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How to make that bread during a Pandemic

First video, it sounds like I’m voice recording from my slipper lmaoo enjoy anyways.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

what are you an idiot sandwich hi guysit’s me with a bread tutorial becauseI’ll be ain’t got nothing in the shopsright now we all know why it’s go on atime Heyokay so we’re going to start off withbasically putting all of our flour inthe bowl and so I’m doing about threehundred grams because it’s just three ofus in the house and that lost about twodays for us and then I’ll see I had saltas well about seven grams of salt 300grams of flour just add some flavor mixit all in always make sure to mix it allin just in case because it might affecthow much the yeast actually rises soit’s really important just literally tomake sure that we get all the salt mixedin and incorporated properly and then Iadded about 25 grams of mature cheddarnot to discuss the nasty mild cheddar ithas to be mature cheddar and break thatin and then literally just mix it injust that like we did with the flourjust now and and yeah obviously justmake sure you don’t have to do this ifyou don’t want to if you don’t likecheese don’t add it but this is what I’mdoing for this specific ones there areother ones I’ve done without it and thenwe’re going to make the concoction whichis yeast five grams of sugar which isabout a teaspoon of Demerara sugar andthat’s mixed in lukewarm water thelukewarm water is obviously to make surethat the yeast I adjust – the packet butyeah it’s just to make sure that theyeast basically it helps to grow mixthat in and you can see in the nextpicture that basically the bubbles havestarted to grow it for the yeastobviously mix that all in do it a littlebit at a time you don’t need all of theyeast and mixture until you get a nicedough like this and basically justliterally keep mixing it around for agood 5 to 10 minutes to get a reallynice soft ball it should be as soft as ababy’s bottom and and yeah I mean atthis point I could really smell thecheese and that’s the rest of these makesure that I didn’t use as you can see Ididn’t have to use all of it itliterally just depends on it can dependon a lot of things like the moisture ofyour use of your flour if you have moremoisture you don’t need as much waterbut if you have like a scene in a dryenvironmentyou can use obviously a little bit moredepending on how you want it to bebasically as you can see it looksabsolutely delicious you see it’s meshyou can touch it it’s plump it’s lovelyoh gosh all necks again it was reallynice and but yeah it was the lackedabout so yeah now what I do initiallyjust taste it in a bowl and then what Ido is I leave it on these are in livingroom in my living room for like a goodhour and a half after that and thereason why I do that is because mypartner is really small but you have todo that and basically leave it in a warmplace or a dry place and I cover it witha damp cloth as well all this helps beused to grow and it should sit like thisbasically in about an hour and a halfSpanish should have almost double insize and as you can see it looks reallynice and plump Ravan Ravan Ravan Ravanyeah but oh yeah it’s nice and risen andyeah that’s basically what it should itlike you should be able to pull it backin on the sides and see like the littlebubbles where they used to started tobasically grow the bread and it’s gotlike a little skin that’s formed on topthat’s fine as soon as you knead itagain it’s going to basicallyincorporate into the bread you won’thave any flavor bread or anything that’sjust totally normal when you’rebasically proven bread that’s not a bigproblem at all and so basically afterthis is when you basically need it for asecond time for a good 5 minutes untilall the flakes are gone and then youbasically form it into the shape thatyou actually want to bake it in youbasically glaze what I’ve done it addedOh blaze it with egg yolk and it’s somegreat great achieved on top left it foranother 45 minutes and basically bakedfor 20 minutes and that’s how it cameout it was absolutely deliciousbut yeah and thank you so much listening[Music]

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