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3 ripe bananas
⅓ cup butter, melted
½ cup sugar
1 egg, beaten
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon baking soda
salt, to taste
1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
½ cup mini chocolate chips

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Video Transcription

heresy family welcome back to ourChannel I’m happier enjoyed if this isyour first time here make sure yousubscribe like and comment and babywater turn on your pulse notificationsso you get notified every time we make apostforget it one more thing one more thingbut watch the full video don’t miss outwatch the whole thing there was a favorplease it really helps us with ourchannel I’m saying reach a biggeraudiencebut today baby we don’t earn much todaya lot of you guys ask that we do abanking video and that’s exactly what Igot for you guys today I am making abanana chocolate chip red is what I’mmaking this is one of hottest favoriteactivities to do our hobbies patio doesthis machine’s sad happy big questionwhen she’s from in any type of way sheloves to bake and you guys are gonna seehow passionate she is about it I’msaying make sure that smash the likebutton right now make sure you subscribeas well don’t forget to subscribethat’s whatbut MJ is making some fries because ifthought is in a couple of eyes like inone hour so I want this thread to beready by the time like right after we’redone eating it’s thought so MJ can enjoyit it’s kind of one of those things thatyou can eat in your happy space bananabread is just I feel like it should be adessert or is it a dessert we can I’m II think it is it could be a dessert itcan be something that you can enjoy inthe mornings to breakfast it could besomething you eat late-night with a cupof tea or coffee you don’t and itdepends on how you cut it too so there’sa lot that goes into it also depends onthe mooddo you feeling bad it’s a bad bad guyswe don’t want to do too much talkingwe’re gonna get straight into the videoand make sure you are commenting this isgonna be the video where we start thenew giveaway so everybody has untilFridaymake sure you’re in commenting and youknow I’m saying you get our attentionbecause what we do is we look atsomebody that is really passionate aboutthe risky family videos and you knowsaying that’s not just gonna write oneto two things and then go in my aim andthen go I might we want you guys to astick and stay tuned with everythingrisky found just so you guys know I havethis really cute bowlthis is what it says now ya betterlisten to that bowl let’s start lookingat allwe’re gonna start off by doing this guysso right now I am gonna crush my bananasthese are my bananasyou want your bananas to look this niceyou guys because you want the bananas tolook so I just got done measuring up thebanana this is how they look and thenover here I have two cups of flour inherewe are going to put half of teaspoon ofbaking powderthis is the baking powder that I usedwe’re going to do half a teaspoon ofbaking soda so we’re going to do half ofeach one of thatyouand that we’re just gonna mix the bakingsoda baking powder and the flourso this is the banana I have but wedoubt the butter we’re gonna put that ontop[Music]youyou are also going to need two eggscrack it in there and then start mixingas well this is the banana the eggs thebutter dover all mixed in one and we aregoing to pour it right into the flourthat we prepared earlier which has thebaking soda and the baking soda and bakebaking powder we’re just going to gothrough and we’re just gonna fold it nowlike in a folding like that trying toget the whole thing covered yeahjust fold it like this don’t mix it justhold it right of that you want to foldit yeah you want to be able tobut excuse the background guys MJ isactually making some chicken for thoughtso that’s where all that so we’re stillfolding that’s overdoing so just afolding folding motion you just keepgoing so for the yoke you they basicallygot three bananas so am i right I did Ididthree small bananas okay so guys it’sthree small bananas some two eggs yepwhat else address butter yep no whatelse all the ingredients on there so youguys were able to follow on that okayand then brown sugar I’m excited toookay I can’t I can’t tell you guys soyou just keep folding guys until all theflour is coated right yeah all the flourbut make sure the flour like doesn’t getknotted and then it’s like when you putit in the oven you get a patch of whiteuncooked flour yeah make sure that youwere like you’re mixing it up you knowso the parolee yep so so guys we’ll beback with you guys when we are donecoating the whole flour and mixingeverything togetherso we can put them on the tray a bit yepso we can put it on the panokay guys I prefer cooking how do youprefer is what baking even though I’mtrying to get into this baking stuff Iwill you know I’m saying I’m just tryingto master cooking first and then I’mgonna leave Hadi of baking because youknow I don’t want to be selfish now wegot one cup of chocolate chip that isgonna go straight in baby okay okay okayand then again folding motion you guysfolding motionstir it too much because as long as youget the bubbles of my flowers out you’regood to go okay we’re gonna move on tobuttering our pan and once I butter it Iam gonna put this in there and I willsee you guys then okay okay so guys I amdone buttering it up butter you knowbutter in the pan up that’s fine andthen I put the mix in here in the bananamix this is how it’s looking direct mixso don’t let it focus that’s how it’slooking guys so now I’m just gonna gothrough and might just drop somechocolate chipkind ofeverywhere you don’t want to put toomuch cuz it’s already inside but this isjust for showso once it’s done flaring up and let’sgorgeous a little bit of razzle dazzlethat’s it now I’m gonna put it in theoven at 350 degrees degrees and I’mgonna leave it in there for an hour andokay guys that’s how it’s looking reallybeautiful I can’t wait yo yeah after weeat lift our is what I eat this awesomesomething awesome whistles in t she irisky family so while we are waiting forthe banana bread to cook or bake this iswhat I’m having for I’m going to showyou guys what I’m having fun for as youguys can see I’m having some saladlettuce with some grilled chicken andsome crispy chicken so I went all outfor that I made some chicken wingsI made some grilled chicken you know I’msayingI made some fries I was making earlierand I have rice to top it all that soyou guys can see my plate and then wehave the dates right here I have mywater this looks so goodbut to smash and then catch up with youguys a little bit once the thing isreadyno no baby guys this is how it turnedout look at that you did you did thatbaby so when you guys get this out okayyou need to be able to poke the holethis is the chocolate melting but let meshow you guys you need to be able topoke the hole and you don’t need likeyou can tell that it’s not wateryanymore so um like that you can tell tipalthough I wanted my a little bit moistno you know for me I don’t like it to beextra dry like that so don’t nothing letit guys that’s how it turned out itlooks really nice yeah I almost touchedhim it wasn’t bent my head but guys howdo you do that she did a good job sheshowed you guys the recipe make sure youdo it and tag me if you do tag me oninstagram um let me know how you guysare liking it this is awesome I don’tmake this during Ramadan time justbecause I’m tired but I wanted to putyou guys on if you guys want to makethis for your family for like a dessertor if you are fixing up your skills sothat when Eve hits you’re able to comeout and be like everybody everybodyeverybody okay okay let me know if youguys have any questions all the recipewill be in the description down belowand also I will try to put it on thescreen so you guys can follow along butif you guys have made it this far in thevideo thank you so much for coming alongwith me on this chocolate chip journeymake sure to comment down below myselfmake sure to destroy the like but inthis video make sure you’re subscribedmake sure you tell your family tosubscribe and guys we love you guys weappreciate you guyswe’ll be ready for tomorrow’s video andthe day after that let us know in thecomment section what you want us to whatkind of videos you want that being saidI’m gonna call it a night stay blessedyeah[Applause]

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