chrissy teigen a bananabread heavily inspired by Chris Clemonsand Andrew Lau’s video I made bananabread like a week ago more than thatcouple weeks we can have the go and Iuse a basic recipe but now we’re gonnatry preceding his recipe because I lovecuz he cant first eat I get her to diginside IndiaI know second but Italians recipe sofirst thing we need to so the firstthing we do[Music][Music][Music][Music]so here is the mashed bananas it callsfor two cups but I don’t like two and ahalf because I really like four or fivebanana made like five bananasand they were all super runny to me abanana friend so if I need knees thatjust means anyway so we’re just gonnahave a little bit extra banana bananaver T next step is so funThanks so I’m these just boilingindependent eggs and then I don’t needto use an eyeball so you need four eggsso here we go let’s see in the channel[Music][Music]okay so now the last thing we add intoour wet ingredients report is canola oiland we need 2/3 cup of that two cups ofall-purpose flour it’s gonna wash outthe banana[Music]and also two cups of sugar[Music][Music][Music][Music]so now it is time it to mix in the wetand dry ingredients and on over thewebsites I’ve been looking at it says tojust really gently combine them so we’rejust going to like mix in time so now iswhen you add in your ad is like notchocolate oh my can assess it calls fora shredded coconut in dark chocolatechocolate if you don’t have a coconut sodo that and ask for like 1 2 3 5 ouncesso we don’t have food scale eyeball itwe’re working with what we got[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]now they’re all ready to go we don’thave a bundt pan so we just put it Ijust put in a normal thing need someextra so we made some little bananamuffin those are cleaning the oven for30 minutes the recipe says like 60 to 80but that’s for a bump in between out ahalf so we’re just making it bread andlike little muffins so I’m just gonnacheck on them your onyx periodically thelatest turns out he’s visiting[Music][Music][Music]so bread is Dylansonson muffins were kind of a failthey’re a failthey are fail what yeah you just got alittle deformed[Music]so this is my banana bread we’ve beeneating the deformed muffins and oncethose are really good yeah this is funare you trying to make like bread breadlike sourdough bread but we have notused I don’t know how many do that I’mjust been making the cookies all thetimecupcakes all the time just everything soyeah shut up – Chris Clemons and Angelafor doing this idea making that video soso funny I watched both of their videoslike 20 times so yeah anything you needto do let me know because I’m home ohtime now thanks for watching sorry wasentertained this was me Jim’s onlytrying to make good banana bread so Ihope you liked itwe all make more convenient who knows Idon’t like the baked Baker I hope youall are saying safe and healthy I hopeyou’re always doing well y’all gonna doour part so just stay inside wash yourhands take care of yourself right nowI’m redoing my room I decided one day 3o’clock in the morning that I was gonnarewrite my play shirt now I’m cleaningout my desk and I’m gonna start cleaningout my closet even though I just didthat living made a baby about that inJanuary do it again because I know myclothes here because I moved back frommy university so it’s crazylife’s crazy right now so let’s justfakeand it’s nice to tell herwatch your hands you say stay inside asmuch as you can so it’s gonna give me athumbs up give it a thumbs up andsubscribe subscribe if you wanna do andI’ll see you and excellent my[Music]


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