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Let’s bake…bunny buns! (Bread cakes!)

Mmm these cute Bunny Buns are a delicious Eastery bake! They are a sweet bread.

Perfect with a little butter when warm or for those chocolate lovers here, a little chocolate spread or jam. You can also drizzle icing and sprinkles over too!

You will need for 3 bunny breads…

125g bread flour
1 tsp quick yeast
75ml warm water and 2 tsp of oil
Pinch of salt
1 egg to glaze

For the sweet ones…

3 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp mixed spice
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp icing sugar

You can also adapt them to become savoury ones… you would make the dough with flour, yeast, paprika, herbs and sugar and then once it is kneaded, add the fold in the spinach and cheese before shaping them into bunnies.

1/2 tsp sugar
40g grated cheese
10 spinach leaves chopped fine
1/2 tsp mixed herbs
1/4 tsp smoked paprika

Exciting times! x

If you enjoy the video, I’d really appreciate a small donation, thank you so much. Saskia at Little Bunny Bakers x

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Video Transcription

hello everybody welcome to little bunnyBaker’s let’s bake bunny button bunnybuns Rosie rabbit and I am very excitedtoday to be baking these delicious sweetbread rolls with you so welcomeeverybody it’s lovely to have you hereyou’re going to need the followingingredients for your bacon today 125grams of bread flour 1 teaspoon of yeast3 teaspoons of sugar 1/2 a teaspoon ofmixed spice a quarter of a teaspoon ofcinnamon 75 milliliters of warm waterand 2 teaspoons of oil you’re also goingto need one egg for the glazing at theend and I like to have a little bit of aflour in a little bit of flour in my potready to dustso bunny buns fun even the such a lovelyEaster treat and we’re coming up toEaster very quickly it’s coming up inhow many sleeves or today’s Tuesday soTuesday Wednesday Thursday FridaySaturday five more sleepturkey stir and maybe just maybe theEaster Bunny will come and leave sometreats for us fingers crossed fingerscrossedokay let’s start with our song are youready well come to little Bernie bakersit’s nice to see you here todaywe’re going to have a lot of fun bakingso come on come on let’s bake hey let’sget started okay first things first youneed to turn your oven on to 180 degreesso it can start to warm up then you needto make sure your pores are washed andthen you’re ready to go I’ve got myapron already of you lovely okay sowe’ve got 125 grams ofmallet to that we’re going to add oneteaspoon of yeast three teaspoons ofsugar one two three we’re going to thenadd half a teaspoon of mixed spice ohthat smells deliciousthere we go and a quarter teaspoon ofcinnamon delicious cinnamon is one of myall-time favorite spicesmostly because I love the smell and Ilove where it comes from so cinnamongrows in a cinnamon tree symmetry inplaces like Sri Lanka and a cinnamontree when it’s ready they need toharvest the bark the outsides of thetree trunk so what they do is they getwhat is essentially a giant peanuts andthey peel down the outside of the treeand as it falls off the bark the outsidethe cinnamon bark rolls itself up into avery long roll a little bit like a rollof carpet and then they chop it up andwe have cinnamon sticks which are aboutthis big and then they grind up thosecinnamon sticks so we can get cinnamonpowder amazing I think for a long time Ididn’t realize that the cinnamon startedin such a long piece like I suppose Ialways imagined they took it from thetree and it was this big and all readyto use a choice makes me laugh but nolove sticks made from the bark of thecinnamon tree lovely so we’ve put thatinto our Bowl for our bunny buns todayand then using a spoon I’d like you togive it a good mix mmm it smells ofEaster that’s deliciousokay so now what we want to do is tomake a little hole in the middle of theball call them well have you done thatgood so into that hole we’re going to beadding our water 75 milliliters of waterand 2 teaspoons of oil so first of allI’m just going to measure my oil that hegoes 1 and 2 now if you look closely inyour cup you will see that there’s lotsof little bubbles so you need to giveyour cup of good old mix have yourbubbles disappeared have a lookno might have it either because oil andwater don’t mix there we go so we’regoing to pour in our oil and water intothe middle of our bowl and then usingour spoon we’re going to give it agentle mix nice big circles round andround in the bowl mmm the smell isincredible that’s it and there will comea point where it stopsstirring so well so this is where wewant to use the back of the spoon topress it into the sideI call it smooshing so we’re going tosmoosh it into the side of the bowl andtry and collect all of that lovelyflower that is on the bottom of the bowlwith our spoonsI really should scrape the side down ifyou can and when you can’t get any morewe need to get it off our spoon so youcan use another spoon or a knife to justscrape it into the bowl we will be usingour hands very shortlythere we go right so that is ready andour hands are readyhow many fingers have we got on one handcan you count them 1 2 3 4 5 that’sright and when we do cooking we use ourhands a lot we use our hands a lot soI’ve got a little something for youabout hands and which I hope you’llenjoy it goes like thistell me them tell me them I’ve lost mywords hold on a moment let me bite ohthere we go here we go we’ll start againTommy thumb is up Tommyfamily’s down Tommy thermostat singingall around the town he’s dancing on myshoulders he’s dancing on my kneeshe’s stomping on my head and now it’stime for bed night at its peaktwo-pointer say hello betta butta Peterpointed it up Peter pointer is downPeter pointers dancing all around thetown he’s dancing on my shoulders he’sstopped singing on my knees he’s dancingon my head and now it’s time for bednight night Tommy thumbs up he comeshello Tommy thumb Tommy thumb is upTommy thumb is down Tommy thumb isdancing all around the town he’s dancingon my shoulders he’s stomping on myknees he’s dancing on my head and nowit’s time for bed night night oh it’sruby ring Oh Ruby ring me up ruby ringhe’s down ruby ring you stop singing oldaround the town she’s dancing on myshoulders she’s stopping on my kneesshe’s dancing on my head now it’s timefor bed night night Oh baby small babysmall baby small is up baby slow it downbaby smallest down st. Norlin around thetown he’s dancing on my shoulders he’sdancing on my knees he’s dancing on myhead and now it’s time for bed nightnight night night all of the family alltogether all the families up and all thefamilies down all the families dancingall around the town and dancing on myshoulders there dancing on my needsthey dancing on my head and now it’stime for bed night night well doneeverybody and thank you for bearing withme with my minorslips of paper I do record these videosin one take so you hope that everythinggoes right but we’re doing well so faryou’re doing brilliantly so far so welldone okay it’s time to start kneading soyou will need some flour on your pawsand so flour on your surface and thenwhat we’re going to do is we’re going topick up our dough if you have twochildren doing this at the moment youcan break the doing half at this pointto make them both have a little now andwe’re going to be squashing it andsqueezing it this is called needing juststretch the gluten in the flour so wecan press it down we can fold it overbut make sure your hands have enoughflour on so it doesn’tit we can roll it we can push it withour palms we can squeeze it we can pushit fold it towards up and turn it roundpitch fold 10 pitchfold 10 fish fall time are we going todo this five minutes five minutes Imight have to do the quick version onthe video but if you could do it forfive minutes your funny bones will benice and fluffy so I’m squeezing it I’mflattening it if you’re doing this witha grown-up you could take it in turnsand swap so if you each have a littlelump the grownups could have a turn withtheir lump and you can have a turn atyour lump and then you can swap so youboth had to go at each love grownups thereason for this is because you’re a lotstronger in your hands and you can giveit a really good working out while yourbakers have a turn as well now we go soI’m getting to the point that it’s notsticky anymore so I don’t think I needany more flour if we add too much flourour dough tends to dry out so we try anduse a little bit less than too much ifthat makes sensethere we go I can tell it’s alreadyfeeling a lot smoother if you press itwith your finger it should begin tobounce back so we’re halfway through alittle bit more than needlooking good there we go I’m happy withthat now so you do it for five minutesand then what we want to do is we wantto roll our lump into a short sausageshape so just rolling it into a shortsausage shape give it a little tap atthe ends and then what we want to do onour chopping board we’re just going tosprinkle a little bit of flour toreligiously and we want to divide ourdough into four pieces so I’m going tocut it in the middle back and forwardand then cut each lump in half if youwant to be precise each lump shouldweigh about 80 grams but I’m justeyeballing it for today so I’ve got myfour lumpsone two three four and I’m going tochoose my small Islam and I’d like toroll that into a sausage as well and cutthat into three that’s going to becomethe funny tails there we go so I’ve gotthree little oh and three big love bewith me brilliant okay so what we’regoing to do next is we’re going to takeone lumper to tally and we want to useour little pincer that’s the pincerfingers to squeeze and gently pullimagine you’re playing with play-doh andyou’re trying to make a really longsnake so we squeeze it and pull it alongand then turn it on its side pinch andpull we don’t want to rip it we don’twant to break it in half we just want togently pull it and stretch it you cangive it a little roll with your fingersand then pinch and pull pinch and pull[Music]well that kid you want to tryand make sure that it’s the same widththe same whip all the way down the snakeyes and we want it about the thicknessof a grown-up’s little finger thethickness of a grown-up’s little fingerso I’d say mine is about there it’sroughly fair two centimeters if you wantto get your ruler out as well okay sothen what we want to do is we want totake our dough and make it a u-shapeI’ll try to it upside down so you cansee a u-shape on the counter then we’regoing to take the top and the bottom andcross them over like that and then we’regoing to get the top and that other topand twist it around one more timeall right so so if I need to hold it upto the camera so you can see I’ll comecloser so it looks like that so that’smy first one I’ll do another one withyou readyso we squeeze and pull sweet and pullgive it a little roll squeeze and pull alittle thank you to everybody that’sbeen watching these videos it’s a funnyold time and it’s so lovely to connectwith you through these shortly let’sbake video so thank you for watching Ireally appreciate it and I really lovesay seeing the photographs after you’vefinished whether they’re perfect or madewith the love I really enjoy seeingthose so please do keep sending them tome and keep posting them it’s reallynice to see them thank you right so thisone is getting longerwe’re going for about 30 centimeterand about the width of the grown-upslittle finger to try make sure it’sroughly the same width all the way alongso we make our use shape then we put oneover the other and we twist it one moretime if I maybe show you how to do thaton my board it might be a little biteasier so I make my you shape I put onetop over the other then I twist it overto make the top so it should look likethat have you got that with have you gotthatwell done okay so once you’ve got yourbasic bunny shape you should have threeof them you’re going to take theirlittle lumps and roll them in your handor on the side into a ball and thenwe’re just going to pop that into thelittle hole and give it a little gentlepress down like so there we go so I’lljust do my other one as well so I’mgoing to make my hole and then justgently pop it into the gap and give it alittle press down now we are so I’ve gottwo bunny rabbit ready for rising nowyou need to let your bunny rabbits sitin a warm place for 45 minutes andhere’s what I made earlier and you cansee the difference in size look at thatit’s almost double the size that it wasbefore and that means our goal is goingto be really nice and fluffy so that’sthe one that’s been rising for 45minutes and that’s the one that we’vejust made together so the final thing weneed to do is to glaze it with anI have enough here does anybody knowwhere eggs come from that’s right theycome from chickens it’s time for thechicken song everybody here we gochick chick chick chick chicken layintellect for me chick chick chick chickchicken I’d like one for my tea becauseI haven’t had an egg since breakfast andnow it’s half past threeso chick chick chick chick chicken layintellect for me very nice well doneokay so I’m going to hold my egg overthe bowl nice and snug in my hand haveyou got yours nice and snug I’m going totap it to crack it then turn it over anduse my thumbs to open it and pour it outhere we go nice and slap tap it to crackit turn it over and use your thumbs toopen it and float out that goes in thebin and you go wash your hands there wego my bowl of water floating in mid-airover there somewhereand then with your pastry brush or forkyou’re going to give your egg a littlemix so it all blends togetherwell that’s looking goodyeah and once that all blended togetheryou’re just going to gently paint it allover your body burnbeautiful now that’s going to go intothe oven for 15 to 20 minutesit needs to be a golden brown color andwhen you turn it over and you give it aknock with your hands knock knock knockit should sound hollow so you shouldhear a sort of hollow sound as you knockit that’s how you know it’s done and tofinish you can shape some icing sugarover the top to enjoy it so thank youeverybody so much for watching my videotoday I really hope you’ve enjoyed itRosalie rabbit as always has been veryhelpful to me my compliment to the videoreality room it has lots of new friendsat the moment that lots of you now havein fact any little rabbits have madetheir way to new homes this is my teenyBaker’s rabbit those and rabbit andthose though is a lovely happy littlerabbit that was given to my daughterfrom her grandparents for Easter I dohave four remaining rapid four remainingremaining rabbits I have a pink yellowgreen or blue apron lappedeach rabbit coming also bonus small bagof chocolate eggs and goodies perfectfor Easter so if you know a baker whowould really like to have a little bunnyrabbit with a meat proof and a littlebag of eggs to go with a great Easterwhether it’s your Baker or a friendsBakergrandchild please let me know and if youlive locally I can drop it off to yourdoorstep in time for Easter righteveryone good luck with your bunny bonesthank you so much for joining me it’sbeen really lovely to see you againlet’s finish with a song little birdieBaker’s we’ve had some fun we’ve baked alot now it’s time to say goodbye goodbyeeverybody thank you for watching ifyou’d enjoyed it I’dappreciate a small donation on myGoFundMe page which can be found in thedescription at the bottom bye byeeverybodybye bye

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