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Making bread

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]oh my god so let’s see oh my godso let’s wait for a whileso now I’ll be trying to flip it overbecause I don’t know how good I’m lookso bad Thanks I’m just like pancakeslook just looks like pancakes yeah butit will try to look like this yeah solet’s wait good so then take a whiletill it will beyouand then just finish woohoo just kiddingyou still cook him look so what look mymom’s work so fast as mine sucked oh mygodlook let’s take a bite next time maybewe’ll make donut maybe cookies and lookso bored I don’t just wanna make foodcome on look so I mean we like ours touse I mean like being in here yourshi I’m look so super bad I don’t knowwhat even I’m doing till I’m and you canremain in my camera you can see normalbut it’s wise actually oh so it felt buttry this like mine you know why I didn’tbecause it was kind of bad because Idon’t like cuz I don’t know aboutcooking so much as you know so but Idon’t knowso it was look kind of good let’s try itright nowmy just totally felled and did good lookup front in the back like the backworked the front didn’t look I know inthe camera you can see it work it’s likeor in just normal bread it’s not it’s aquite all white in here like just trylike my mom let you know why I mindedI’m worried because I mean oh oh justdoing my hair and did it roll it reallygood so do it with other colors I’mdoing like don’t do it too thick just doit to fin like my mom’s like how are youso yeah I still worked actually took useyears to do it but I hope you enjoyedthis video make sure to press like shareand subscribe bye[Music]

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